July 29, 2013

queen of colors

artwork by IAMTMNK
the brightest forecast

Last week ended in heat. It was so boiling hot, I couldn't bring myself back in front of the computer, once I had crashed on the couch. It is Monday morning and it is raining; with an air humidity probably around 80%. Not bad for Berlin, a city not located in the middle of some tropical area at all.

So, here I go, one day late, with another Queen of Colors. All red and pink, including an inspiring visit by Mr. Nobody, who I will have as a studio guest, by the end of this week. Finally, after eight years online, we did meet eye to eye and it was far better than great. Besides this happy encounter, I am still chewing on the business proposal we've got on Wednesday and which, if we had jumped on the wagon, would have probably included financial suicide for us. Or at least, an immense risk. Maybe I am totally wrong, but if people believe in the work we're doing at the Fishbowl and if they really want that certain kind of work, shouldn't it be them investingin us? Not us, investing into them first. What do you you think? I am not naive and do know, these things happen quite often, but now, that it did right in the middle of my studio, it needs a moment to get over with, I guess.

The best way to deal with it, will be putting those earplugs ín, turn the music up and get into painting and that is exactly what will happen for the rest of this Monday. Have a busy and creative week ahead, and never forget to dance.

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July 25, 2013

food for thoughts

Sometimes, when the days get a little too crazy around the Fishbowl, food is always the one thing to bring me back on earth and level the drama. Kind of perfect, taking in account that I am married to a chef. So there is always food around. Some recipes in the making or a chutney boiling on the stove. And if it is not the husband flying around the kitchen, it totally chills me out, to cook something myself. Well, tonight I might need a little more food and cooking, to calm this artist down. First of all, it IS hot in this town. Boiling hot, so to say. No, no, I am not complaining, Summer is perfect, but it seems like people get a bit weird, the more the temperatures are rising. Some souls turn out, to become very mixed up. Plus, there is a lot on the agenda this week. As I have already mentioned, didn't I?! There have been very productive studio hours so far, some sales and, unfortunately a business proposal, that makes me super angry. Still, after having 24 hours to get over it. You guys know, I totally love, living the life of an artist, but sometimes the scene connected to it, reveals the most shallow and outrageous characters one could think of. In my wildest nightmares, I wouldn't be able to make such things up. Holy Canneloni! Concentrating on the brighter side, I am about to meet someone tomorrow, I'm looking forward to for a long time. So, probably, this is all kind of Ying and Yang. Strawberry ice cream next.

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July 21, 2013

queen of colors

Despite being as busy and as exciting as I had wished for, this week ends in a rather muted Queen of Colors. I caught a bit of a nasty bug, which means a slow and sleepy day. Summer is out there, but I am lying on the bed; with noodle soup, tea and a good book. Busy has to wait until tomorrow. Enjoy your Sunday, I will be back dancing by Monday.

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July 17, 2013

on calming down busy

I am in love with our backyard these days. Since we've moved into the Fishbowl, it has been one of my favourite features. Especially in summer; all the green, the ever so growing Bamboo plants and Succulents, birds singing and broken light through leaves, although we're in the middle of the city, it feels kind of distant to all its buzzing and a bit mystical too. My perfect place to spend the evening in July. You're most welcome to come over and share a glass of wine.

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July 14, 2013

queen of colors

My biggest wish for next week, that it might continue like this one; busy, exciting and alive. I am tired today and at the same time, full off energy. A great combination, that makes me feel comfortable in moving forward. Though, while typing this, it is actually not about the forward at all. It is the moving itself. I was able to make some decisions over the last days and did find answers to some tricky questions. For example, there will be a little joint venture between the Fishbowl and a shop in the neighborhood. More on that coming soon. Only so much, it made me smile. Sometimes it seems, we simply have to be brave and out there. The only thing, I simply couldn't decide lately; if  I am more into strawberries or cherries. Isn't it great, that some questions don't have to be answered? Have an inspiring week, guys. And get as much of those summer fruits as possible.

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July 11, 2013

on getting lost in between light

Summer does this. Making you look at the leaves of a tree, you have been around for so many times, and suddenly, you'll still get lost within that feathery blurring. All known and yet so mysterious; summer is divine. I might just stay here for another hour. Not much to say, but to take it all in. Have a wonderful evening, wherever you'll meet the sun.

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July 10, 2013

more cherries and a little smile

"abstract love" by the tiny fishbowl collection
"a tiny sunday poem" by the tiny fishbowl collection
"swimming" by the tiny fishbowl collection
This morning I have found a nice, little email in my inbox; Society6 has selected one of my prints for their recommendations in their store. It might not be a big deal, but it made me smile and a little proud, as Abstract Love is one of my favourites too. And it is nice, that others like it as well. So, if you're in the mood for a little piece of The Tiny Fishbowl Collection, there is a special sale until Sunday the 14th of July. By clicking on this link, and as I understand, only by that, you'll get directly to the artist promotion. It would be a pleasure meeting you there. To a marvelous Wednesday from Berlin in the sun.

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July 07, 2013

queen of colors

Summer in city, Sunday and nothing to complain. What a marvelous day this has been. And how much, slow motion and the sun can change the outcome of a complete week. So delicious. The Queen of Colors couldn't be anything else but summer. Not to mention the Cherry-Cucumber-Chutney, I have been offered to try, while writing this post. Sometimes life makes us wonder about its hidden wonders and secret treats. I hope you are enjoying your day, as much as we did in the Fishbowl. To a great week ahead.

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July 05, 2013

on screaming out loud and after

Over the last three days I have been tied to my computer; 10 hours a day, no painting, no creating, no fun it seems. Well, it has been for good and for happy reasons, but still, coming today I was so fed up with it; I could have climbed up the walls. What made it even more tricky, was the fact that the printer refused to print, the internet still sticks to an unstable mode and that every thirty minute, someone wanted something from me. The phone, Skype, the windows. Don't get me wrong, I choose to live in the Fishbowl and stick to an Open Door Policy, and it is good. But sometimes it simply gets too hard to focus and to get the work done, one bit after another. Yes, I know, this isn't the first time, me writing about this topic, and probably it will not be the last. It kind of feels like a process, which at the end (if there is anything like an end to things like this) might result in a change of me or of the circumstances, I live in. Today the result of me being super annoyed and stressed out, was me acting quite harsh with people I actually like a lot. And that I have ended with a big bag of cherries, with delicious cake, homemade cookies and with the best cappucino in town. Delivered right here, to my desk. Now, I am feeling absolutely loved and a bit ashamed too. And I hear myself saying':"It is a process, it is a process."

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July 03, 2013

july calendar

drawing "july calendar" by annton beate schmidt

We a had a couple of internet problems in the Fishbowl, therefor the July Calendar comes a bit later, than usual. I am very sorry for the delay.

Delays though, seem a big topic these days. These days of a postphoned season. With all the rain, the storm and a good dose of thunder and lightning, it is a funny thing, but you come to a point, when you'll really appreciate every little bit of sunshine. For me, tending to be an impatient person, maybe this is a good way to practice. Trying to get better in sitting back and accepting things as they are.

So, here I am back, only by waiting until the technical issues were overcome. And here it is, another calendar page for you to download and to print out. Simply click on the link for July, choose a size and print out your little piece of Atelier Schmidt. Oh, there, right now, a little more sun.

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