February 27, 2014

a rather blue song

It doesn't take any Rocket Sience, it is pretty obvious; this hasn't been the happiest day in the Fishbowl. Sometimes life kicks you in your butt and actually, you don't have any idea what has been kicking you. And, if there is any good in it. It probably is, but right now this feels like some struggles on constant repeat. So often fought, so many victories gained. But every time you believe to have overcome some particular struggles, a nasty little beast shows up and gives you an evil smile. Telling you, you were completely wrong. And that, when one thing goes wrong, very often it adds up to three, before calming down. Tonight I can just hope, I didn't do any miscounting. And that the storm will pass soon. In fact, we did get help already, but are still kind of hanging in the air. Hopefully only until tomorrow morning. And there is something deep inside of me, screaming that passing simply won't do this time. I so desperately want these things to change. And want to understand, which of those obstacles, are maybe seated somewhere totally different. Surviving is one thing, putting things behind you and growing is another. Sadly, we seldom understand growing when we're in the middle of it. That is my hope for tonight. And the fact, that I've managed to finish some work today. Maybe that is some change already. I don't know and before getting totally lost in some whining rant, I will leave you with one of the pieces of today. Good night and lots of love to all, who are in a similar place this very moment.

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February 23, 2014

queen of colors

From one Queen of Colors right into the next one. Sorry, for a week of entire silence. I didn't even notice the tulips in the studio were gone, but there was so much going on, the days were literally flying out of the window. Dinner with friends, twice (and no proper picture of that), a huge birthday party for the sister-in-law and we finally have a grown-up couch in the living room. One we all fit on; the husband, me and Emma. Such a treat. Other than that, the husband's company site is up. Hurray! There are still some minor things to do, but taking in account it was planned to be done by the beginning of February, I am pretty happy about this stage. The first website ever done by us, and if you know me, you can guess there was a lot anxiety overcoming involved. It is true what they say sometimes, you have to jump and suddenly you will be able to fly. Or something like that. On top of all the busy atmosphere, I have spent last night on the studio floor, finishing a big commissioned piece. It is already out of the door, getting delivered this minute. Thank you love, for taking care of this. So, this was a quick visit around here; to tell you that I have missed you guys. That I am fine. And that the only wish I have right now, is taking a bath and getting on that beloved new couch of ours. To another exciting week ahead. Including a much needed dose of balance, for all of us.

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February 17, 2014

queen of colors

Powder blue skies and you can actually leave the house without gloves; though it is far too early, it feels like Spring is knocking. I am not very sad about this. Winter looks nice on photographs and when you have time to take long walks over snowy fields. For running everyday errands, it simply makes my life a bit too complicated. So, bring it on, that lighter season. It's early morning in the Fishbowl and the week has only started. Emma's beloved yellow sofa is gone (six month of being that dog's most favourite place, it just didn't look tasty anymore) and as we're having a proper sofa for us by tomorrow, the little one from the living room will move into the studio. Emma will love it. This very moment, she is not an awfully happy dog, but a bit lost. Poor thing. It looks like this week is going to be a busy one. So, me being me, I am taking my time first. Not sure where to start yet. And liking it. To great beginnings and the secrets behind.

P.S. Oh, and yes, the studio windows desperately need some good cleaning. Holy Canneloni.

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February 16, 2014

a bit of a mess & some loving

Yesterday's walk kind of matched the rest of that Saturday; all broken branches, a bit of chaos and some good old tension. In the end, it turned out to look suprisingly nice, alive and even cleaned up. Maybe it had been for the full moon or for no reason at all, the husband and I didn't find each others company awfully pleasant and the effort to get us out there into woods, let me tell you, had been accompanied by throwing quite some grumpy verbal bombs. Back and forth. And sometimes, it seems that the scenery around you, will change for your mood only. So it had been rather predictable, that our favourite path looked like a mess, when we've arrived and, that we came home with very muddy shoes. Still not in a better mood. The great thing about life though, you'll never know what it will have in store next. Totally unexpected friends showed up at our doorstep and the atmoshere was turned around completely. The night was spent with the most delicios Kale Rolls, with beer and a bit of Vodka, and with some inspring discussions about politics and about life. Today there is a lot of sun, the sky above Berlin carries a wonderful blue and we are back all smiles. A happy Sunday to you too!

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February 13, 2014

imperfect poetry

All in one day, but it feels like a week. On the run, in between, quick shots with the phone. There is sun, there are grains and challenges hidden in between. These shots, the mobile insights are different. So is looking back, into the last twenty four hours. Tiny stories, one led into another. And obviously, I am not in the mood for many words. Not for the rest of this Thursday. I have left them under the starship's light. Good night and sweet dreams, maybe of something entirely different.

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February 10, 2014

queen of colors

Without actually being noted by me, last week sneaked in a lot of love related topics; we went to support our gay friends for their right to love. Especially in Russia these days. A very beloved friend, I have done a little job for, gave me that wonderful Lucky Necklace, with the little Buddhas. The hearts were found an extra in a package, that I had ordered over the net. And last, but no way least, our adorable niece came over with her mama. To have Brunch. Well, we grown-ups had a lot of good food, while she constantly smiled at us, in the most catching way. Our hearts are taken. Not the worst start into Valentine's Week, I believe.

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February 08, 2014

d.c. dished up in between

It became too tough, not working in the studio. Actually, I did start develop some serious mood problems. Poor husband, I have to say. And so, nothing better could have happened to me, than being invited to Stefanie Selter's drawing challenge. Calling for a daily project. As time is currently insanely limited around the Fishbowl, it had to be something small, but no less fun. The most exciting thing happening over the day right now, is most definitely food. The act of cooking or maybe preparing a simple sandwich, plus sitting down and taking a bite. Instead of taking a picture of what I was enjoying, I did little illustrations. One every day. None of them was allowed to require more than five minutes work. And all of them include a little note, on what ran through my mind while drawing. Can you guess?

P.S. If you like to see more about this drawing challenge, please jump over to the talented Stefanie Selter.

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February 04, 2014

working it. pretty.

It might not sound spectacular to anybody else, but to me it is heaven. Today, after almost twelve months, our bathtub got finally fixed. Within four hours the complete tub was taken out of the bathroom, the drainage drama got solved, the tub got back in and a few tiles were replaced. Two good tempered plumbers and a lot of sunshine through the window. That was it. All set and done. And I am dancing. No more Under Water World after taking a shower. No more  messing around with a  towel to block the sink. The best part of it, I will save a lot of time and energy. Besides that, this machine is running and though not everything works right in th moment, every day looks a little brighter than the one before. Keep on swimming, baby.

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February 02, 2014

queen of colors

The only ones I was talking to this week, must have been Emma and the skies. Ok, that's a bit of a dramatic exaggeration, we did have friends over for dinner and another one, I've finished a little job for. Still, all this screenwork makes us some kind of social aliens over here. You simply can't focus on webdesigns, mailing lists and photo editing, while throwing a party. I am not complaining, it is just something you need to fully commit to, when you want to have it done. So, back I'll go, concentrating on the next pile to conquer. Besides that, life is good and I am wearing a smile, looking into February. Wishing you a great start into this month too.

P.S. Just while typing this, the sad news of the death of Philip Seymour Hofman comes through. How incredibly sad to watch someone so talented breaking. This touches me deep inside.
R.I.P. Mr. Hofmann.

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