October 22, 2016

FOODTHOUGHTS calendar 2017

"The habit of taking snap shots of food, turned into drawing it instead."


 The sparkling fresh FOODTHOUGHTS 2017 are out. 

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The FOODTHOUGHTS 2017 come in a signed & limited edition. 

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P.S. For the Berlin bound readers, by next week the calendar will also hit shops in the city.
More details on this soon! 

October 14, 2016

A tiny village in Brandenburg

Six months ago (really, that much time has passed already?!) the husband and I decided, that we'd need a drastic change to our then lifestyle. The old shop in the middle of a buzzing area of Berlin, we had been living in for eight years, simply didn't do the trick anymore. The area had changed a lot over the time and became incredibly busy. What was exciting in the beginning, became a growing obstacle. More with every year. Though we've loved to hold events there and made it easy to be approached by our friends, coming over for a coffee and a chat; working behind huge windows, didn't only bring inspiration, but also strangers knocking and asking questions constantly. People, who wanted to use the bathroom or the Wifi, some even asking if they could turn our place into a café. Some days we ended with up to thirty visitors, making work or even a private life almost imposible. We knew we had to call it quits and slowly started looking for another place. At that time, there wasn't really the plan, to not only leave the old appartment, but the city completely, when I discovered a little advertisment, offering a beautiful flat on an equally beautiful estate. To be honest, the things that made my heart jump, were an enourmous open kitchen and a fire place. The husband wasn't that taken by the idea. But, on a grey and snowy Sunday morning, he agreed to do a little roadtrip to Brandenburg. Not without, us both constanly complaining, that we never could imagine ourself living that far from the city. Well, what can I say, after only five minutes on the estate and especially in the appartment, that was it and we've started packing our stuff to leave Berlin.

On living in a village: We both haved lived in many different places so far and I even grew up in a village, but it was that kind of place, very close to a huge city, that has more of an suburban feeling to it, than real countryliving. The village we are based in now, is very different from my childhood home. It has only one hundred and forty residents and you will possibly wake up to the crowing of a rooster or the engine of a tractor. Walking Emma is like a quick holiday trip; only two hundred meters and you are in the middle of the most beautiful landscape, you can imgine. Open fields, amazing woods and an ever blowing wind, which is actually my favourite. By night it is pitch dark out here and you will see a million stars in the sky. The environment simply overtakes you. Most of our neighbors have a day job and are farmers afterwards. Business is done differently; you will probably meet up for a casual drink, talk a little about the weather and get things done, somewhere in between. The life stories though, aren't different to the ones, you will hear in the city. Love, success, failure and pain. People are simply people, I guess.

On working in a small village: As we are both freelancers, the basic structure for our routine hasn't changed too much. It mainly includes, me working in the studio and for the husband as a chef, driving to his clients to do his kitchen magic at their places. Even though the distances are longer, our days have definitely become more relaxed and, after some months of adjusting, much more effective. Especially I, cherish the fact, that there is far less stuff to distract me. And when driving home, after hours of meetings and running errands in the city, my heart so jumps, once I have left the highway. There is simply nothing better, but having a drink on the steps of your front door, listening to your favourite music and watching the clouds passing. Nothing better, on how to end your day.

Our first six months in this little village, have been both, an adventure and coming home, at the same time. There are days, when the intimacy between us and our environment, still makes me a bit nervous and when craving a good dose of Sushi or a midnight Burger are a bit painful. But then again, I enjoy these things simply, when we are in the city. Living out here, is exactly what we both need right now. And we are loving every moment of it.

P.S. Stay tuned, by Monday the FOODTHOUGHTS calendar 2017 will launch! 

October 10, 2016

queen of colors

Summer has been beautiful out here. Fall looks even better. The light, the colors, I am falling deeper and deeper in love with the looks of our little village. Even the grey and rainy weekend was pleasant. There is a fire burning and I am busy drawing the last pages for the fresh FOODTHOUGHTS calendar.

After the first months in the countryside have passed, I can sure you, a lot is exactly like I had hoped for, other stuff still needs a little adjusting, while the rest is very different from my personal preconceptions. Holy Canneloni, if you want wild, believe me, even so little resisdents can create quite an amount of it. But this is another story, which I will be sharing here soon.

For now it is back to drawing.

P.S. If you like to save your issue of the sparkling fresh calendar (28,- € plus shipping), you can now pre-order it under mail@anntonbeateschmidt.com

More, where to get it, by the end of this week. Stay tuned!