November 30, 2013

a calendar's birth

It has been a journey, the making of the 2014 calendar of the Fishbowl. I have been working so many hours on it, so many more than I would have ever anticipated, it between it felt like it will never come to an end. Let alone all that being sick and down, which made things even more slow. But, drumroll please, the 2014 calendar. Twelve little stories from the life of a painteress. What do you think? I pretty much like it and though it had been such a ride, I am a bit proud I've made it through.

From now on, you can purchase the 12 pages directly at Atelier Schmidt, online over the Takeaway-Art-Shop and last, but not least at all, at my lovely friend's store Bazara.

I am off to celebrate a little, wishing you a wonderful weekend.

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November 26, 2013

on the messy part of being a painter

The Fishbowl isn't a pretty sight today. Maybe that's a bit exaggerated, but there are definitely some nasty parts here and there. Abandoned fruits, plants in deep need of a nice talk and a little regular watering, while the corner of the studio accommodates impressive piles of printing materials. I am still happy though. Happy to ignore the chaos, while celebrating the last watercolors for the calendar. Finally, I am almost there. Two more days of taking photographs and putting in text, some hours off printing and I can release the pretty baby. So far, I really like what I see. And  you will see it by Friday. From Friday on, the calendar will be available through the Takeaway-Art-Shop, directly in the Fishbowl and through some other nice places. More informations will come with the release. I'd rather get back into swing, to avoid any more delays. I am too excited to show you. Have an elegant and joyful night for now.

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November 24, 2013

queen of colors

Not my dishes, but the cake has been so delicious. Divine and chocolatey rich. Not my kitchen at all, the style of a more aged season, but still so very welcoming and warm, while heavy November hail was going down outside. How better can one finish a week, than having a little birthday celebrating with the family. And with great conversations, in places you didn't expect them. This Sunday night, everything in the Fishbowl is calm and friendly. I am feeling tired and happy at once. And ready for the final spurt of calendar designing, starting early tomorrow. Waving from the couch.

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November 23, 2013

one last gaze

"shadowfeet & other things floating" by annton beate schmidt
"shadowfeet & other things floating" by annton beate schmidt 

This week I have been kindly invited to the drawing challenge Fall, hosted by Ariane Reichardt. And before heading directly into the next season, before Berlin gets covered in freezing cold and a lot of grey, I've gladly taken the invitation. Here is a little collection of my personal Fall; from drawings to heartwarming food and long walks through the woods. Can you spot me in the middle of all those roots, branches and mushrooms? While you are looking closer, I am going back to work on that calendar and will see you tomorrow, for another Queen of Colors. Sweet dreams, lovelies.

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November 22, 2013

clapping along & some fresh air

Flowers, chocolate and a happy painteress; it is so good to be back working. Back in the studio without a heavy head and without those costanly burning eyes. Though it is already late; I didn't want to leave here with a little bit of waving and I wanted to share the pleasure, of having found that flow again. This happy tune helped to get me grooving this morning. Just watch it for a while and I promise, it'll change the way you move. I actually dare to say, Pharrell Williams is one of a kind in the world of music. A smart one on top. To a great weekend, for me it is a long bath next.

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November 20, 2013

in between poetry

A place fallen so out of time, it makes you gasp when entering for the first time. And there is no intention behind it, which lifts its charme on an entirely unexpected level. A place hidden in some parallel universe of grey curls, of morning gymnastics and of walking frames.

I would have never learned about it, if it wasn't for Emma's dog training.

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November 17, 2013

queen of colors

And here we are, Sunday again, and it feels like the time is flying by in light speed. Didn't I post a Queen of Colors only a few days ago? But then, no it has been one week, slow and still full with so much stuff, it could have also been two weeks instead. The most memorable thing though, besides that beautiful ring brought by my friend fom Turkey, must have been last night's studio dinner. The event came with the inspiring story of a former collegue of mine, who has followed his secret passion, buying some land in the region of Saale-Unstruut and starting to become a wine maker. In his fourties, he not only had to learn the business from scratch, to top this, he went for making red wine. Something that is very unusual for this area, which is rather known for its steady white ones. And now, three years on, not only do I truly adore his wine, it has already gained a lot of attention. Including a gold medal and points in the Gault & Millau. Congratulations!

So, starting into another week, I wish for all of us to follow that inner voice. Even when it means to begin again. And again. This story is yet another one, proving it'll be worth it. As long as we don't forget to dance. Of course.

P.S. The secret remedy from last post, actually no secret but black radish with honey, has worked miracously good. The coughing has almost completely left the Fishbowl.

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November 15, 2013

under the kitchen moon

What a difference a day makes, sometimes even hours. It takes a busy husband in the kitchen, the aroma of butter, of roasted nuts and a soup boiling on the stove, and all that grumpiness, the uncomfortable taste of being sick, has left the Fishbowl. Tomorrow we're having another studio dinner and after being a bit relucant on the looking-forward-side, I am ready now. Almost. The last bit of sneezing is supposed to leave with the help of a special medicine. A secret remedy from our greengrocer, a radish filled with honey, waiting for me on the kitchen table. We'll see what happens in a while. Wish me luck. I wish you a wonderful weekend instead. Stay warm.

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November 13, 2013

a difference between inside & outside

I am having peas with potatoes, plus a spoonful of butter. Nothing more, nothing less. And that is about the most exciting thing, that has happened in the Fishbowl today. Slow motion galore in the studio and in the kitchen. So boring, you might be yawning by reading this already, but we're only getting out of that sick corner in baby steps. Once again. For multiple occasions over this year, running noses, sore throats and heavy heads are the main characters in our little plot. Different this time, the husband was the one who started this last Friday; by Saturday everybody around was forced on the couch. And that despite healthy food, enough sleep and extended walks with the dog. Well, I guess, there has to be a little bit more of the good stuff, to get us smoothly through the rest of Winter. Not that we're already having Winter, but well.

The thing that is really annoying me, there is so much I desperately want to do, things I want to paint or stuff I want to at least finish; concepts in my head, ideas wanting to grow into projects, but I have to sit and watch, yet another movie. And another. If patience would only be my royal dicipline; it is one of my weakest spots instead. How do you manage in moments like this'? Is it easy for you to wait and see, or are you going crazy watching the world go by, while you'll have to slow down? Tell me, if you like. I would love to hear about your strategies.

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November 10, 2013

queen of colors

Everything comes with a different speed and some moments feels so slow,  the impatient part of me doesn't take it very easy. Though I know much better; what is slow in appearance, can actually move mountains in the end. And it might be, what this week was all about that. Besides, still drawing for the Fishbowl Calendar, besides spending the nights with Top of the Lake, besides getting back to that nasty throat infection and missing to meet my mother, because of it, besides all of this; I have made quite a big decision. Suddenly, in the middle of Friday night, things became cristal clear. After months of getting back and forth and forth and back. After many discussions at the kitchentable, finally I know where to head from here. It did come as a shock, a positive one, but still overwhelming. And it will not be easy, that is already sure. Also; I am sorry to be cryptic so far, things need to be kept inside for another while, but very soon you will learn more about it. Somewhere between big changes and little secrets, the next hours will be all about tea, deepening and maybe another strepsil, to soothen that throat. You stay warm and have a good start into next week.

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November 09, 2013

skin deep

"tongan poetry" by annton beate schmidt
"hall's arm" by alfred burton
"a woman's grace" by annton beate schmidt
"white terrace" by alfred burton
detail "landscape of a decent day" by annton beate schmidt
"tatooed moves" by annton beate schmidt

When reading about this week's drawing challenge of Patrice A., I simply couldn't let this one out. Tattos, especially Tā moko, the Maori ones, are constantly showing up in my work. Be it drawings, oil paintings or photography, the old traition of letting your skin tell your story, has simply caught me. Living in New Zealand for three years, has a fair share in this deal, of course. Not only had the country basically stolen my heart, but it's heritage of mystical stories and very strong traditions, never left me ever since. Aotearoa, you've become a part of who I am.

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November 06, 2013

not always a pretty picture

This isn't the most pretty Blogpost, in fact it is a furios one. I am really, really angry and though I would rather tell some sunny stories or some inspiring ones, this isn't one of these. Berliners, what is wrong with you? Seriously, when people get a disability parking spot, it is because they need it. This is not about being too lazy to walk or to make myself more important than others, this is about you being ignorant. My parking spot in front of the Fishbowl (I have been talking about this earlier) is constantly blocked. Whenever I will leave it, to run an errand or whatever drive I need to go on, I will come back, finding someone else's car parking on the space. Be it during the day or in the middle of the night. Evertime this happens, the first problem is to get out of my own car, because leaving it with crutches, while standing in second line, is dangerous as hell. Next thing to do, is to call the police and afterwards, to wait for them to show up. As Berlin is a very busy city, with a lot of drama going on, this can take a couple of hours. Especially delightful when at one o'clock at night and when knowing, I will have to get up early the next morning. The police will check the owners of the blocking vehicle and if they cannot reach them, this means another hour of waiting on the street. For the tow-away-truck. Only when these guys have finished their job, I will be able to climb in my car again and park it properly. I am asking myself constantly, though sadly I might already know the answer, don't people understand what they cause with their ingnorqance? Do they simply not care? It is not possible for me, to simply take some other spot. Or to carry my canvasses down the street. Because of all the waiting, I even have to cancel appointments. Within one year, I had to tow away 72 cars. Sometimes even two during one day. And though I am trying hard to ignore this, it is starting to get to me. Sunday night, I already had a dream about it and a fair share of crying has been involved too. And screaming. As much as I am trying to not take it personal, what will stay in the end, is me on the sidewalk, not being disabled by some condition, but by others. By People who seeme to don't give a s***. And then, then it is personal. If you want to use my parking spot, just try walking around with my crutches. For one day only.

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