September 26, 2016

AC tide

Life is not always easy, actually it sometimes comes around pretty tough. It can almost feel, like the waves are crushing above your head and you're somehow destined to drown. The TIDES are mean and wild, and you might find yourself, so desperately looking for ways out of those rocky moments.

Something that I have learned over the years, not that I'll remember it all the time, very often it is the tiny stuff, the small solutions, like a handfolded paperboat, guiding you through those TIDES and making the next day a totally different one.

To see what the rest of the AC crowd came up with, reffering to TIDES, jump over to the wonderful Ariane and have a look. Thank you for inviting me, dear

September 20, 2016

queen of colors heading fall

The light out here is changing quickly. It is pitch dark by 8 p.m. and has definitely cooled down. The days are currently running through my fingers like nothing and we are clearly heading into a new season. I am actually dying to share some images of our new place with you, but we had to take a little break from renovating. Freelance life, if you know what I am talking about. On another note, I am happy to be back in the studio and to work on all the exciting things, that were waiting for months.

Thank you for sticking around and for being that patient with this space and with me, over that huge change of lifestyle. I am still very happy with our decision and can only recommend, to jump and fly once in a while. No matter the obstacles.

For today, enjoy your Tuesday as much as possible.