December 31, 2014

letting go and welcoming

It's early evening and I am sitting in the studio, candles and tea, some nice tunes filling the space. On the street, there is turmoil. The annual New Year's Eve war, so to say. Rockets within in seconds, incredibly loud cannon beats and firecrackers crashing between the rows of houses around the hood. Not my favourite sound, to be honest. On the other hand, this situation somewhere between inner calm and one or the other blast from outside, perfectly fits to describe this year, we're about to leave behind. Twelve intense months containing everything from sad Goodbyes to happily waving bad relationships farewell. Some remarkable people came new into my life. Something I am always very thankful and humble about. There have been pleasant surprises and many questions marks as well. It feels like every part of it was necessary to come closer to myself and to understand, where I am heading next. Of course, it was exhausting and I can't say, everything found closure yet, but I am proud to have made it through all the ups and downs. And even more, I am looking forward to the year ahead. My only wishes are, that I will be able to trust my intuition even more than I did in the past. Intuition knows it best, it seems.  And for the world, I so wish that all the drama lately, will come to a rest and that people will eventually start talking to each other, rather than fighting.

For you my dear readers, I wish that you're spending exactly the night you were looking for; dancing, eating or, simply being quiet and thoughtful.

May 2015 be a wonderful and sunny one. We all deserve it! 

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December 24, 2014

happy holidays

Dear readers, before diving deep into the festive days, I want to wish you a wonderful Christmas. Do whatever feels good for you; read, sleep, meet your loved ones, have great food or take a walk through the woods.

I will spent a little time with myself tonight, as the husband is cooking for a job somewhere in town. And I kind of like that, after all those busy days, just laying on the couch and meandering through my tired mind. Lovely Emma by my side. Tomorrow will be a cozy three of us day, before the family rolls in by Friday and we will enjoy a huge dinner. A little bit of everything so to say.

So, this is cheers to you and to the world!

The sparkling fresh FOODTHOUGHTS CALENDAR is up in the shop. Twelve fine prints (limited edition) all around food.

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December 22, 2014

queen of colors


It has been a good week, filled with all there is to life.

Including saying "Goodbye". I am a bit quiet tonight, cause this got to me.

Thank you for the music, Mr. Joe Cocker.

The sparkling fresh FOODTHOUGHTS CALENDAR is up in the shop. Twelve fine prints (limited edition) all around food.


December 21, 2014

last order love

For those of you, living in Germany and looking for a very last minute Xmas present, if you're ordering something from the TAKEAWAY-ART-SHOP until Monday noon, I'll ship it to you on the very same day. To make sure you'll get it right on time for Christmas.

Otherwhise, the shop will be open during the holidays, as well as before New Year's Eve.

Thank you so much for your support this year, it has been a lot of fun printing and sending out FOODTHOUGHTS to you so far. I wish you a very nice Sunday night and will be back tomorrow, with more about our show project for next year. 

December 19, 2014

December 15, 2014

queen of colors

When you're planning to attend the opening of a wine shop, by two o'clock Sunday afternoon, you don't need to know Rocket Science, to predict the rest of your weekend. Fully aware of the outcome, that was the idea for yesterday. We only had to walk a couple of metres and have been welcomed warmly to a world totally unknown. The world of Serbian wine, to a special grape called Prokupac (it is a grape you will only find in the area of Serbia) and to two wine lovers, Lukas and Brana. The two of them are so passionate about their wine, that I will not even go there and try to say something about it. Talk to them directly and be in for a very special treat. All I can say is, we have left them happy. And though we did end on the couch, not being able to get anything done anymore, it was so worth it.

Other than that, the week has been very busy, but as it feels like I am repeating this like a broken record, I won't go there any further. But I will go into me being super excited about our first cooking night for Berlin Bites. On Wednesday, we will cook and have dinner with Turkish and Palaestinian kids in a youth club close to the Fishbowl. I am so looking forward to this.

This is going to be the last week of Advent already. Take your time to relax in all that buzz and enjoy it. 

The sparkling fresh FOODTHOUGHTS CALENDAR is up in the shop. Twelve fine prints (limited edition) all around food.

December 13, 2014

unbalanced, happy and some greetings

This is how life looks around the Fishbowl at the moment. Many hours in the studio, packing, printing and wrapping. While having lunch in front of the computer screen. This does sound far less tempting, than it actually is. Times like these keep me going; riding the flow and making things happen. As long as the food is healthy, the music is loud and there are breaks with a lot of laughter.
I wish you a rocking weekend and a wonderful third of advent by tomorrow.

Oh, and by the way: Happy birthday, little sister! You had a lot of new things coming and adventures to conquer over the last year. But you've managed it gracefully and have grown a lot. May more of these good adventures be around the corner. And may you never forget to dance. But you won't, as this is one of your most brilliant sides. The stagediver.  

The sparkling fresh FOODTHOUGHTS CALENDAR is up in the shop. Twelve fine prints (limited edition) all around food.

December 11, 2014

launch of the 2015 calendar

After a technical meltdown and me going absolutely crazy yesterday, gosh that was a tough cookie, I made it through the wilderness of stubborn printers and far too much paper spent, until we ran out of it. Whoot, whoot, today I was finally able to conquer all the obstacles.

So here it is, the sparkling new 

From now on, this limited edition is available online, in the

You're cordially invited to jump over and get your
exclusive copy. I will await you there with a smile!

December 08, 2014

queen of colors

Some quiet in the middle of a crowded Fishbowl. No color, but pure structure to see through all that is going on right now. I just wanted to say Hi and remind you of tomorrow's calendar launch. Have a great night, I am going back to intensive printing.

December 07, 2014

full moon rising

Blame it on the moon, on the season or, even more possible, on my habit of finishing work usually at the latest minute. Actually, I went to bed last night, better today at six o'clock in the morning. Getting up again at ten, only four hours later. And now, I am sitting here, hardly able to keep my eyes open. But I am happy and have enjoyed every second of this ride; the silence in our street, drinking wine and working on the Foodthoughts Calendar. I have not only made it through the night, but the calendar is finally finished and it will be launched by Tuesday. From that moment on, it will be available worldwide and in selected Berlin shops. I love how it looks and am pretty excited to present it to you. Have the most wonderful Sunday night. See you tomorrow.

December 05, 2014

foodthoughts. an update.

Here we go, all new designs for the Foodthoughts. There is a soup to warm up, some healthy beetroot smoothie and a memory of the summer just gone. All with little quotes. If you like what you see, I would love to meet you over in my little shop. Apart from that, I wish you a wonderful weekend. 

* A little extra, society6 has a free shipping deal going on today. Worldwide. 


December 02, 2014

queen of colors

It is already late, really late, but as my friend Insomnia has moved back in recently, I am sitting in the studio wide awake. And not unhappy. Everything is so incredibly quiet; the only sounds come from wind dragging the plastic foil over at our neighbor's house. The landlord has decided to uncover the complete roof, to build in new windows and balconies. I am asking myself, who does something like this, right at the beginning of winter? But this is another story and luckily not mine. I feel for their tenants though, because it is  freezing out there.

Today is the first of December and while it is actually a bit too early to start with sobby resumées, I am seriously asking myself, where this year went. Twelve months ago, the only thing I had wished for, was a horrible year to end. About this one, I actually don't know. Somehow things feel raw and rather undone, somehow unsettled, and a certain kind of nervousness accompanies me throughout my days. Probably one of the reasons for the sleepless nights. Maybe there are answers just around the corner or even changes, maybe it is simply the same old story, of getting deep and meaningful by the end of that twelve months circle. I don't know. Peacefully giving in to the busy moves of my mind, to another glass my favourite winter drink and to listening to some more midnight tunes. To sweet dreams.