July 28, 2014

queen of colors

A Queen of Colors all about Summer, about sitting by the water, sleeping in white sheets, about chilled wine and about candled nights. We're off to a tiny heat break. There is so much to catch up, to think and to talk about. And some work needs to be finished as well. Finally. I will be back here next Monday. If you'd like to see what happens in between, I am most happy to meet you over on Instagram. Until then, take care, enjoy life and dance a little in the moonlight. 

July 25, 2014

shop update

It took me ages and I am actually a bit ashamed of it, but finally the Giveaways and some long overdue presents are in the mail. I am really, really sorry for the delay. Now Glamorous Mind and Sassy Things on their way to lovely people and hopefully they will make you smile.

For the ones who weren't lucky this time, you can order all the Foodthoughts over in my little shop at Society6. There is a lot of new stuff, especially to celebrate the delicious fruits of Summer.

And the best thing, orders are shipping free until Sunday at Midnight! 

So, if you feel like a shirt with lemons or some rhubarb action on your mobile phone, jump over and have a look.

Thank you! 

July 21, 2014

queen of colors

I am living on bread today. Bread, homemade strawerry jam and chilled juices. Anything else, simply would be too much. It seems to be even hotter than yesterday and it feels like a thunderstorm is just around the corner. The air is heavy and thick. Kind of like my thoughts. Today I am missing my friends in Israel and in Gaza. So much and so painful. I am scared for their lifes, their hearts and their souls. Today I've read some lines, that are basically summing it up for me. All the drama and all that terrible mess.

When Israelies are getting attacked, I am an Israeli too.
When Palestinians are getting attacked, I am a Palestinian too.
When Jews are getting insulted, I am a Jew too.
When Muslims are getting insulted, I am a Muslim too.

No way, I will take sides. There is no use to it. Life and every single human being is far too precious to follow biased positions, created by minds far far away from the ones who have to suffer. I am sending out all my love and my hope, that one day we will be able to finally see. And to understand, how incredible stupid we have been. Please friends, take care. 


July 20, 2014

watermelon nights

Summer moved in; last night we had another studio dinner. You know how much I love these. And even more, when we sit around that huge table chatting, all doors and windows wide open. We had Prawns and Aioli, Watermelon Bread, chicken wrapped in paper and Almond Parfait, while people were passing on the sidewalk. Greeting friendly or stopping for a little moment. The city is such a smiling place during these nights, pink, yellow and a little wild too. Life is good, when the heat hits Berlin.

July 16, 2014

reflections by unknown surfaces

thomas by tanya mar
emma by tanya mar
annton by tanya mar

Some of you might already know these images, our portraits taken by the talented Tanya Mar on Sunday. But I wanted to show them on the blog too, as to me they're quite special. Looking at them throws me back immediately, to that very special place and the thoughts I had, while looking into the sky. Deep and light at once. A friend recently told me, people make places. Sometimes, maybe it is the other way around.


July 14, 2014

queen of colors

Sunshine and rain, coffee from Williamsburg, soccer, friends, great art, inspiring meetings, a little more soccer and too little sleep. It was a great week. One that ended on the street last night. Of course. With some Tequilla and with many smiling faces. And with the most friendly and classy Argentians ever; singing and dancing until dusk. Across the street, in the middle of no less happy Germans. This can be the bright side of sport and I've liked it a lot. Back to business now, still smiling. Have a good week too.


July 13, 2014

for wings to fly

The most haunted places sometimes turn into the most beautiful ones. This morning we had an early appointment for a little photo shoot. Meeting spot was supposed to be a little parc, just across Berlin's Hauptbahnhof. To be honest, I actually didn't know, there was a parc, and when we've entered through it's massive brick walls, I was even more than stunned. An incredible serene place welcomed us; a wide open space with incredibly green grass, beautifully landscaped and though it was sunny and warm, almost deserted. Only a stone's thrown away from the most buzzing and actually pretty messy area, that is the central station. For a moment I simply couldn't move, slowly taking in this absolutely unexpected scenery. I was even more fascinated, when our photographer friend did tell me, that this place had been a prison for many years, and that after it was demolished in 1958, they've turned it into some kind of memorial. Staying here, taking pictures and having coffee on the grass, it felt truly humble.

July 12, 2014

walking, not running

basil ice cream & white tomato mousse by emil torp
"finally at peace with german history" by thomas behling
"when I am grown, life is going to be exciting and thrilling" by thomas behling

Last night I went out for some relaxed walking around the hood. It wasn't really a hot summer night, but balmy enough to take your time. And once again, I was reminded, it is just amazing to explore an area you've believed to know so well. To catch some new perspectives, look what other artists are doing around you and talk to your neighbors. It was a pleasure to meet up with you, beloved hood.

Tonight it is me and the couch. Life is never the same, right.


July 09, 2014

wet, wet, wet

There is very little art around the Blog these days and actually, it is the same in the Fishbowl itself. I haven't touched a painting in weeks and really, really do miss my brushes. But let us be honest, being an artist involves so much more than creating. Though it is the part, we're probably all most comfortable with, the package comes with organisational stuff, meetings and with making concepts too. Sometimes it even feels, like you're do nothing else. On the other hand, what can be more creative than building up dreams, ideas and visions on a piece of paper or getting wild, while planning projects with others. And excactly this is what is happening right now. Plus a lot of rain coming down here.

P.S. By the way, the band shooting photographs in the Fishbowl, where the Beatsteaks for Visions.
I know, pretty cool, ey! 

July 07, 2014

queen of colors

And here we go, a Monday like a whirlwind. First we've started of with a lot of sunshine, beaking another round of sourdough bread and with a spontaneous photoshoot for a very cool band (I have to be secretive for now!). While doing my website yesterday, the photographer had knocked on the window, telling me he has fallen in love with our front door and if we would mind, that he'll have the cover shoot for a new CD in front of it. Of course, we didn't mind, and by ten o'clock the studio was filled with lighting stuff, cables and some pretty relaxed musicians. Not the worst to begin the week with. Later, by noon, we had a meeting with an interesting lady, to talk about a Crowdfunding Campaign, we're soon going to start. Planned for an hour only, we've easily talked us through almost three hours. It was truly inspiring. Right now, this is all about concepts and ideas, but I can tell you so much, that we're planning to come up with a huge installation. A three day show containing art and food, or better food as art. And I am really, really excited about this. To a week, that will go on dancing, like it has started. And to some roasted apricots with Thyme, because I am going to have them. Now.


July 06, 2014

the needle returns

Not a lot of words today, as I have returned to work on my website. And actually this is such an endless story, it is a bit of an uncomfortable topic. Nothing I feel to babble about any further. Some things seem to last forever, really, and after all the emotional stuff that was going on lately around here, I've lost track on the concept and structual ideas of the design. It was kind of tricky to get back into it. A bit like starting all over again. But the good news is, I am on to it, the sun is shining and there is still another bottle of iced coffee with caradmom in the fridge. Enjoy your Sunday night, dear readers, I will be back tomorrow. With a Queen of Colors and a little more to say.


July 04, 2014

a little confession. and not.

Yesterday a friend of mine started a little argument with me. Maybe more of a discussion, but it lingered in my head for a while. She asked me, how it comes that I am so passionate about watching the Soccer World Cup and if I didn't know about all the trumoil and the social conflicts it has caused so far? Bähm, there it was, my quilty concience. Usually I don't care too much about sports and of course, I am totally aware about those problems and even more, the very dirty business that is behind events like this. We all have seen the images of massive demonstrations in Rio and in Sao Paolo. I have watched a documentary about the megalomanic planning of a stadium, build in the middle of the jungle, only to use it for four games. For ever. It made me so angry. And for quite a while, I had been asking with myself, should I completely boycott watching the Cup? Would I be even able to enjoy one single game, when knowing what human beings had to go through, so we others could have fun? And more importantly, how sick and criminal huge companies deal to reach the most possible profit. It is more than a shame. These are serious crimes. Then on the other hand, I am totally in love with the energy of international teams challenging each other. I love, how all over the world people are coming together, cheering, screaming or comforting each other. I have tears in my eyes, when witnessing strangers starting to passionately talk to each other, or simply giving each other a hug. And by the end of the day, I have decided, it is not the event that is the problem. It is what going on in the background. That has to be talked about. Organisations and people have to be made accountable for doing terribly wrong. The Cup itself is about people and about coming together. We should focus on that, while showing all those criminals the door. And that is, why I am so passionate about the World Cup. In one and in the other way. Back to the game now.