October 30, 2013

ambitions & other little bumps

You won't be able to know from the pictures, how tricky work and studio hours currently are. Maybe it is, because this project is especially close to my heart. It couldn't be any different of course, with so many eyes, mouths and ears on me. And all mine. Looking yourself straight in the face all the time, is a bit weird. A little too much on the self-conscious side. Above, I really, really want this to turn out great, because it could be. Do you know this kind of feeling, when you paint or draw something and you kind of sense, this could be work that is spot on. Better than the stuff you've done last week maybe. At least me, I tend to duck and to get super impatient, which is not good, when it comes to holding a steady brush. I start looking everywhere else, but on the paper before me. Sometimes I even flee, because it is just too overwhelming. And scary enough, the only way to get through this, is to keep on going. No matter what. This time, it took me almost three days to get those old nerves calm and me concentrated. Hoping for tomorrow to be an even more productive day and that I'll manage to ride some kind of flow, because actually I am having fun.

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October 27, 2013

queen of colors

Brown with mountains of gold; this  has been a surprising week. Intensive work on the Fishbowl calendar for next year, dog training hours for early birds, annother amazing studio dinner with Brussel Sprout Capucchino and Crème Brûlée to die for and last, but not least, the arrival of my first niece. Miss F looks like the Sweetest already. Welcome to the family Little One, and congratulations to my sister and my brother-in-law on the arrival of their beautiful daughter. We couldn't be dancing more around here. I am tired, but very happy tonight. Life is good. I wish for you, to find fine and shiny details over next week as well.

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October 25, 2013

another year's talk

Little peeks of what is currently going on in the Fishbowl. Besides tons of paperwork and errands to run, a little bit too much of it for my taste, I am busy working on a calendar for 2014. It was so much fun to draw and to design the calendar pages during this year, that I've decided to make a propper calendar for next year. Twelve sparkling new sites (November and December of this year, will of course, get the usual download print), plus an extra cover page, all wrapped up in a nice box and ready to be sent out, hopefully by next weekend. So, for the next hours, it will be more tiny puddles, running watercolor and, so much I can promise, one or the other green. Have a nice night and don't forget to dance.

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October 21, 2013

queen of colors

Maybe this is because we all know, those greens and the warm weather will leave pretty soon and it will be winter in Berlin, but over last week, we took as many trips outside as possible. Maybe it came totally coincidental and we simply needed a lot of fresh air. There have been walks in the parc and around the corner, and a little real nature, including a visit to the new place of a friend, who has  recently moved close to Oranienburg. The car ride alone was absolutely amazing, I was truly stunned by the beauty of the landscape and by it's deepness. Somehow like an enchanted place; a bit sleepy and bit mystical too. I guess I fell a tiny bit for Brandenburg. Eventually, some would say. Alas, eventually, as I have wanted to own one for so long, a small, but very beautiful Mimosa moved into the Fishbowl. Everytime you'll you touch its delicate leaves, it will quickly contract them. Like a very shy little creature. Since I was kid, I've loved those plants and now, I live with one. Sometimes it really is the little things, right. Have a wonderful week and celebrate the tiniest moments of happiness.

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October 19, 2013

twenty things

"another lake, the same love" by the tiny fishbowl collection

Lately I have been reading a lot of these lists, Twenty Things About Me. As it had been so much fun and really inspiring to go through them, I thought, it might be fair to give it a try for myself.

 *There is no cosier sound to me, than heavy rains on the roof, while lying in bed, and of thunderstorms in the middle of the night.

Once in a while, I am struck by a serious case of Insomnia; a night owl always, then I'll just burst over from too much energy and won't hit the cushions before four or five o'clock in the morning. On other occasions, I simply think too much.

People with great singing voices, especially the edgy and rough ones, can bring me to tears. In no time. Music just gets me. Great that my sister is a singer, I guess.

Whatever kind of virus or infection somebody else will carry around (enough to be in the same room, even when it is a dancing hall), I will catch it within a second. This year, it is even impossible to count how often I did catch the flue or a sore throat. Looks like I am in desperate need of a boost of my immune system.

Before our Labrador Emma moved in, I was sometimes secretly laughing about friends and family and their love for their pets. Big change here. To live with a dog or a cat, changes a lot. (It is probably similar, when it comes to kids.) Special connections galore.

As long as I can remember, I have been living with a suitcase under my bed. Be it a real one, like when I was a kid, all pack with the stuff, I thought I might need to survive, or a virtual one, like now. I simply need the knowledge of an escape way. Always.  

I love listening to very classical, old fashioned Jazz. And my friends tell me, I have a thing for porn music too. They mean stuff like Bill Withers. Sometimes. Guilty.

Besides some other, seasonal addictions and annoying short term habits, I am officially addicted to Brussels Sprouts. Nothing hysterical, simply fried, with lots of sea salt and this every night of the week, you'll have a very happy camper.

The older I grow, the less I know where I wanna live. Probably, once you have started to live in different cities and countries, you will always leave a piece of your heart and start feeling homesick for many different places.

I will take it very personal, when someone is blocking my disability parking space in front of the Fishbowl. It almost makes me scream. Yes, it would be more Zen like and probably a lot more grown-up not to, but besides making my life more complicated, it is the ingorant part of such behaviour, that drives me crazy. Sometimes, it seems this kind of attitude is growing like mushrooms, only faster.

I prefer reading novels in English to German. Though I love the diversity and the deepness of the German language, English lets me travel into a story more easily.

I am somewhat of an open mind; I love welcoming new people and different livestyles into my day. On the other hand, once you have pissed me of, and I mean like really, deeply upset me, it is easy for me to turn around and never look back. Piscies dive deep, when wounded.

I am no tree-hugger. At all. But I have to admit, a walk through the woods or through empty fields charges my batteries like nothing else. As I grew up in a little "town" in the countryside, you will probably never get the country out of this woman. Though I love living in the city.

I have never believed in marriage and am still rather skeptical, but look at me, married for over tens years already. Maybe it depends a lot on your other half and mine is a challenge, but the best.

Though he passed away over 20 years, I still painfully miss my grandfather. Every day. He has been the first love of my life, I guess.

Chocolate, probably not the most unique love, but give it to me any time, in any shape and you'll be thanked with a big smil.

I have failed, when it comes to one of my life goals. When I was a teenager, I had sworn to myself to meet Willy Brandt. Unfortunately he passed away far too early. Some goals need adjusting.

Every year around my birthday, I feel like throwing a big party. It is like a need to hug the complete world and want to celebrate, I am still around. Then, on the actual day, I suddenly turn super shy and humbled. In desperate need for alone time. A lot of.

I have a serious crush on sharks. Dolphins aren't too bad either, but the strength and the secrecy of sharks is so much more attractive to me.

There is nothing that inspiries me more, but life itself and people. So, I won't stop here.

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October 16, 2013

all fall in the printshop

"post-explosion" by the tiny fishbowl collection
"doing it all again"
"a cup of yesterday"
"some grace for the picture maker"
"volume perfection" by the tiny fishbowl collection
The season has changed and it was about time to add some Fall Prints to the The Tiny Fishbowl Collection, the little shop I have created for this Blog. All the images have been shot for one or the other Blogpost and after simply collecting the pictures in a folder on my desktop, I've decided to work on them and put them up for sale. So here I am, with some sparkling new Fall impression. Jump over and have a look, I hope you like them.

P.S. My day had been much better, by the way. Thank you for all your notes and emails. Though it is an old trick, it always helps to hear, that you are not alone, when things are a bit misty and blue.

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October 15, 2013

some inverted panorama

"pipi drawing" by celine schroeder

Due to a little lack of exciting views, this is what I am looking at while typing this post. The big metall wall covered with all the tiny things that mean something to me. I am having a bit of an ugly day today. One of those days, when you start questioning all that you have been sure about, when it rains outside and the inside gets wet, and when you desperately feel like hiding under a duvet, only to find out, it is not any brighter under there. Of course not. These days happen, I know, but after all the reds and the orange on Sunday, those muted tones hurt even a bit more. And looking at that rusty old wall, with all its bits and pieces, has helped so many, many times before. Grey moments need to be digested, like the sunny and colorful ones. So I am leaving you with a bit of my silence and a big chunk of chocolate, for starters. Tomorrow I will be back, and I will bring something with me; all new and fresh Fall prints for my little printshop. Sweet dreams to you.

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October 13, 2013

queen of colors

What can one possibly say about such a collection, such an explosion of reds and oranges, in a week when everything actually felt muted and slow. Obviously the last impression is what our brain memorizes more than anything else. Looking at this outburst of life, energy and quite obvious signals from the past, the present and first hints of what might come, I am smiling. Even that sore throat of mine fits perfectly, it seems. Ok, we don't wanna go there. I'd rather say Goodbye to all this being sick and to the miserable part of that. Instead, I've already started to kick myself into action; the Fishbowl is cleaned and well aired, old flowers are gone and some candles are lit. Besides, Berlin had the most amazing Fall Sunday. So, for now I wish you a good night. And that you'll have a bit of a fiery and a delightfully adventurous week.

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October 12, 2013

saturday silence

I cannot recall to have spoken so little in a long while, as during this Saturday. The husband is working somewhere in the countryside and will be back tomorrow, while I am trying to cure the next virus attack. A souvenir from our spontaneous trip back home. Half of my family fought it already. This is getting really annoying, being sick for the third time in a couple of months. I had some serious dicussions with my immune system earlier, but for now it won and I am back on the couch; all tea, pills and tons of nasal spray. And except from the pouring rain and an impressive thunderstorm outside, everything around me is silent. It feels like there is so much to think about, to be looked at carefully, that this silence simply is the perfect setting. Sometimes in life, maybe a little more often in Fishbowl speed, we will ask ourselves if we are, where we want to be. And this is meant absolutely literally. We, in the Fishbowl, have both felt a little uneasy or rather unsettled lately. Actually with the year having started, this motion kind of kicked in. It has been five years, since we've moved into this place and as much as we love it, it was never meant for such a long time. Maybe it is our traveling hearts or the longing for the landscapes, we have left behind, but we are seriously thinking of new adventures. Though there is still no plan or, not even some proper directions, as those change like the weather, something is brewing here. I don't know about the outcome, but I am scared and happily excited at the same time. Maybe, in the end, things stay the same, but then it would be a consciously made decision. Or, we will spread our wings and fly to another place. This way or the other, over the years I have understood, as much as we change and as places change, our needs do too. And they will make times like this inevitable. At least for me. How about you? Do you know about this desire and the need for change.

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October 10, 2013

four days, a little past & even more future

Last Sunday we got up before sunrise and drove all the way down to my mother's place. I hadn't been there for a long time and as it was her birthday, so we've decided to pack our stuff and to jump on the car. A little unfortunate, the trip was nasty. In fact, super nasty. It was pouring down all the way and the highway was extremely crowded, plus one construction site followed another; in the end we drove nine hours instead of five and the moment we did arrive, the birthdays party was almost over. Still, it was all worth it. Though not for long, we've met all of my aunts and uncles, I was able to hug my grandmother, followed by conversations with my mother, only a cup of coffee, but no telephone line between us. We took long walks with the Emma, who like us, loved the amazing landscape of the Taunus. For other reasons than we did, of course. I always tend to forget how beautiful this part of Germany is. And as the extra icing on the cake, my brother came to visit as well. We've thought that we'll miss him by a couple of hours, which made me a bit sad, as we live in different countries these days, but in the end it worked out and we've spent a complete night talking. What a pleasure this has been, as I have missed him so much. Let me tell you, my brother is a seriously cool guy. And though I am not the cheesy family person, sometimes it is just the best thing to meet that bunch of people, you have known for the longest of times and who know you, probably much better than any other person in the world. And as I strongly believe, that we choose who will surround us, this is to families; wherever they're from and however they'll look like.

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October 07, 2013

queen of colors

A Queen of Colors like a painting of this season; rich, brown and a lot of soft light. Plus the aroma of traveling, which I have missed so much. This is not a far away journey, rather something right into my own past. Usually, it is good to go forward, but then again, there are moments, when we need to go backwards. To understand where we come from. And to learn, how we got to the point we're at now. Because it is so easy to forget about all those changes and the growing we have done. And it is even easier to neglect what we once wanted. Something I have found out only today, I actually didn't neglect anything at all. It is all here and it is all perfect. I will roll a little bit more with that car of mine and tell you, what else I have found along the way. Sending you greetings from the road.

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October 05, 2013

call me surreal, baby

"a short allegory of dawn" by annton beate schmidt *oil on canvas

Bring your own cup. When reading about Stefanie Selter throwing a little party for the 6th of October, to celebrate her own birthday as well as reminding of the incredible artist Meret Oppenheim, who was born exactly one hundred years ago in Berlin, I was instantly in for some cup loving; entering the party with a painting I made a couple of years ago. A Short Allegory of Dawn. So here I am, singing Happy Birthday for you Stefanie, Happy Birthday to my mum, who's birthday will be tomorrow as well, and Happy Birthday to one of the most impressive artists, I have learned about so far. To the rest of you, have a wonderful Saturday and an even greater Sunday.

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October 04, 2013

october calendar

"october" drawing by annton beate schmidt

Hopefully you don't think, I am growing a nasty habit here; the habit of coming out too late with the monthly calendar page. But with me being sick last month, October came with an unpleasant computer hickup, that needed fixing first. Don't you just hate those things; they almost make me jump out of my skin and pull my hair. You're absolutely welcome to call me Mrs. Superimpatient, once in a while. The sun is back now, the most beautiful Fall light dancing around the Fishbowl. The studio, the kitchen, places to sit and watch another season moving in. And to catch that moment and celebrate it, here we go, for you to download the new calemdar page. October it is, and with that the promise to be back on track, plus a nice surprise by the end of the month. Have a great weekend and let those dragons fly.

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