November 22, 2015

simply sunday

For weeks, we had the first Sunday breakfast together. The husband and I. Both, we are sitting in our office aka studio now, silently working. No big deals or life changing adventures, just paperwork and packing stuff, to send it out by tomorrow. Both, our headsets on, we are listening to our own tunes. Mine is Tom Waits. And I am asking myself, when it had been the last time, I was listening to this guy. I am happy in this bubble. Tired, but happy, while the November weather has finally turned into the wet and cold mode. Berlin had even snow today. Fine with me, including the early darkness. Some days just need this kind of setting.

But oh, to make it not too cosy for myself, last week I have decided to finish off this year, with a little exhibition. I just needed to give myself a kick and a good dose of artworking, as well. No real concept yet, by far not enough pieces either, but on December the 18th, we are going to have a one night show in the Fishbowl. And you know what, apart from a sightly hysterical beast crawling in from behind, I am so looking forward to this. Feel free to call me crazy, but the idea of late night painting and long studio hours, make my heart jump intensively.

Tonight though, calls for more tea, a hot bath and probably some Turkish takeaway. I wish you a good Sunday night and an even more pleasant start into the upcoming week.

* Do not forget to jump over and get your Foodthoughts Calendar 2016. Thank you.

November 18, 2015

launch of foodthoughts 2016

Over the last days, I was thinking how to do this. Or, if to do it at all. The world seems to be in turmoil and most of us are witnessing it, rather worried and with heavy hearts.

But after all, I am an artist. My my mind and my soul, art is the one thing I am really good at. The one thing, the passion for it will never cease and I strongly believe, it is up to us to keep on moving. To live, to love and even to dance, despite feeling so incomprehensibly sad that we lack the depth to see the light. We have to live without fear.

And this is exactly, why I am doing this here and today.

The launch of the FOODTHOUGHTS Calendar 2016. 

Instead of stopping in my tracks and staying somehow paralyzed, I've decided to use what I do best and make it my share, to help at least some of the incredible volunteers, I had the honor to work with over the last months. Therefor, € 4 of every single calendar, will go to the charity organization Be an Angel. Together with these amazing guys, I will choose two Berlin initiatives supporting refugees and donate the money to them.

So, quickly jump over to the shop and get your own, originally signed issue of FOODTHOUHTS 2016. Thank you.

Let's get things moving towards love. Let's celebrate life.

November 14, 2015

not today.

For the second time this year, I had another post planned, that has lost it's meaning over night. For noumerous times over this year, I  am deeply sad and almost completely out of words. Stay calm world, is all that comes to my mind. Today I am mourning for the ones having lost their lifes, I feel broken for the severly injured, and I am having tears for the people of Paris, Beirut, Allepo, Ankara, wherever terror strikes. For today, there is more need for quiet.

November 03, 2015

queen of colors

Two days into the new week and I am totally diving into drawing, coloring and taking the time for intensive studio hours. I have missed it so much, you won't believe it. This week's Queen of Colors is all about the fruits, vegetables and a good dose of blue. And me in the middle of it.

For the ones who haven't read it yet, M I M A has been kindly asking me some questions (entirely in German, sorry) and I have been trying my best to answer them.

And now it is soup time over here. I wish you a delightful dinner as well.


November 01, 2015

and here we go again

Seriously, another month. Again. I can't believe it myself, but I won't go there for more explanations. This would be just pathetic and beyond being far too busy, life actually feels quite good right now. The images might give you an idea. I will simply send out my love to you and go back to drawing.

By the end of this week, the new Foodthoughts Calendar is going to be launched and we are having a little show, by the end of November.

Stay tuned, lovers. And enjoy an amazing week.