February 27, 2015

rushed friday

A lot of errands to run, appointments to attend to and grocery shopping to be done, this has been a very busy Friday in the Fishbowl. Tomorrow we're hosting another studio dinner and I am really looking forward to this one. Above, the sun has been out all day. It changes so much.

So, I just wanted to say Thank You for all the lovely and thoughtful messages according to my grandmother. So far, the situation has not changed and we're all taking things day by day, with hopefull hearts.

 Before rushing into the kitchen, to chop a good dose of quinces, I'd like to wish you a wonderful weekend! 

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February 23, 2015

queen of colors

Last week had everything it promised to have and actually this Queen of Colors was meant to be filled with good food, presents from Greece and reconnecting with old friends. And then, I've got one of these phonecalls, one of the sort you can't even bare to watch in a movie. My beloved grandmother, who is 94 years of age and is one of the most important people in my life, fell badly and things were looking really terrible. We actually prepared ourselfs to say goodbye.

Since this morning though, things are looking much brighter again. All over sudden and totally unexpected. I know she is a very strong woman, who has been through so much in her life, the only thing to do right now, is hoping for the best. The best for her. Großmütterchen, I love you.

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February 21, 2015

minted happy

One image only for this Saturday. One that sums it up perfectly. It has been a good one. Like yesterday, that has been equally great. And the most pleasant part of it, I have finally written a bunch of emails to contact some really important people about Berlin.Bites. These nasty, little emails had been lingering on my to-do-lists for a while already; gotten transfered from week to week to week, and I just couldn't put my finger on why that has been the case.Today I've decided it might just not be worth to get behind any parcticular reasons, but to get over with the writing and to send the stuff out. More than a liter of tea and a complete bar of minted chocolate later and I am finished. Check. Sometimes nothing helps better, but to stop thinking. And to give in to any ridiculous seasonal addiction and to start typing. How marvelous this feels right now. Have a happy Saturday night. I might just have another tiny bit of that chocolate. A really tiny one. Promised.

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February 19, 2015

little things thursday

Some days are not for breakthroughs or for moving big piles; one simply has to follow those lists, take ones vitamins, have more than three mugs of coffee and smile at the first blooming of Spring. Even when it happened inside the studio, the weather outside gave Berlin a pleasant idea of more to come. Some days are so ordinary, I'll get a little bit nervous and feel unsettled, hoping for big changes and new doors to open. So ordinary, I will tend to become a little hysterical and grumpy (sorry, husband!). And the again, maybe it is those days, some of them in a neat row, which will actually become the actual breakthrough or a huge mountain moved in the future. That is, why I will try to behave myself a little, talk to that old contender Patience and concentrate on what is right in front of me.

Oh, I forgot, there is something so not ordinary happening today. Happy New Year of the wooden goat, dears. Let's hope it will a bit more gentle with us, than that wild and crazy horse.

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February 16, 2015

queen of colors

Last week's images might not look overly spectacular, some are even a bit messy, but they were for a good cause. The moments that led to them, where all very special and blissful. We did a lot of cleaning and throwing out, which feels so, so good. And the wonderful side effect of doing so, you will find precious things, reminding you of what is really important to you. For the first time in weeks, we have managed to spent a Sunday far away from our computers, but with extensive paper reading, a long walk in the woods and the visit of a very special art exhibition (For the ones in Berlin, you should definitely give Sonntag a try. It is a series of one day shows, always in the atmosphere of a private home, including the favourite cake of the artist. We liked it a lot!). So this Queen of Colors is a very Blue one. Blue as in happy.

For the next days, I am looking forward to quite a dose of visitors. And to long hours in the studio, continuing with the work on three projects. Be excited; about them. And about your very own upcoming week.

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February 14, 2015

d.c. aqua

Aqua to me, actually is a verb. It is about getting lost in water. No matter, if it will happen in the bathroomtub, in a hiden lake or the wide ocean, all that matters is to let yourself float. Somewhere between happiness and a blissful nothing. Delicious.

Aqua is the theme of this week's drawing challenge, which is hosted by the talented Veronica Roth. Feel very welcome, to visit her Blog and find the links to the other participants over there too.

And thank you, Veronica for reminding me to take a long bath before leaving the house tonight.

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February 12, 2015

not the moon

Large paintings, this one actually actually measures 1.20 x 1.60 m, envolve very slow. The favourite soup makes you happy two days in a row. Some times, even three. And the people you really like, might just listen to the most amazing music.

I am back in the studio, after a couple of days in serious procrastination mode. I prefer to blame it on the stars. In the end, when you have found your way back painting and creating, it is of no importance anyway.

Have a good night, lovely readers and fellow artists.

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February 09, 2015

queen of colors


Nice, though a bit blurred. Last week contained a lot of blues, though nobody was too sad. More the Freezing Temperatures Turn Into Thoughtful Insides kind of blues. Well, not quite true, a favourite mug was broken. A beloved souvenir, but at least it happened in style. Then another night, the ambulance showed up in front of the studio, drowning the complete Fishbowl within the most vivid blue. Nobody was hardly hurt either. Only a minor incident. I have developed a serious crush on Asian rice snack, while painting a lot. And we had a nice night, eating Sweet Corn Soup, while planning our next studio dinner. So, this was great as well.

The only thing I will need to chew on a little longer; I can tolerate and almost like myself on pictures these days. I am old enough to have learned that, one could think. Point given. To watch myself on television though, will definitely not become my favourite new addiction. Loving what you see, when looking at yourself, might just be one of the trickiest lessons in life. And it is pretty easy to tell others to so, managing for yourself, a whole different story.

Therefor, the only thing I wish to you today, have a good week. I will get on with that sense of self exercise. And maybe laugh a little about it too.

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February 04, 2015

over painted

Sometimes I will linger around a painting for days, sometimes for months, going back and forth with actually going nowhere. Today I have found out, it takes courage to step back and grab that brush and say No. It doesn't work. And then, with wide and strong strokes, you have to simply paint it over. No accuracy, but a quick moment of determination. No thinking either. The parts that are feeling weird, have to go. You're right, I have done it a million times before, but it took me ages to finally understand it to this extend. Only today, I have understood the special power in it.

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February 02, 2015

queen of colors

beautiful calendar by FORMLOS
tiger plums by nicole pasqualino

A week containing so many shades and colors, it seems like nothing had fit or made sense. But it did. Perfectly. Last week was all about people. Great people. From the feedback concerning the speech about our current exhibition project, to a night with pasta and ideas, over to a friend making me feel truly appreciated and last but not at all least, to a woman I haven't even met yet, but who has send me such a precious gift. From now on Tiger Plums will forever be a symbol to me. A symbol for all those secrets and for the beautiful connections life has in store for us.

It has been a very special week for me. Thank you.

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