January 31, 2016

insight january

Random pics from the last two weeks, random and still so meaningful. This January was already full with surprises. Or better, filled with new perspectives. Though our year had started incredibly slow and thoughtful, with the world still in turmoil. And on a personal level, with us not really sure about any directions, that we would like to head for up next. In fact it had be that slow, I had been starting to pull my hair and broke a thooth, probably from to crunching too much. And sometimes, when you really think you can't take it no more, those in between spaces, sometimes you will find the energy and the bravery to simply start walking. And that is what we did. Started moving onto unknown spaces. And suddenly unexpected doors started opening, big time. As you know me a little from reading over here, I am having a hard time being cryptic with stuff that excites me, but for a little while on, I have to keep things a secret. Only so much, the news concern the Fishbowl, they include new customers and one hell of a project. And they include the husband and myself grinning from one ear to the other, since almost a week. Can you be happy for us, on this meager information. It would be much appreciated. The big party will follow soon.

On another note, I have to get dressed for opera tonight. For the first time ever since living in Berlin, we will get our selfs into some fancy clothes (alright, that is happening on a more regular basis!) and will treat us with some serious classical tunes. I actually can't wait. You enjoy a wonderful Sunday. And have a pleasant start, into the fresh week ahead.

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January 12, 2016

queen of colors

I have dropped my cake today. It was still delicious. The weather in Berlin is grey and wet, to me it is perfect. It kind of matches the pace January usually holds, this year is no exception, and it has just the right amount of decency, for everything going on in the world right now. We all knew, transforming from one year into another will just not let all that tension, the turmoil and sadness disappear. And it didn't. Most of family and friends are still in a rather thoughtful mood, asking a lot of questions. I am in the exact same space. It is alright. Maybe this time there is nothing we can force, maybe the days force us to walk slowly for a reason. I don't want to get too cryptical or sound too depressed, as I am not, but normally we are jumping on problems with quick assumptions and sometimes, even quicker solutions. Maybe we should take a deep breath and an intensive look, where this speed has brought us so far. I am trying to do that.

For the second day, I am back in the studio and things are really slow. The stereo is playing some David Bowie, of course, and a little old fashioned Soul. I have written a text for a publication on Art and Inclusion, yesterday. And even there, a lot of questions remained. Today I am running errands, sorting out my tools and bringing everything back into working position. The rest will follow. Somehow, it feels good to have no big plans yet. What do you think?

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January 10, 2016

your hands shall be blessed

"Your hands shall be blessed.", is the most precious compliment you can get as a chef, for example in Turkey. A blessing to your skills and the delicious meal, those hands have served.

As I already wrote in an earlier post, back in December, we have been holding another international cooking workshop in the Fishbowl. Here are some amazing images from that memorable day by the talented Bobbi Jo Brooks. Her work perfectly catches the special glow of this experience.

To good food, a lot of laughter and to togetherness for the upcoming week.

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January 05, 2016

queen of colors

Celebrating with the people I love the most, reading books (Like complete books in only
two days. Hurray!), hanging out on the couch and eating a lot of cookies; the idea of taking a break just at the beginning of this year, is working out perfectly. Times are far from perfect these days, the more it seems important to fill up our souls and clear our minds. Emails are on automated response and I am barely answering the phone. Sorry guys, I have needed this so much. And it will be continued until next week.

Though there is no concept behind it, as this would put pressure on it and totally spoil the fun, I can already check some mini adventures of my bucket list. The highlight so far and dare you start laughing, a long ride home through the cold, my love on the side, me having a shot of Whiskey while singing out lout to old fashioned country tunes. No, I was of course not driving, as we don't drink and drive. Right. But it was marvelous to watch that blueish world passing outside, while we had many laughs in the car. A pleasant memory already.

Take me home country road...

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