May 28, 2014

a winner drawn

"smell" by Stefanie Selter

And here we go, the winner for the Glamorous Mind T-Shirt is:

the very talented Stefanie Selter.

Yes, you do have wonderful eyes and I am a sucker for your work, woman. So congratulations, I am very happy to send a package to you.

"Be Who You Are And Shine"

Can you please email me, with your postal adress, your size and which color for the shirt you have chosen. 

 I will we be on the road again by tomorrow. And as far as things look in Berlin right now, I am actually thinking of taking a boat. No, of course we will ride the brown beast, while eating tons of sweets and singing out loud. Even a rather blue trip should contain laughter.


May 25, 2014

queen of colors

We're back in the Fishbowl and one week has already gone. Although it had been a full week, including long car rides and an intense workshop; sometimes full of laughter, in other moments quite teary and blue, it actually doesn't feel like being back. Not yet. The place I am in right now, I'd rather leave it untouched and not defined at all. All I can say, I am sad, but at peace. When life conquers you with big changes, the most important part about it, is to give yourself time. It is true, the world will keep on turning, but we don't necessarily need to follow that pace. Not always. And especially, we don't need to follow, what others might expect from us. Staying as close as possible to what my heart is telling me, has been my path so far. Something I absolutely need to do though, because it has been overwhelming, is to thank you so much for all the comments, messages and the calls. They really mean a lot. I have even received a wonderful, handpainted card from a friend. Not only does it look extremely pretty, it contains the most tender and strong words. Magical words, which will stay with me for a long time. Thank you for those too, Ariel.

P.S. By Tuesday, I am going to finally draw the winner for the Glamorous Mind shirt. So, you still have the chance to be in the draw for some Lemon power.


May 17, 2014

a goodbye

I am really sorry for another heavy post, but I didn't want to leave you without a little note. Last night my father passed away and I am on my way down South, to be with the family. Though it wasn't unexpected, I am of course terribly sad and a bit out of words. Moments like this need silence. I wish you a wonderful weekend, with a lot of sunshine, and will be back in a couple of days. Take care.

P.S. Please keep on commenting on the last post. Your answers and emails are so precious to me, and I will be drawing the winner, when I have returned.


May 15, 2014

more on lemons & a cool t-shirt to win

People to me, are the most beautiful, when they are authentic. I don't care if they're blonde or slim, if they're tall or short and curvy. It is of no importance to me, if they love men or women, which profession it is they are following or what food they do prefer. As long as it is done with passion and love, it makes them stunning and beautiful. What others might see as flaws, to me they are the essence of our uniqueness.
*Be who you are and shine.

Of course, to follow this path isn't always easy. Sometimes we will feel weak or will doubt, who we are. For these moments, I have designed a little reminder, a note to get back to some healthy self admiration. I just put on some Glamorous Mind and feel better within the blink of an eye. Maybe it does work for you too.

To be in the draw to win one of the Glamorous Mind t-shirts, simply go to the shop, have a good look around and choose the design you like most. Then come back to the Blog and tell us, what it is that makes you shine. What do you like most about yourself? Don't be shy, even when it needs a little bravery. Be it your sparkling eyes or your talent to bake the craziest cakes ever, I want to know it all. It doesn't matter, as long as you love it, it will make you beautiful and special. So often we tend to compare or think not exactly friendly about the person that we know the best. We are not always very kind to us. So let's start to look at this differently and celebrate who we are.

The winner will be drawn by Sunday the 18th of May. I can't wait to see all your proud and glittery answers!

May 13, 2014

queen of colors

The thing with routines is a really weird one. Some take months to establish, other only the blink of an eye. As the last late night in the studio felt so good, it seems I desperately needed to repeat it. And here I am, while everybody else in the Fishbowl is already snoring or watching a movie on their notebook, it is me, some nice tunes and the computer. Oh, and a glass of Pastis. Actually it is far too cold for such icy drink, but something deep inside of me, didn't only call for some time of my own, but also for something that speaks Summer very clearly. And Pastis it is for me; nights in front of a tent, the sound of the sea and friendly voices having deep conversations until dawn. Well, enough of that, the balm nights will be here soon enough. I actually like the ever so changing weather we currently have in Berlin. Including walks through the wood with Emma, while the skies are wild and you can smell the moisture of the soil with every step. This by the way, is a more serious routine I am trying to establish around here; more regular excursions. Away from the Fishbowl and away from working and maybe, from thinking too much. I have always known, this is the best way to adjust myself, but as we all probably know, it is so easy to forget within our daily routines. Over last week though, I've managed to follow up with this resolution pretty well. Hopefully I will stay tuned to that. Before I am taking the good tunes to bed with me, I wish you a wonderful week. And a good dose fresh wind, to blow your wings.

May 07, 2014

a lot of water & some chances

It's getting late in the studio, the light is somehow soft and pinkish. I've used a fair amount of paint over the past hours and spilled a lot of water over numerous pages of paper. A happy day for this painteress, so to say. Usually I will try to finish earlier and boil something meaningful in the kitchen, but right now it feels too good to just sit here and watch the daylight slowly disappear. Inhaling the quietness. After all of the turmoil lately, I was super lucky today, catching a very precious spot in a business course for creatives this morning. I know, this can be a bit of a choking topic, but I have actually never believed in the concept of the starving artist. Earning money with art, should be as normal as earning money as a doctor. It still isn't; I know. But making a living with what you're good at and with what you love doing, to me is the biggest freedom. I don't see the integrity of my work being diminished, by the fact that I'll get paid for it. On the contrary, growing a solid foundation always made me feel stronger and more independent. Free to create what I want to and what is meaningful to me. Therefor I am really happy about this chance, to be able to grow, gain knowledge and understanding of how things might work more effective. With that, I am curiously looking forward to the end of May.

May 04, 2014

queen of colors

Not  always elegantly, but I did it, I made it through this week. I've conquered some fears and I made some people smile. And I went out last night. Dancing. So I keep on going. And living. And laughing. Towards the sun (tough today Berlin feels freezing). To a productive and brave week.


May 02, 2014

the sea wearing green

I do miss the ocean these days. The wide and open space and the wind, that is blowing in different weather constantly. And I miss the noise coming from high waves crashing onto the shores. You can sense, I love the ocean wild. And I adore its power. A similiar feeling of strength do I have, when walking through the woods in Spring. When inhaling the fresh green, after brown, drieded out Winter scenes. Suddenly the whole space seems to own different dimensions. Emptiness changes into secret ways and defined corners arise, where nothing in particular talked to me before. It is not my first Spring and by no means, it is an exclusive feeling, but I still enjoy it so much. Such a gift. And every time, I'll take a good dose of inspiration from it. Home and into the Fishbowl. For a rainy day. Or just like that. To a happy and joyful weekend.