September 15, 2015

a queen of colors and some more

Of course, I had never intended a long break like this. Of course, everybody will be in this place once in a while. And of course, this summer has been very different.

Everything in and around the Fishbowl has been turned upside down lately. Life simply happened. Some stuff has been pretty amazing, other stuff, I would have been pretty happy to go without. And here we are, in the middle of September and summer has gone. Just like that. Especially today, Berlin comes along rather grey and nasty.

But let's get into the more important stuff. We are still storing spare mattresses and clean sheets every night, in case some tired heads from Syria, Afghanistan or whatever country, need a good night sleep, some hearty soup, a shower and most of all, a little break from the street. I guess all of you are following the current events around the refugee crisis, though I don't actually like to call it that, throughout Europe. I have no answers, but some scars from the last weeks. And my heart seemed to have widened, onto another level. I have met wonderful people and have learned about the power of many. It became a routine.

Getting back into routines was also supposed to mean, going back into the studio, to get painting and drawing, stocking up my online stores, answering emails and preparing for a conference in October. My computer obviously didn't like the idea. At all. And just out of the blue, it killed all its data. All my photographs, email addresses and all lay-out sketches. We have an IT crack living with us for three days already, trying to recover as much as possible, but so far it is not looking good.

This is where we stand right now, while Emma still demands walks in the woods (an she should!), while the husband has cooking jobs to attend to and while I am trying to be patient. The worst part of me. Last night, be happy you haven't been around, I for sure wasn't a pretty sight.

I have no idea, if this event is trying to tell me something. If something good will come out of this breakdown, that I simply can't understand at this point. Or if I will be laughing about it, very soon.

Probably I will... And I am looking forward to BERLIN ARTWEEK, starting on Thursday.