December 29, 2015

almost complete

If someone is going to ask me about this year, how it was and how I feel, the immediate answer crossing my mind, would be:" I feel, like I got hit by a steamroller." And this is exactly, what 2015 stands for; a constant force, rolling in and out like never before. Twelve months of new perspectives, and of plans being thrown overboard like cardboard boxes. There had been a good dose of pain and tears, but also an equally huge share of love, understanding and precious experiences.

I was planning to write a perfectly laid out resumée, about all that has happened, but only going through the images made me understand, I am still not there yet. It will take some more days, maybe even weeks to finally get to the core of it all. The only thing I can say right now, I am happy and incredibly thankful for every little inch of 2015. There are a bunch of great people, who came into our lifes lately. Others have left, some because it was their time and some, for good reasons. Letting go is actually one of the biggest lessons, 2015 has taught me. It is no rocket science to understand this process, but I have never been awfully good at it. And the second huge lesson, had been on being loud, on speaking your mind, arcticulate your point clearly and to stand up for your moral standards. To be honest, I had always considered myself to be a person with a strong mind. How wrong I was and how often, I have been thinking more about other people's opinion about me, instead of showing my true colors.

Well, you see what I am babbling about and that there is still a lot to process and to digest over here, therefor I just want to say, how thankful I am, that you still visit this place, that you have sticked with me throughout a year of confusion, silence and with as little blogposts, as never before.

Tomorrow we will go on a little roadtrip to celebrate New Year with my family. The perfect ending to a year, which can be considered a hell of a journey.

I wish that your 2015 is ending on a sparkling note, a silent one if you're rather aiming for slowmotion, and that 2016 will start in the most pleasant or glorious way, we all can imagine. Lots of loving from the Fishbowl. I'll see you around next year.

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December 18, 2015

a little invitation

For all the ones who are in Berlin tonight, we're having a little show and a get together at the Fishbowl and you are, of course, solemly invited. We are looking forward to many guests and a great event.

For the ones who are too far away and who can't make it, we will miss you. Have a wonderful weekend.

Alright, there is still tons to do, as usual, and I better roll up my sleeves and start.

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December 15, 2015

some more kitchen stories

Yesterday we had the great pleasure to hold another workshop at the Fishbowl. This time our guests were around twenty elderly people, alright including some young chicks, from all over the world. They came over to cook togehter and to teach us, all about their regional kitchens. And the rituals connected to food in their original country. All of them are living in Berlin for many years, each of them with tons of intersting journey and stories, adding to that very special cultural mix, making this city so special. After three hours of buzzing in the kitchen, we sat together and ate; we've got served Polish cucumber and Turkish bellpepper soup, we had rice and Bulgur, lady finger's stew, roasted beef with hazelnuts and for desert, a made from stretch Apfelstrudel. I think I haven't eaten so good in a long time. And I also am still deeply grateful for this amazing experience. Thank you each and every single one of our guests:" You guys, rock!"

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December 14, 2015

in the middle of it

It is very late at night, the husband is driving across town to deliver blankets and hot tea, while I am cleaning up the studio. The images might not be gorgeous, but actually I feel great. Tired yes, but great. Tomorrow, we will be cooking with 15 elderly people. From all over the world. And have dinner with them. And on Friday, there will be a one-night-show at the Fishbowl and it will be so fine to see all those lovely collectors, clients and friends, just before heading into the Holidays. And last but not least, the end of the year will even hold a little roadtrip to my family. To celebrate New Year's Eve with them. So, apart from me still coughing a bit, things couldn't look any brighter over here. Life is good.

I wish you a wondereful last week before Christmas. And don't forget, to always take enough time to hug your loved ones.

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December 01, 2015

queen of colors

A quiet day in the studio this has been. We already have the first of December, meaning only 18 days to go for the little show I have invited to. Usually Tuesday and I have one or the other issue, but today was good. The phone was turned off, I only ate what came into my mind, listened to inspiring podcasts, drank a lot of tea and painted, painted, painted. It would be nice to return to this mood tomorrow. So in saying this, I wish you a chilled night and a bright tomorrow morning. Emma is demanding food right now.

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