June 30, 2013

queen of colors

All slow and quiet today. Last night had been a bit short and I have barely moved, since getting out of bed. I did, throughout the week, so I don't mind to stay inside the studio for the rest of the day. Dreaming of things I don't know yet and listening to some kitschy Island Tunes. I hope you're having a good Sunday too; maybe as lazy as mine. See you tomorrow.

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It would be such a pleasure to meet you in one of those spaces! 

June 28, 2013

some art, some rain and more technical things

painting by Edward B. Gordon

Yesterday had it all; from a breakfast smoothie in the sun, a smashed toe, a lovely walk through the wood, sudden rain, and finally, a visit to the small, but exquisite show of one of my favourite fellow artists. Edward B. Gordon. It was such a treat to be able to look at his work, face to face so to say. If you happen to be in Berlin, don't miss the show at the gallery Pavlov's Dog.

As the Google Reader is coming to an end by the first of Juli, there are different ways of keeping up to date with what is happening around the studio. If you like to keep going with the Fishbowl, you are most welcome to follow me via Email (the little box on the right side). 

Otherwise, you will find me

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It would be such a pleasure to meet you in one of those spaces! 

June 24, 2013

a summer celebration

"a celebration"
"no landscape comes spotless"
"summer baby" - print for sale

You have seen some sneak peeks in the the post about last weekend's Open Studio, but here they are in full bloom; new prints in the TAKEAWAY-ART-SHOP. A lot of lovely readers had downloaded the calendar pages and I've received so much incredible feedback, that I decided to give it a go and work a bit further on them.

And to celebrate celebrate this magical season, the Summer Baby is up for sale, until Sunday the 29th of June!

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June 23, 2013

queen of colors

There are not many words needed to explain summer. Even less, to explain my summer in the city; lemons, candles (mosquito bites) and easy food. Little moments of nostalgic flashbacks with photos showing the younger me, which arrived in the mailbox this week, some old fashioned jazz stuff filling up the Fishbowl and that bittersweet longing for those distant islands, I call the home of my heart. This week had me working hard and daydreaming a lot. A delicious combination for a while. There is a bit of change in the air already, but for a little while I like to keep things as they are. I wish you a dreamy Sunday too and tons of yellow and bright energy to rock the upcoming week.

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June 18, 2013

the sunday before the heat

I am still not good at all, in taking pictures from my own events. Actually, I pretty much suck. There is so much to do and to think about in advance and when the visitors are popping in, there is never enough time. These ones, I made somewhere in between and though I am not in love with them, you might get an impression at least. The plan was to hire a photographer (do you remember, Céline?), but we've only decided days before the Neukölln Art Festival, to be part of it for one day. Too short of notice, to get someone to come around for taking propper shots. Besides the picture issue, we had a good time in the studio. Not super busy, but nice and easy. Friends and clients showed up, there was a lot of positive feedback and some sales too.

I do have to say though, 48 Stunden Neukölln has definitely changed over the years. Well, it is more the visitors, who seem to be different these days. There is more party going on than actual art watching. People basically crashed the streets during the beginning Friday night and were still happily drunk over Saturday, which I find a bit sad for all of us artists. Not sure where this came from and how things will develop in the future, but I liked my small cocoon of the Fishbowl, the bigger picture, despite some really good shows, had a few flaws.

June 17, 2013

queen of colors

A day late, as we had our Open Studio yesterday, and a bit undecided on the actual Queen of Colors. Was it mainly vivid, sunny and pink, or do the rather dark, red moments count more? I am not sure right now. The week had so many different aspects, so much has happened and on the other side, there was so little time to think about it, that it will probably take a bit longer for me to sort this out. I have many pictures and two posts already sitting in a file, waiting to be given to you, but today it feels somehow premature to publish them. I'll wait a little. A typical after-the-show-attitude for me. I need to digest everything first, before being able to talk about it. Be it good or bad, it takes time. At least for me.

Above, there is all that is happening in Turkey, which leaves me angry, sad and as we have friends and colleagues directly and drastically affected by it, most of all helpless. Last Sunday we had taken part in a solidarity event, which from today's perpective appears almost ridiculous. According to the latest pictures and videos coming from Istanbul and Ankara. I know, the world is a tricky place and there is a lot of drama out there, but sometimes the tuff stuff simply comes a bit closer than usual. I just hope things do not turn even worse and that all this, is good for something in the end. To all those who are marching and fighting for democracy, keep on going, but stay safe. You guys have a our back.

P.S. A tiny note on the side, no it is not my car. This one caught my eye, as it was parking long enough to grow little plants around the wheels. Not quite typical in the middle of Berlin, I guess. 

June 13, 2013

within the sea of things

Nothing has changed since yesterday's post, only the piles get higher and the chaos a little more colorful. We're still between fighting our stubborn printer, preparing pastry with Nigella (black caraway), walking the dog and washing the studio curtains. Simply living the ordinary life before a show, while the clock is trying her best to get us nervous. I don't care more than necessary.  By tomorrow the husband will have an important test dinner for clients and I will spend the day painting a sign, doing more print business and setting up the little pop-up store, we always have during Open Studio days. As long as there is summer and coffee, things are fine.

P.S. Society6 offers free shipping until Sunday the 16th of June (offer stands until Midnight). So, if you like to own something from The Tiny Fishbowl Collection, simply use this link and you don't have to pay any shipping on T-Shirts, Tote Bags, IPhone cases and many more.

June 12, 2013

open studio

Things are a bit busy in the Fishbowl, actually rather very busy. Once again. We're in the middle of preparing the OPEN STUDIO, coming up Sunday. Since Monday, both of us, carry around a nasty cold, including some very persistent cough, accomplishing all those lists and schedules is a bit more tricky than usual. Without being sick. But as the annual Neukölln Art Festival is taking place and we are in town, plus it is always so much fun to welcome all our lovely supporters, friends and clients, we've spontantiously decided to go for it and have our doors wide open for a couple of hours. So, besides brewing tons of tea and sleeping in (and trying not to get nervous over it!), we are preparing prints, business cards and flyer. Are cleaninig and arranging the studio in a nice way. On top, because so many of you have asked for it, there is also a new round of the Integrity Potion bottled up, waiting for lots of guests to be shared with. If you happen to be around Berlin over the weekend, you are most welcome to pop in and say "Hi". It would be so nice to meet you!

June 09, 2013

queen of colors

The rain has come back, but in fact, it is a good summery one. The week had so much sun and delight; I am tired and happy now, sitting in the Fishbowl and feeling like, there couldn't have been one more single thing to fit into seven days. I had some very good chats around the hood. Sitting on our bench, in front of the studio, is just the loveliest part of summer in Berlin. I must admit. There has been new work on the easel, plus I was busy, designing fresh business cards and planning the Open Studio day, coming up next Sunday. As usual, we had some heated up discussions around here, which this time, resolved into inspiring ones. You know, the kind of arguments, that'll leave you with the pleasure of moving forward. There was this marvelous book, I just started reading last night and which I couldn't put aside, until the sun came up. And then, the week melted into a chilled out picnic in the parc, with friends and with a little bit of a revolutionary theme, which I will write about over the next days. The couch is calling now, together with the husband, a beer and a bag of potato chips. Could there be a better ending or a more delightful perspective for the upcoming week? Have a relaxed and lovely Sunday night too.

June 05, 2013

coming up new

It is very early stages and usually I wouldn't talk about new ideas already, but after being done with the Grumpy Man, the painting that had been lingering around the Fishbowl for so so long, I was kind of expecting an unpleasant break. One of these moments in the studio, when you have finished something and you feel rather shy and insecure about the things that might be ahead. It has happened to me so many times and so far, I had never found a way to avoid this condition. This time though, things are very different. It looks like, I simply had been so busy, that I accidentially stopped thinking about that familiar pattern, and suddenly my head seems to overfloat with fresh ideas. Maybe I should keep quiet about this status and not jinx it, but it feels far too good to not celebrate and share it with you.

June 02, 2013

queen of colors

Almost green, with pinches of delicious red, May has ended like it had begun. What a week this has been. I have finally finished the Grumpy Man painting, a calendar page was done, I had coffee with friends, answered all those emails, that have been lingering around my inbox, for so long. And finally, after a lot of changing perspectives and considerations, I've decided on some significant changes around the studio. So, the best part of yesterday, went with pushing furnitures & hanging more pieces of my work on the walls. The last being relatively unusual for me, as until now, I had always thought, to be irritated by my own paintings. So far, it doesn't feel that bad. Especially having Grumpy Man, who as you all mentioned, doesn't look grumpy at all, watching me, is more comforting than I would have ever expected. We will see how this grows on me, over the next weeks.

And then, there had been a lot of rain and storm, which brings me to a more serious aspect of this week. Something my pictures are no references to at all, but still, the demonstrations happening in Turkey, over the last days, do worry and impress me. At the same time. The moment people you know are involved, watching the news become a whole different story. Distance and that ever so hip sarcasm, seem to melt within no time. Instead there is a lot of empathy and some pride. Friends, keep on going. Stand up for your democratic rights. But still, please take care. We love you.

June 01, 2013

june calendar

drawing "june calendar" by annton beate schmidt

The weather can blame itself for not being mentioned here in an overexcited way.
I am excited about the month though; June is actually here. June, one of my favourites times of the year. Especially in this city. The big holidays are just around the corner and Berlin slowly fades into that special mode of going slow and easy, we'll have less crowed parcs and cafés, you'll find ice cream everywhere and there will be early mornings, at the banks of the Landwehrkanal, watching the sunrise. The Turkish market around the corner, will be filled with the most colorful fruits, vegetables and flowers, and most of all, there will be music pouring from open windows down to the streets. Ok, call me a hopeless romantic, I don't care. June is simply the time, I've first laid my eyes on Berlin, so I guess my overfloating admiration is totally reasonable. So, here it is, another calendar page for you to download and to print out. Simply click on the link for June, choose a size and get your printer rocking.