August 31, 2014

light, shadows and sometimes fire

"Transformation still has two meanings, one technical, one spiritual. He who leaves his house leaves the light on to make it appear inhabited." (Otto Piene)

If you guys happen to be in Berlin right now and if it is somehow possible to carve some time out, don't miss the current lightshow of Otto Piene. The show is taking place at Neue Nationalgalerie and tonight is your absolute last chance to see it. I went last night and I promise you, it is magical. The place, together with the late hours and his work, it is a breathtaking experience. A very rare opportunity in this busy and crowded city. I am so glad I went.

„The Proliferation of the Sun“

Installation by Otto Piene

Neue Nationalgalerie
Potsdamer Stra├če 50
10785 Berlin
Last Chance
Sunday the 31st of August
from 10 p.m.- 03 a.m.

August 28, 2014

about getting things done

A very late night and an early start; lots of errands to run, Emma with a split claw (a bit sad, as it means no woods and no lake for a couple of days, but she is fine) and a meeting according to a little show in late September. I am absolutely tired. In fact, it does feel like I might just fall asleep in front of this screen. Right now. But I won't leave you, before screaming out loud and clear: "I have done it." After coming out with it half way through, now it is really, truly done. I have finally finished that website of mine. Please feel cordially invited to jump over there, learn about all the things I am up to, and tell me what you think. For me it is a well deserved night on the sofa. And a very honest Cheers.


August 25, 2014

queen of colors

This morning I've shot a picture of our fridge. The After Dinner State so to say. You won't find it on the post though, I am not brave enough to show it. After intensive cooking sessions, there is nothing better but strolling through the leftovers and to create something nice. I just love leftover cooking. But as good as it probably tastes, it just doesn't look that great. So you have to imagine us, having the best of everything mixed in a soup, a little salad on the side and some freshly grated parmesan cheese added. Oh, and the rest of that frozen chocolate mousse from Saturday night, maybe with a slice of apricot tarte. Okay, okay enough, I'll stop. This is simply happening tonight. Other than that, last week has been pretty good. Two very important meetings, one brilliant, one sucked. We had another studio dinner, I've sold two paintings, saw the uplifting movie Chef (highly recommended, in case you'll need a dose of uplifting) and I've slept little, taking afternoon naps instead of proper night ones. Not too bad, I reckon. This week will include a bit of family action and hopefully some nice late Summer days. And after all that office stuff and the organizing, the studio is calling for me. Desperately. So, I will hopefully be back painting by tomorrow. 

August 22, 2014

on plenty

Friendly weekend greetings from the Fishbowl; somewhere between the studio and the kitchen. Bread, cheese and such. Leftovers from today and stuff to cook tomorrow. Life feels plenty and rich tonight. I am wishing you a delicious weekend too.

August 20, 2014

walking exciting roads and such

Back in the wood today, with the dog and the husband, taking a long walk on more secret paths and through slowly fading green. The sun and the fresh air always do me wonders. After a week of intensive office work and slighty crazy people, it is best for my sanity to just walk and walk. And while Emma was strolling the shrubs, we actually had the time to talk a lot about the huge installation planned for next Spring. To lift the curtain a little, we will go on an exciting journey through Berlin's international kitchens. There is so much to learn and to see. And then, the idea is to bring it all together, the love, the people, even the stuff that seperates us. For three days in Spring, we will create a space to get to know each other and to taste and hopefully, to discuss. Coming together over food to understand. That is the idea. The world is a tricky place and we should take all the chances to celebrate its colors and tunes. Don't you think?

August 18, 2014

queen of colors

Speak Easy Club pic by Cracking The Oyster
Every year, when I have finally got used to Summer, it will leave us. It's August, so there are still going to be some lovely days and nights, but you can already feel the change. In the light. And, in some kind of nervous energy driving many people these days. Everything is a bit more excited, a bit louder and a bit more emotional. Maybe it is only me feeling weird, but over the last days a lot of funny and some rather edgy things have happened. Someone was screaming at a friend, who was walking Emma, that she is abusing the dog, because Emma is too fat. The cause would be crystal clear, she went on, as my friend would be far too fat as well. An hour later I was having the most lovely coffee break, with another dear friend. She, just like that, brought me an incredibly beautiful pair of earrings as a gift from her homecountry Croatia. The same night, two police officers, I had to call them for yet another round of a blocked disability parking spot adventure, they've just left me standing there. After calling me selfish and hysterical, driving away without further notice. The ones I had called second place, turned out to be extremely friendly and nice. They even had a late night coffee with us. One could just pack this stuff into a box, saying PEOPLE and get over it, and actually I am laughing while typing it right now. Still, it feels like the change of season can be a tough cookie on people's minds and souls.

Apart from me trying to figure out big city notions, I seem to have developed a serious thing for all stuff containing beetroot. Also, I am having a little show in November. And, we're still working on the huge installation, that is going to take place next Spring. And I am looking forward to lit the candles, like my friend in the picture, for another studio dinner this Saturday.

I wish you a lovely start into this week and that you'll meet a lot of good minded people on your way.

August 13, 2014

a different sunday

This week I am going to skip the Queen of Colors. It slipped me on Sunday, in between launching my new website. Monday has been the laziest day ever, so I didn't think of it either. And now we're already in the middle of Wednesday. Therefor I'll postphone that to next week. What got me thinking though, was all that intensive work lately and how to schedule doing the work I love so much, with everything else that is important to me. I have read some similiar posts about it today, making it obvious, I am not the only one struggling with this. Maybe we'll have to understand, it is not possible to be present everywhere at the same time. Maybe it is ok, to work a lot and to be occupied, as long as you'll talk about it with your loved ones. We all have our visions and dreams, and not to follow them, would be ridiculous. And it would make us feel miserable and unhappy. There is this constant talk about balance and about healthy ways to handle stress, as it might be especially tricky for freelancer. But then again, going back into my childhood, with parents who were working nine to five jobs, spending quality time with the family had been no less a matter of decision, than it is for me today. Many of those advices according to a balanced lifestyle are probably right, but when I am in the middle of a project, I love diving into it deeply and riding the flow. Stopping at a certain point, because a schedule is telling me to do so, appears no healthier to me. Maybe this is about the bigger picture, about phases and a lot of unsual ways to deal with it. Some weeks we will work a lot, while others seem to be made for going slow and for waiting. Maybe the trick is, to sometimes pack your stuff, the husband and the puppy and drive to a quiet place and simply work there. On the fresh cut lawn of your mother-in-law's garden, with ice cream and a good dose of summer fruits, with no phone and no computer around. You will be amazed how much can actually be done in only two hours. Involving the husband in your projects, doesn't hurt either.

August 11, 2014

new website

Finally, after so many weeks. After I have complained about the process a millions times and after conquering my nervousness, when it comes to technical stuff, here she is. The sparkling new website. Drumroll please. It is done. A new home for all my art, the installations, the blog; you will find my fine little shop and all of the Foodthought illustrations. It is all in one spot and I am pretty happy with how it has turned out. Well, almost. There are still some bits and pieces that need to be added, but sometimes we need to let go, in order to get things over and done. And what is missing right now, will be added over the next days.

So, you're cordially invited to my new space, take a seat and have a glass of wine over there. Cheers.

August 04, 2014

queen of colors

Stopping by for a second, as promised, to wish you a good day. And to send little postcards from our break. We're still in the middle of it. Sometimes it is not the noisy and the most colorful things that will bring the biggest change. Sometimes it is working silently, sleeping and pushing tiny pebbles. Eating chocolate, of course, counts too. And sometimes, a very precious friend will stop by totally unexpected and she will leave you with such a beautiful gift, that it'll brings tear to your eyes. Tears, because you feel incredibly loved. Today started of a little rough and now it ends with me, being deeply thankful for the great ones surrounding me.

So off I'll fly again, coming back next Monday. Properly, by then. And with some tales to tell. Until then, stay wild.