May 20, 2016

new beginnings in may

Eight weeks without a word from me. I knew, we are going to be busy, but I never saw it coming, how busy that actually meant. It was never my intention to be silent over such a long period, but this is probably what everybody will tell you, when in the middle of relocating.

So, we have done it. We have moved to the country, from Berlin to a very small village south of it. We have been packing boxes, renovating the old home, painting the first walls in the new one. We have met new neighbors, we had sun and some storms already, Emma was dipping in muddy lakes several times and we even had our first barbeque. My personal hightlight, I have tried archery for the first time in my life and I have loved it. Other than that, we have been working like crazy and apart from enjoying the new scenery, I am terribly exhausted these days.

The husband has already flown out, he is working for a theatre project in Warsaw, and I am trying to get things slowly running over here. Setting up the new Fishbowl is my main project right now. I miss my brushes. But overall, I am a happy camper. A very happy one; having to pinch myself on a daily basis, that this is really our home.

Before going back, diving into the next load of moving boxes, here are some impressions of the new place and its surroundings. Once we are set up properly, I can't wait to show you more.

I wish you a wonderful weekend.