December 24, 2016

merry and happy

Whatever you are celebrating these days; Christmas, Hanukkah or simply holidays, make it about life, about love and about joy. Make it about how you're getting along with others. And even with getting in danger to sound super cheesy, make it about peace. We all need so much more of this.

This has been pretty rough year, in many parts of this old world, on many different levels and it is time to lean back and breathe. Actually that is exactly what I am planning to do. Nothing. But read, sleep and eat.

Lots of love to all of you!

December 20, 2016

not today

There was supposed to be a giveaway post today, but it simply didn't feel right. I simply can't.

Berlin has my heart and all the ones being affected by last night's event. In fact, today my thoughts are with everyone who is affected by hate, war and loss. To love, peace and understanding.

P.S. The husband is safe, he didn't work at the market yesterday.

December 17, 2016

frozen and not

The last weeks have been crazy. Again. I can't recall, how often I have opened up with these sentences lately. And, that the images above shouldn't trick you. There is beauty everwhere, but also so much turmoil going on underneath. It seems to be the scheme of the year 2016. Personally, as well as for the world.

Right now, I simply am not capable to talk about the bigger picture though. Apart from the fact, that my heart aches often these days. But the gap between my thoughts and the words I would like to form, is still too big and too deep; it feels wise to wait and listen a little longer.

As for the lack of philosophical or political enlightenment, I have a little more to say, about our personal lifes. We had our first studio dinner out here and it was magical. We sat together until early morning, with delicious food and good wine, and everything was light and easy.

We had an armed robbery at the Bead & Breakfast across the street. And half of the village running after the men. Luckily, no one catched them, because it might have been truly dangerous. But the thought of people standing up for each other and being that supportive, stunned me.

I had the chance to be part of a whole bunch of authors with disabilities, taking over the German newspaper taz and was also asked to write an article about inklusion in the city versus the countryside. I believe it was a great campaign, that might have raised awareness on a whole new level. Mostly because it was a really good issue. And as the paper had been sold out in many places, maybe the topic has actually reached readers, who have not been in touch with the topic before.

The house, we are just settling in, feels a bit like a beehive right now. Around us, people are constantly moving in and out, goodbyes and new faces. One neighbor even got arrested, but that is not my story to tell, as nobody knows a lot yet. He simply is gone. It just fits like a glove within the scheme, I was talking about above. Stories after stories.

Don't get me wrong, I am happy where I am, just don't have the slighest clue what this all might mean. Therefor, it is still taking every wave as it comes and the rest is waiting. Until it makes sense or until the weather will change once again.

Before putting on my coat and forcing myself out in the night with Emma, on Tuesday there will be a little giveaway anouncement over here. As Christmas is just around the corner, I feel like giving back some good. So stay tuned.

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