June 30, 2014

queen of colors

Where is it we want to be, ten years from now? A question you'll too probably ask yourself, once in a while and one, which meaning can easily overrun by life itself. Still, we do it. Especially over the weekend, lying on the couch and doing nothing, but enjoying a good dose of blur and lovely fatigue. This was exactly how my weekend was spend and to a certain point, I have really loved it. As you might have guessed already, there was a little downside to it. A tiny akward moment, when the funny part of a head in the clouds and a heart traveling all over the place, wasn't funny alone anymore. What did strike me though, all the thinking and building up fantasy islands, houses or lifes, where does it leave us now? Right in the moment. And when dreaming about somewhere completely different, does this make things we do right now, less precious or even wrong? No, for me it doesn't. Not at all. Ideas and visions have always been a great source of inspiration and motivation to me. To shape future days in my head, doesn't hold me back from living the present. And even when I feel stuck sometimes or don't know where to go next, the future will happen anyway. And to create visions about it, will only help to focus and to grab the bull by its horns, so to say. Time will decide on the rest. With that in mind, sleep tight and remember well, what your dreams where about.


June 26, 2014

spots come more colorful than fields of gold

Looking at these images makes me laugh a little; I've seldom got that little sleep than over the last days. So little in fact, yesterday a quick afternoon nap was needed. Otherwise it would have been impossible to make it through the rest of that Wednesday. The same adjusts to the very summery breakfast with currants and to the impressive green alley, I was able to enjoy this morning. Maybe these images stuck in my head, these bright impressions stayed, because they were so much needed. After endless hours of heavy rain and of equally endless work in the office, a cardbord box filled with the brightest of red and a five minute dive through an overwhelming green jungle become, much more precious as single versions, than as series. This has been a great Thursday and above, I am very happy to tell you, Emma went through her first test like a champ. We don't get the results before Tuesday, but the two hours of working in the parc felt good and I am pretty content, she will be the most amazing assistant dog ever.


June 23, 2014

queen of colors

All silent and rather introvert the week went by and looking at it's pictures, I actually do not wonder about all those dashes of pink. From a delicate reflection in my Grandmother's huge old bowl, we were super lucky to get as a present lately, to the pedals of some slowly fading peonies, this is what life might just look in between. Including the vibrant and all-over-the-place-pink of a marker, that was used for tons of application forms and papers lately. I am feeling good this Monday morning, all close to myself, working through today's list. All is calm in the Fishbowl, the husband sits in his office next door and Emma is resting peacefully beside me, on her own private couch. I wish you a good start into this week as well. Have some ice cream or your favourite cookie.


June 21, 2014

a lot of work and even more treats

There are some things, that usually get me back into flow. Not always always, quite often. Planting herbs in front of the Fishbowl or eating sillys sweet reminding my of my childhood, gets me smiling and gives me a feeling, of building the world a little more like I want it. It is the same with homemade food. Like the marvelous sourdough bread, the husband made yesterday. A couple of months ago, he has started with this little routine. As there had been always more bread than we could've finished within a few days, we gave away the one or the other loaf as a present. Quickly a little fan community has grown. We've even given the bay a name: HAUSBROT. And now, the husband is having a serious backing session, once a month. People can order their HAUSBROT via email and pick it up during Open Studio hours. Why didn't we come up with that idea any sooner; people are buzzing in and out of the studio, all smiles. The place smells marvelous from the warm loafs waiting for them on a huge tray. We will sit together with our visitors, over a cup of coffee or while look at my latest work. There are noumerous lucky sighs in the air and everybody feels happy, light and easy. So much happiness coming from something as little as a loaf of HAUSBROT is absolutely amazing to me. It is obviously the little things we're missing the most within our busy lives. And sharing with others seems to make us happy too. I love HAUSBROT, I love my Open Studio days, and I love the husband for sharing such precious passions with me. And for being silly enough, to get into ideas like that. With a heart almost exuberant with all that love, I wish you a very good weekend.

June 17, 2014

queen of colors

This week's Queen of Colors comes late, as I was lost in writing papers for a pretty cool competition. Now it is all filed and mailed, and the only thing to do is to wait and see. I don't want to jinx it, but getting this price would be a super cool thing. Fingers crossed. Besides from the extensive paperwork lately, everything around here has been about food. Well, kind of again. We had another amazing studio dinner on Saturday. Including Strawberry Pavlova, which has to be my new favourite dish. And then the week started of with some pretty amazing super food; Quinoa salad with sweet potatoes, ruccuola and goat cheese. What can I say, after having finished this, my brain actually felt like working again and my body fit and energetic. I am usually rather skeptical when it comes to food trends and the newest kid on the block, but it is incredible how much you can improve your well being with food. Therefor, on another food note, before I will be back in the studio tomorrow, it is Sushi next. Have a good night.

June 13, 2014

sleepy, with a little rain

Susanne Kraißer & Klaas Bosch at Galerie Lux

There is actually not a lot going on in the Fishbowl. Life is slow. Or better said, I am. Kind of. After all the driving, the emotional rollercoaster, and after the heat, maybe this is healthy and good. It's is not like we're having an absolute stand still around here; the husband has been cooking for different clients and I have seen some art, talked to a lot of people and am quietly working on the application for an interesting competition. It is just not a lot of visual stuff going on. More the quiet and the slow things, that very often lead to the real fun. Tomorrow though, we're havig a summery issue of our studio dinner. And as you might have noticed, they are usually the start into much busier phases. So, I am looking forward to chilled cucumber soup and rhubarb granitée. And to have the table set up with nice people and with a lot of laughter. What is it, you're looking forward to over the weekend?

June 09, 2014

queen of colors

This week's Queen of Colors can only be described as Summer. We have left Southern Germany in sun already and right now, Berlin is melting. Not much to do than going slow, enjoying as many strawberries as possible. Some melons too. And to love life for what it is. To a happy and sunny week ahead.

June 06, 2014

on unexpected colors and shades

The Fishbowl has me back. After days in the South of Germany, after many hours with my family, even more emotions, and a funeral in the middle of a beautiful forest, I am back in Berlin. Mouring the loss of a loved one is a rather private and an individual process, so I will not go there beyond a certain comfort zone. As it is not only my heart involved.

My father has been really ill for many years, a lot of them almost unconcious, so he wasn't present as a father in our daily routines. He was there in our thoughts and for the ones taking care of him, he was the center, but in a very different way. Over the years I've said Goodbye to him for many times. There have been many tiny moments, when I've secretely waved to him as a father, telling him that it is alright to go. Though I knew of the loss and the pain this would cause, I so wished for him that his suffering might end and he could be free.

Still, when driving home, somewhere in the middle of a crowded highway, the radio was playing a song from my teenage years, it struck me. Like a stone thrown at me, lightning flashing up in front of my inner eye: This is the end of my childhood. Well, in the middle of my Fourties I am no child anymore anyway, but suddenly a deep, deep sadness and a little panic crawled up my throat, while digesting the thought of an area ending. I've tried to shake it of, to think of something else, but since this certain moment out there, riding the brown beast, this idea constantly follows me. This is the end of my childhood.

I am still not sure what this means. And it still comes with a good dose of panic, but also with an unexpected strength. A strength that I have never felt before. I am tired from the last two weeks, of course, but something inside of me is focused on happiness. On not letting time pass without doing things I really want. Being with people I feel at home with. And following my path with a more clear and distinct attitude. This is the end of my childhood. Maybe endings are beginnings.