November 29, 2014

on being. thankful.

Two days late, but tonight we're finally celebrating Thanksgiving, traditionally with a beloved studio dinner. Though we don't have any American roots, I have come to love this celebration a lot. The food, the sitting together and the thinking about the good stuff in our lifes, are much closer to me than the rest of the Holidays.

There is still a lot to do, but the turkey sits in the oven and I am setting the table, while the kitchen god is doing his magic on a sweet potato Creme Brulèe. I can't wait to try it.

Have a wonderful weekend, dear readers.

November 27, 2014

on cookies and radio silence connected.

There lies a special charme in breaking your own rules.

For many years, actually since I have moved out from my parents in my late teenage years, my mother has send me cookies at the beginning of each Advent season. She does that for all of us three kids and even extended it on to her grandchildren now. It is some kind of beloved family tradition and as far as I remember, it goes back to my great-grandmother.  Therefor for many years, pretty little boxes have been traveling to Berlin, to Malta, to Zürich and to New Zealand. And for exactly that amount of years, I have promised myself, not to touch the Macaroons, Vanillekipferl and Short Bread, before litting the first candle. It just never worked out. Like never, never. The same happened today, I simply couldn't resist to open the package. Only to get a sent of almonds, butter and some chocolate. Who was I kidding. Seriously.

Right now I am sitting in the studio, stuffed with the most delicious cookies, but despite the fact, that there is still a lot on my list, it feels like I won't be able to move any time soon.


November 24, 2014

queen of colors

The week has been that colorfull, filled with so many different appointments, with drawings and watercolors, there was a birthday and an intense workshop, the most vivid impressionthough, stayed from the most serene moment. Despite the fact, that we're are really, really (I know, I have been saying that a lot this year, even if it means sounding like a broken record.) Yesterday morning we've managed to take Emma for a nice walk through the woods. An incredible blue sky, a little sun and cold fresh air made up for all the stress and tension in advance. I could have stayed much longer. Hopefully, there will be a chance for one or the other long walk this week as well.

Before diving back into another long list, I like to wish you a good week. And, that'll you manage to take a break or two.

November 22, 2014

saturday night painting

While some of you might be out dancing, I am enjoying my own kind of music here in the studio. The husband is somewhere across town, teaching others to cook, while Emma rests on her couch and I am happily working on the calendar, which will be finished and up in stores by the next weekend. So, here some Saturday greetings from the Fishbowl. Enjoy your time, whatever you're up to over the next hours. I certainly will.


November 20, 2014

an introduction

I have been hinting a lot towards a project we're working on recently here in the Fishbowl. To let at least, a little bit of the cat out of its bag, the show is called Berlin Bites and is going to be a big food installation, taking place by next year.

Berlin Bites will be an installation using food, to reflect on all the different nations and people living together in Berlin. There is always so much to talk about the problems coming with such an heterogeous society; the newspapers are filled with it, you have political discussions and people are writing sometimes smart, sometimes very stupid books about this topic. We strongly believe, rather than talking about each other, it might be much more interesting to actually talk to each other.

Right now, we've justed started into an intensive research phase. We're visiting all kinds of different places, like youth organisations, clubs and international associations, where we're holding workshops and will be talking a lot about food. We will talk about what we like or rather don't want to eat, about our Lieblingsessen and we will hopefully learn about other people's food; how they cook, their special recipes and what kind of rituals come with certain dishes. We will look into differences and for common grounds, as I am sure there is much more of that, than anybody would expect. By the end of each workshop, we will cook and eat together.

First stop of this research phase is a youth club in our area. An amazing place, bringing together mostly Arabian, Turkish and African kids. We did two sessions already and it is not oly a lot of fun, but we have learned so much too. I can't wait for more to come.

To be continued... 

November 17, 2014

queen of colors

I have been working a lot on another series of foodthoughts. Actually, a complete foodthoughts calendar for the upcoming year. As there was a lot of other stuff going on over last week, I was mainly painting after dawn, which explains the kind of blurry attitude of these images. Maybe not.

Might have been simply me, being a bit tired. How do you adjust to the much darker days, now that the golden part of Fall seems to have left the scenery. It is all good, but as usual, most of us will probably need a moment or two to get used to the new dark. November dawn to me, sometimes feels a bit heartbreaking. Maybe, because it comes so quick. Or maybe, because it stays for so long. I don't know, but I remember having felt exactly the same kind of thirty minutes sadness as a kid. After the night has set in, the nightowl in me comes out and I am happy again.


November 15, 2014

falling for the grey

Some of you might already know these images from my Instagram account, but they do fit my current mood just perfectly, a thoughtful kind of November living, so here they are. Again. As you see, it is all about the little things lately and I am pretty happy with that.

Taking pictures with my phone has become more and more interesting to me. A proper camera does more for the quality, of course, but I like this blurry, quite fleeting atmosphere of these as well. Like a little poem, an urban rhyme we create while walking through our days.


November 10, 2014

queen of colors

It seems like I finally came up with a solution for my constant parking spot hustle. Can you believe that, we had to tow away five cars only last week. Including a next door neighbor. So there are some things boiling here and maybe, I might get somewhere from this point. Well, not actually me, but I have finally asked for help and got so many answers and support offered, I am still overwhelmed by the incredible response. Though I can't talk about it right now, cryptic yes, I promise you to be the first to get all the information and images on top. For now, it is me being happy about a bunch of like minded people out there. The old cynic in me wonders, if people might be much better than I am used to see them.

Starting the fresh week with a delicious cake, brought to the studio door this Monday morning, even underlines this suspicion. To a wonderful week.

November 08, 2014

a drawing challenge. different.

Who Has Not Sat Before His Own
Heart Curtain?
It Lifts. And The Scenery Is
Falling Apart.

(Rainer Maria Rilke)

When signing into this week's drawing challenge, I had something completely different in mind. A real drawing actually. In the middle of researching for a show next year, Berlin Bites, we've received a very spontaneous invititation for a Palestianian wedding though. And those colors have stayed. Including a lot of thoughts and questions.

Other than that, thank you Barbara Bee for taking over. If you are curious about more ideas on color, feel invited to jump over to her blog and have a look.

Other than that, my thoughts go out to Ariane, who's home has been struck by a dreadful fire.

November 06, 2014


Sometimes all it needs is a visit from your brother. Or your sister. As different as our paths are, as far as we live from each other, one night chatting over champagne and a long breakfast together, has adjusted a lot of things for me. And answered even more questions. It is such a gift to have grown up with the same language and to kind of mirror each other's gestures. Well, some of them, of course. So, thank you Mr., for stopping by and sorry, for me secretly using your shoes for this post. I hope to see them again soon. Have a great trip home!

November 03, 2014

queen of colors

Such a pleasant ending to October and a gorgeous start into November. A week filled with sunlight, pumpkins and, even typing it looks weird, a picnic in the garden. All the yellow and orange, the slightly misty mornings, I could stay in this space for a little while. Let us wait and see, what the upcoming week has in store. Happy November to you!

November 01, 2014

drawing challenge: under_wear

When Stefanie Selter kindly invited me to this week's drawing challenge Underwear, this photo series of heart pictures directly came into my mind. What is it that we wear underneath; our secrets, wishes, dreams and private scars? All those little and even huge stories, we have a hard time telling somebody else. Or memories, we will forever hold close deeply to our hearts and will cherish as precious treasures. Our very personal under_wear.