August 29, 2013

on details & guests

The best thing about having guests is, of course, they sometimes bring the most lovely presents. No, of course this is not it, but still it is quite nice. Right now a friend from Bavaria resides in the Fishbowl, to make interviews for an essay she is working on. She arrived yesterday, to a finally sparkling clean house. We had pasta and wine, she brought Bavarian delicacies and an extremely cute book about Maori culture. When we've lived down in New Zealand, she was working at the backpacker, we had stayed in for our first weeks. We haven't seen each other since then and so, it is even more amazing to meet after all those years. In a totally different setting. The only down side to her visit, my suddenly enormous feeling of homesickness towards Aotearoa. But I don't wanna bore you with that. Again. Besides from our guest, I am busy working in the office. The husband is cooking somewhere throughout the city. And I am hoping for some serious studio time, comes tomorrow. And since two days, we know that we will welcome another Little One into the family. Thank you, dear siblings, for making me a multiple aunt. I love the sound of that. Life is suddenly moving on a more colorful note.

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August 26, 2013

queen of colors

This week's Queen of Colors pretty much reflects all the adventures happening over the last days. Nothing much, so to say. Everything had been mostly about sleep, about movies and about food, which is quite normal, when we have to spend a couple of days on the couch, being sick. I still did manage to go on with another point on the bucket list; the husband brought some Kumpir home. Turkish baked potatoes with various delicious fillings, which I have been dying to try, for so many months. And, it was some kind of an epiphany. All cheesy, with olives, salad, with spicy Couscous and Sour Creme. Kumpir will be definitely on our fast food list from now on. By the end of the week, I felt a lot better, and even managed to attend a birthday brunch, which of course, has been all about great food again. So, still stuffed but almost back to my usual me, I wish you a good start into this week. Bom apetite.

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August 24, 2013

unplanned breaks & a little silly

And then, somewhere in the middle of all that painting, planning and having a good time within all the buzz, a nasty infection stopped everything. A sore throat, ears in pain and a head as big as a balloon, has send me to the couch. Neatly tucked in. Well, I guess there is not a lot, one can do against this, but to go with the moment. And instead of being effective around the studio, I now enjoy homemade chicken broth, smile at the beautiful plant a friend has given me, and run a test with a temporary tatoo on my wrist. To find out, if I'll go all the way down tatoo lane, or maybe not. So far, I like it. A lot. I wish you a wonderful weekend and see you tomorrow, for the Queen of Colors.

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August 21, 2013

one less on that list

Oh, those lovely lists. Sometimes there is nothing more delightful, as ticking of the most ridiculous, the most tiny things from one of them. Since I was a child, I remember my grandmother having those pralines on festive occasions. All fine with lots of chocolate and nuts. In big and colorful boxes, containing shiny, golden trays. But, I was never allowed to try them. Of course I wasn't, as the chocolate was filled with Schnaps too, and I was a kid of ten or eleven years. Rasberry brandy it was, for example. I even remember a commercial, that popped up, over and over again, which made me wanting them even more. But still, I wasn't allowed to try those treats. Then, like all of us, I became busy growing up and I forgot about my desire along the way. Only after many, many years, actually after we've returned from New Zealand, they've caught my eye again. Somewhere in the supermarket, my childhood temptations. The forbidden fruits. And then I forget about them, once again. Until last night. Doing some quick grocery shopping; I've decided, now or never, and finally I've bought a big box. Just like that and only for myself. Ok, I am feeling a little sick right now, but the pleasure of having finally done this, makes it up for it. A million times. What tiny thing is it, that you have always wanted to do and that you have missed out on so far? Go get it and do it. I promise you, it will be a lot of fun.

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August 18, 2013

queen of colors

You might have found me posting only little this week; there was simply too much going on. I've visited another great show, with an interesting and touching concept. I wish China (if you happen to be in Berlin, take your chance. It is still on, until the 12th of September!). There were tears, because some very special people, did very special things for me. Thank you so much. Sorry for being so secretive, but you know who you are. There was a garden filled with fruit; good and not so good any more ones. And there where many hours in the studio. Painting and developing new ideas. And it will go on. There will be even more painting and some traveling too. And hopefully, a little more time to take pictures of all that buzz. And now, to a beloved Sunday night routine; cooking dinner with the husband and a good movie later. Wishing you a happy night as well. See you tomorrow.

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August 13, 2013

new games

We have done it. Small, but still significant changes, have been applied to the Fishbowl. Actually, the Fishbowl became the Fishbowl with some little secrets. You might not remember this, but over the last months, I had a bit of a hard time drawing a line between our Open Door Policy, and my need to paint. Especially to paint more focused. None interrupted and less distracted by what was going on outdside the studio. Maybe it is the fact, that the area we're living in, became more busy lately, which for most of the time I like, or it was me who had changed. More and more, it felt like I was missing the flow, this certain feeling of getting totally lost in what you do, while you are doing it. So, after lots of thinking, and even more going back and forth, we've decided to use some milk glass foil to cover parts of our big shop windows. Just before the foil came up, this was a rather sad feeling, a bit panic involved too, almost like saying Goodbye, but only an hour later, it became crystal clear that this has been best best thing to go for. I would have never believed, that a little bit of foil would mean so much freedom. As pathetic, as this might sound, one week ahead and I am already deeply in love the new energy. I still like people coming around for a chat or a coffee. I still love our beautiful street. But in between, I also love painting for hours. All by myself. And on top, how beautiful those spots of sunlight dancing around the studio now.

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August 11, 2013

queen of colors

This week leaves me speechless. As speechless as it is possible for me, of course. There have been Openings, a wedding celebration, nights out in bars and not to forget, there was NOBODY in the house. So many conversations, so much inspiration and brand new impressions, this Sunday found me sleeping in until, I am almost too shocked to admit it, until 3 p.m. Can you believe that. Obviously my brain and my heart needed a break. Still filled with all the greatness of this week, I am off to the woods, leaving you with all those reds and the wish for another good one to come. Never stop dreaming. And take an extensive nap, when needed. We will keep it a secret.

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August 10, 2013

NOBODY in the house

piece by NOBODY and annton beate schmidt
We've come a long way; this New York street artist and me, the painteress from the Fishbowl. Knowing each other for ages, online, finally things came together. Finally, we had the chance of meeting eye to eye. Him being on a mission in Berlin, it couldn't get any better. It is just perfect to come from very different angles and actually, still finding similar paths. Especially, that deep passion for what we do and, a strong believe in the power of art. ART IS HIS WEAPON. Boy, was I left with tons of inspiration and with the great feeling of a very special connection. For me as a studio woman, it was simply amazing to watch him start right here, right now and without any hesitation. Making me even feel a bit shy about starting my own thing. What a powerhouse he is, a force of art, so to say. And to top things of, this studio day ended in a little collaboration between the two of us. Thank you Mr. NOBODY. thank you for all the input and the strength. And thank you, for YOU being you.

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August 04, 2013

queen of colors

The only color I could think of this week, was the color of heat. Summer everywhere. We had days, spent in the house completely, somewhere between productive and long naps in the afternoon. There were nights out and long conversations in the backyard. A nice present came from Spain. And Emma, well, she couldn't resist the tiniest chance for a bath. I wish for this summer to last a bit longer. I wish you a wonderful and delicious week.

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August 03, 2013

to summer nights

Some impressions from last night around the hood. It was boiling hot, even by eleven p.m., and I needed to get out of the Fishbowl and started walking. Like so many nights before, I ended up only a couple of metres down the road and had another great night at Juwelia's. Gin Tonic and chansons, good people and her incredible paintings. It is amazing to live around such talented people. And even more, it is incredible to feel at home.

P.S. As today wasn't any less hot out there, I have finally managed to update my about page, trying to answer some of your questions and to give you a little more insight to the world behind the Fishbowl. I hope you'll enjoy it!

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August 01, 2013

august calendar

"august" drawing by annton beate schmidt

And here we go, the new calendar page. Free to download for everybody. Simply click on the August link, choose a size that is most suitable for you, and the rest goes to the printer. I hope you're having fun with it. And lots of sunshine on top.

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back right here

"Remembering your self" sounds a bit too common maybe; like one of these life coaching programs out there. But sometimes, it seems we run out of stones and pebbles for our very own path. Last week had given me plenty of those, and while painful in the beginning, I am seriously starting to like the sound of them, under my feet. We're still officially in the middle of our Summer Break around the Fishbowl, but I am in the studio, busy being me. And laughing. Well no, it is rather smiling.

See you later, for the August Calendar Page.

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