December 30, 2013

queen of colors

Wasn't it only yesterday, when this year started? And now, this is already the last Queen of Colors for 2013. It seems they're speaking nothing but the truth, when saying, that a year flies by the more the older we'll get. How must this feel in the life of my grandmother, who is in her nighties already. Like the blink of an eye, maybe. And then again, only browsing through the images of the last days; there was always so much more color, than we'll remember a few hours on.

You can easily sense it, I am feeling a bit melancholic this second. For no real reason actually, but simply because of the occasion. "There are years that ask questions and years that answer." (Zora Neale Hurston). This quote perfectly fits my current mood, though I am not decided what kind of year this had been. Probably time will tell. For now, I'll let the words sit here in front of me, meandering my mind and my heart.

Dear Readers; thank you so much for following me around the Fishbowl over the last months. Thank you for taking the time to read, to comment and share your thought. It might sound a bit of a common place, but it really means a lot me.

I wish for you to start gracefully, a bit crazy and at least, smiling into the unknown year.
Welcome 2014! May you be kind, inspiring and very much alive.  

And as always, dear ones, never forget to dance! 

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December 29, 2013

still around greetings

I am still here. Well, we are still here in the Fishbowl; the husband, the dog and me. And some visitors in between. The last days were, first busy and then, so super lazy. Besides from walks with Emma, I simply couldn't bring myself to leave that beloved couch. Sleeping, eating tons of chocolate and watching movies. All stuff I wouldn't choose during the rest of the year. Over the Holidays it cannot be romantic enough. And if you can watch the man you share your life with, not the worst choice on top. A while ago, I wrote about our amazing day with a television team, that came into the Fishbowl, to shoot a little portrait about my personal kitchen god. Here it is (in German, I am sorry) for you to watch. You will even get a glimpse of our kitchen and of my studio too.

Back to the couch with a good dose of Tortellini. See you tomorrow for the last Queen of Colors of  this year.

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December 24, 2013

a chilled out start & more happiness

It already smells incredible from the kitchen; all cinnamon, soup and pomegranate extravaganza. Of course, the good life is a lot about food, when you're living together with a chef. Apart from that, we're keeping it low and relaxed. To me the holidays should be all about coming together with your most important people, about holding on and celebrating life, and even more about love. Maybe I am a hopeless Hippie at heart, but hysterical gift exchanges are simply not my thing. So for tonight, I will get lost in candle light, will miss the ones far away and dance a little. That is Christmas in Fishbowl Style

To all my readers; I wish for you exactly the same. As long as you celebrate these days; stop for a moment and look into what this life has to offer. And even, when things are a bit tricky, feel hugged from this crazys painteress, and try finding the good stuff. If you don't celebrate, have a drink on me instead and love life. Like there is no tomorrow.

Happy Christmas everybody!

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December 20, 2013

on celebrating & a giveaway

"abstract love" by annton beate schmidt
I know, I had promised to be back yesterday, but baking the most hideous cake (that is a completely different story) and celebrating a couple of birthdays last night, kept me too long from the computer. Too long to finish any of my lists. Today I am back though, and I come not only with the face of a very sweet dog, the commission is finished, but also with a special Giveaway for you guys. It is that time of the year and I wanted to give something back; for all your support, for taking your time to read, for your nice comments and for the emails, I have received all over the year.

And here is how it goes: If you want to be in the draw for a print of abstract love, tell me your most vivid, the sweetest or, even the most awkward Summer Memory of 2013. Whatever it is, simply share it in the comment section. You might be the lucky winner and I will be happy to send out a little package your way. The winner will be announced right after Christmas, on the 29th of December!

It has been a challenging year for many of us and I believe, it is so important, to remember all the good stuff as well, as the rather tricky parts. Life simply means the bright and the grey. I am so looking forward to read about all of your memories.

P.S. The husband sends a warm 'Thank you' for the birthday wishes.

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December 18, 2013

happy tales

After the last post being a bit heavy, things are much brighter in the Fishbowl today. Maybe it is, because we're celebrating the husband's birthday tomorrow or the fact, that I've conquered something last night, I was really scared about. Leaving your comfort zone, even when it looks like a tiny thing for others, is nervwrecking first and so rewarding afterwards. You feel like you can fly. At least for a while. Besides, two beautiful ferns moved into the studio. A neighbor's gift. Thank you, Vintage Galore. I am working on a very special commission right now and after one or the other discussion, we've made the decision to host another studio dinner this year. A special New Year's Eve one. Over the last years, I have to say, there is no better way to celebrate the ending of a year and to welcome the unknown, but with good food and great people. How are you planning to spent that special night? I would love to hear about your plans. My plans for the next days are another Open Studio, to finish up that commission and to come back here tomorrow with a precious Giveaway. So, I'll send myself to bed and wish you a Good Night. See you tomorrow. 

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December 16, 2013

queen of colors

Last night, when putting together the images for the Queen of Colors, something felt weird. A bit of an uneasy feeling, a silent stirring. Though I couldn't put a finger on it, I've turned off the computer and abandoned the studio; finding myself on the couch, watching a movie halfheartedly. I didn't sleep well either. Early this morning we've got a phonecall, that one of the husband's uncles passed away during the night. We kind of expected this and I didn't know him very well, but it seems like this loss is bringing back a lot of unsolved issues to the surface. Things you have always wanted to talk about with your family, old wounds long forgotten and the knowledge, that sometimes people drive apart though they actually don't want this to happen. I find the idea of this quite hurtful and it makes me sad, to be reminded of all those lost chances, all those moments we could have done better. Maybe. I don't know. And so, this post comes with pictures, not matching the words written underneath. Or could it be, they do match perfectly and this is simply part of life; bright patches of red in the middle of a muted scenery. I wish all of you a good start into this week. Sorry, for kicking it of a bit thoughtful and deep.

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December 11, 2013

a little camera story

There is nothing left, but dirty dishes and a rather exhausted couple; this has been a fantastic day. We had a television crew over, shooting a video about the husband's cooking skill and his work as a private chef. And it has been nothing but a very pleasant experience. The nicest of team members, generous neighbors who let us shoot in their flat too, and the most amazing actors. Easy going and extremely professional. As I have been working as an film editor for many years, I was kind of prepared for the things to come, but I have never had such passionate and still so relaxed folks around me. Thank you everybody, for making this a great day. Oh, and as the picture will not tell you, the husband made Chesnut Cappuchino, Duck Breasts with Chili Polenta Cake and Pears in Red Wine, with Almond Parfait.

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December 08, 2013

queen of colors

And suddenly the week is over. Again. I didn't see that coming to be honest, though I should have known better. Sunday night and it feels like I have only done half of the things, I had planned to do. When I look closer it is a bit of a different story; there has been an extensive dog training night & some single coaching hours on top, I have been creating invitations for a friend, the first Open Studio in a while took place, the first calendars went out, I made several visits to the woods and finished the week off, with a little Blogger meet up. So I guess, I should just smile and relax. Yes, I should definitely smile and relax. And take the rest of this day of and have a little Gl├╝hwein. To a wonderful week ahead. Cheers.

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December 06, 2013

open studio

As promised, I am back with the Open Studios and I am really excited about it. Though it is nasty out there, what could be more pleasure, than you being guest. Come on over for coffee & cookies and for a little chat; I have it all cosy and warmed up in the Fishbowl. You are most welcome to look around, ask any question than comes to mind or treat yourself with some art. And, The Tiny Fishbowl 2014 Calendar is also available.

* If you're not around the Berlin area, you can easily purchase the Tiny Fishbowl Calendar online.

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a stormy santa

It is blowing out there. And snowing too. Last night's storm didn't hit Berlin as much, as it hit the Northern parts of the country (I hope you're all safe and sound, my dear friends!), but it most definitely gave you a reminder on the power of nature. In between our daily, extremely routines, we tend to forget that far too often. I believe.

Above that, the real blow to the world, has to be the passing of Mr. Nelson Mandela. Rest in peace. One could see it for a long time coming, still it is such a tremendous loss and it hit me quite hard. Not many men walk that tall. We should never forget and need to work hard on filling this gap. In case this is even possible.

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December 02, 2013

december calendar

"december" drawing by annton beate schmidt

Although it's a bit of a platitude, time is actually flying by. It feels like we are still in the beginning of Fall, in fact, we're marching towards the end of the year in light speed. This is already the last calendar page of 2013. I am not ready for looking back yet and rather enjoy those upcoming weeks as much as possible. For you it is the old routine, clicking on December, choosing the right size for you and printing it out. I hope you've had a good Monday so far. Mine will end with friends coming over for Quiche and wine.

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December 01, 2013

queen of colors

It has become some kind of a beloved tradition; by the beginning of December the mailman will knock on the studio door and hand us a package from my mother. It will be filled up with the most delicious cookies, with chocolate and with little things to start decorating the house. Though the cookies won't last very long, my favourites have to be Vanillekipferl, I couldn't think of a nicer way to kick of the festive season. Thank you, mum! The rest of this Sunday had been mostly about wrapping up the first calendar orders and a long walk with Emma. We even managed to get a last minute wreath, thick red candles included. Have a wonderful and not too busy Advent, lovely Readers. It is always what you'll make of it.

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