October 31, 2014

something more rooted

beetroot soufflé
beetroot mousse
beetroot granitée

Today I am going to carve my first pumpkin ever. Can you believe that? The reason for it might be, that the German Halloween tradition is a very young one and when I was a kid, there simply was none.

This information being totally unrelated to the pictures above, I still desperately wanted to share them. A while ago, the husband met with a friend for a cooking session. He created the most amazing variations of vegetarian beetroot dishes and she took all the wonderful pictures. These are some of the results; there was a lot of red and yellow beetroot involved, some granitée made, the kitchen smelled from delicious soufflé and I couldn't get my fingers out of the mousse stuff. So good!

For the recipes, you're most welcome to contact my personal kitchengod, ART.FLAVOUR or take an extended trip around his website. He is a pretty nice guy, an inspiring chef and super happy to share.

All the pictures are shot by the lovely Ewelina Bubanja from HOLISTIC YOGA BERLIN. She is a very talented photographer and an even greater teacher, when it comes to a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Go and check her out.

As the pictures make me seriously crave for another dose of beetroot, the only thing left to say is: Happy Halloween!

October 27, 2014

queen of colors

Strawberry pink and fiery red; a photoshoot, framed watercolors waiting to be picked up and a little party, including a Lady Bug Cake. Actually, a week filled with rainy days and with a good dose of loving. When it comes to me, the perfect mix. One year ago, one of my little nieces was born and when I go back in the days, remembering a very stormy night, a wild studio dinner and cheering to her arrival with a bunch of friends, it makes me smile. A lot has happened since then. I like being an aunt, maybe I am even kind of flirting with the idea of becoming the Crazy Aunt. We will see. For now, happy birthday little One. May your life stay colorful, adventureous and filled with your parent's laughter, like it has been over the last twelve months. You've choosen those folks well, believe me. Take your little feet to run, to dance and when you fall, to get yourself up again. This life isn't always sunny, but it is a good one. Happy birthday, little Queen.

For the rest of you, have a good start into this last week of October. And always take some breaks. Time is running fast.

October 25, 2014

a new version of me

Been playing around in the studio today. Chilled out Saturday Style. Look who I have met. A new version of me. Someone told me, she looks like she is about to dance. Well, it is not exactly what I had in mind, but I am pretty happy with this little drawing. And the ideas coming with it.


October 23, 2014

many threads, but one

Sometimes the life of an artist contains so many different aspects, that it feels like you'll might get entangled between all the different things, tasks and errands. For many years, I have believed to work best, when concentrating on one project only. One painting, one show, one list to tick things off. Life has taught me differently; the more ideas and concepts I am at simultaneously, the better and smoother things will become. The trick is, not to fall over your dancing feet, but staying focused on the one step your currently at. Even, if it is only for an hour, absolutely be with the painting you're sitting in front of. When it is time for framing, then frame. No concept talks aside or hectic phonecalls, while cutting out passepartouts. And when in the middle of a meeting, currently quite often about shows far into next year, I will try to forget about the timeframe, but get as excited as possible right now. Of course, the concept is not waterproof, it does help though, to get me back on track. And back to loving what I do in the moment. No matter how long that moment might be.


October 20, 2014

queen of colors

Yesterday still summer, today the colors have changed completely. From fresh smoothies with Kale to some spicy Sweet Corn Soup, so to say. As much as the weather is different, the mood in the Fishbowl is too. Maybe it is time to admit, that I am much more of a Fall person, than this would count for any other season. It feels good to be back in the studio. I am in the middle of framing watercolors for a little show and am looking forward to our first workshop for the big show next year. Therefor this is only a very brief visit, to wish you a great start into the week.

October 17, 2014

a little travel report

Sometimes when selling your art, it does come with one or the other side story; this is my favourite so far. Two months ago one of my pieces had sold to a collector and friend in the United States. After all the arangements where made, a package nice and safely wrapped, went of to the post office. Usually it takes three weeks for a painting to cross the big pond. This time things where a bit different and after almost six weeks I seriously did start to worry. Of course, the package was insured, but loosing a painting would have been a drama to me, nevertheless. I've contacted lovely Katie, if she had heard a word from the post office, when suddenly I've received an email from another Katie. Both, given names and surnames where the same. Katie the Unknown found a package in her P.O. Box, including a painting called "no landscape comes spotless", postcards and some Money Soaps. None of them, she told me, had been ordered by her. Picturing the wide and huge country the U.S. is, you can equally picturing me getting a bit hysterical. At least for a moment. Yesterday I have received another email, a black and white picture of two laughing beauties attached. It turned out that both Katies not only carry the same name, but they also do live in the same town in Ohio and that they're both incredibly nice. They've managed to meet up, exchanged the package and left a smiling artist back in Germany. Thank you, dear Katies, for making this such an encouraging little story, with a happy end. You now, that is something most artists probably dream of, bringing people together. Even when it is because of a mixed up P.O. Box number. With that in mind, be nice to each other and enjoy a wonderful weekend.

October 13, 2014

queen of colors

A week with so many different colors and yet in the end, one sticks out prominently. Blue towels neatly hung on the laundry rack. Promises for more great dishes from the husband's kitchen. A broken mobile phone, looking mysteriously and actually quite pretty. The bathroom is clean and what is even better, it smells of fresh sage and a splash of mint. And a friend braught earrings from Kathmandu. What more could one ask from one tiny week. I wish you a smooth start into this one.


October 07, 2014

queen of colors

I am about to start sounding like a broken record, but one day late, means the Queen of Colors is still fighting that ugly sickness. Was it two weeks or three already, I can't recall. Going back and forth ended in taking antibiotics and today, seriously, for the first time in a while, I feel more like a human again. There has been a gorgeous day out in the wood last week, but maybe baby, that had been a bit too soon. I had to spend the long weekend in bed. Again. So today is my first complete day in the studio. With no couch or bed in between. Hurray. I don't know what hit us this time, but looking around it seems, we are not the only ones. And it is not even Winter yet. Mind that sarcasm, I am only happy to see some light here today and I very much wish it will stay that day.

Other than that, I went to Supermarkt for the very first time and it was great. Looking forward to a one day seminar over there by the end of the week. I gave an interview for a newspaper, who are doing a little portrait about me. A painting I have sold to someone in Ohio, finally landed safe in the collectors hands, after getting lost in someone else's P.O. BOX. Holy Canneloni, what a relief. And I've talked to my grandmother on the phone. It had been a while and every time I talk to her it is such a pleasure, I secretly promise myself, to do it more often.

So, I will stick to Thyme Tea over the next days and keep telling the ones I love, a little more, how much I actually do. Oh, and there will be a lot more art over here again soon.


October 01, 2014

back in the woods

Such a beautiful day out there; October started of on a sunny and bright note. It was even warm enough to leave a jacket behind. There were mushrooms, looking more like pancakes, including the classical  maple syrup. Emma was happy to run after her favourite ball and to do some serious digging in the dirt. Coming back to the studio, I felt motivated and energized again. Welcome October, I love you.