May 29, 2013

a long affair

"landscape of a decent day"(120 x 80cm/oil on canvas by Annton Beate Schmidt)
Since we have lived in New Zealand a couple of years ago, a piece of my heart seems to have remained there. Though I am mostly happy in my current hood, I also miss the landscape, the sound and the light of Aotearoa (Land of the long white Cloud) like crazy. Something about those islands has deeply impressed me and therefor, you'll quite often find Pacific Island stories or faces around my work. This Maori guy, especially, lives in the Fishbowl for months already. Our affair went on and of, for such a long time, I cannot even recall when it has acutally started. I do remember though, how much we've been fighting. Several times, it felt like he is screaming at me in the morning and I have banned him into the most distant corner of the studio. Only to carry him back on the easel, of course, some days later. For many, many studio hours, I had not the slightest idea on how it would feel, when this piece of work will be finally finished. The only thing I did know, I had to go through with it. And so, I have named him Grumpy Man (not that his grumpiness shows at first sight) and went on. Today, this afternoon, I was done. I have set the last brushstroke and am ready to let him go now. Wherever he will head off. I am still not sure what to think about him, but I will cheer to him tonight. Let's see, how coming into the studio, back to him, will feel by tomorrow morning.

May 27, 2013

queen of colors

Beyond any intentions, I have been experimenting a little on the black and white side, over the week. Bits and pieces from what has surrounded me. And here we go, once again it turned out, the colors that match the most, do find me. They seem to come naturally. This has been a week of clearing up ideas and of structure, a week of serious talks and of things taking on shape. I have been reading an incredibly sad and yet inspiring book, of which I have actually forgotten the title. And I have listened to the rain. A lot. As it was pouring down basically without a break. And because, I couldn't get enough of that sound. The weather and its music brought me back to the place I love so much. To the place, I might just call my home of the heart. How could that pictured in any other way, than in black and white. Now, to fulfill May's most prominent purpose, it is of to the woods, to catch some more green. Have a wonderful week and remember, the colors, most likely, will find you.

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May 23, 2013

late nights & the sound of rain

Talking in lyrics seems tempting these days. Half way through the week, I am still working hard to get all those bits and pieces done. The things from my enormous list. Silly me. Late nights in the studio, dirty fingers, making a mess while making soup, making even more mess while thinking too much and a sudden attack by Autumn, in the middle of May. All this would sound so intellectual in a poem, in real life it simply sounds like patience and patience and some dicipline too. Extraordinary ordinary and still, the trickiest field to harvest out there. And therefor, I'll quickly return to that bubble of mine and keep on brushing. See you, after the sun set down or maybe not, but wishing you a wonderful Thursday.

May 19, 2013

queen of colors

If May will continue like this, we`ll probably end up with an entirely green months. Partly due to the season and coincidental on the other side. This week was all about going on, about first timers and about a good dose of garden adventures. The last picture shows our tiny backyard and the generous gift of tons of fresh greens from a passionate garden owner. We didn't know her at all, but had the chance to visit her incredible place. When we left, the car was loaded with Bamboo, with herbs and with some tropical plants on top. Thank you, Mrs. Greenfinger (that is how we called her, after seeing the magic around place). And thank you, dear readers, for crossing your fingers so generously. It did work, I was brave and went through with trying out new things. It is nothing to talk about yet, but I am pretty content with the first steps taken. Right now the long weekend is in full swing and as usual I am enjoying easy hours in the studio; the city is bathed in sun, street parties are going on and everybody wears a smile out there. Have a great time. I see you on the other side of this lovely Sunday.

May 15, 2013

a little smile while flying

As predicted, this week is busy and packed. Office stuff, paintings, meetings and unexpected turns; the days, so far, could have been easily filled with twelve hours more. Even the flowers in the studio went unnoted. But I won't go there, instead I am taking one or the other deep breath and follow my schedule step by step. In between a short visit around here, to say "hi". Hope you're happily flying too.

May 12, 2013

queen of colors

Another week has gone and it seems, the palette hasn't changed a lot. There is still a proper amount of green around. Maybe a little less spectacular and rather reserved, but everything in the Fishbowl is still about new beginnings and even more, about the time in between. This week has been busy, of course, and it taught me a lot. Next week will have to proof, if I understood. At least a little. And it will be about trying unknown things. Wish me luck, will you? I wish the same for you. And a little dancing. Of course.

May 10, 2013

special offer from the tiny fishbowl collection

welcome back and other homes
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May 09, 2013

breaking good

Recently I have been reading a lot about freelance work, throughout different blogs or magazines. There are many aspects according to this topic; from schedules and self-discipline, there is that old life and work balance trick, you will find many texts about inspiration or some plain and dry business related points. It is all part of the deal. The most interesting thoughts to me though, have been ideas of taking a break. Of taking a break and stepping back once in a while. Trying to make it as an artist, or in any other self-employed area, means you're super busy most of the time. As with this, to me it seems extremely important to stop here and there, to sit down and think about the paths you're following. And I don't mean going for a walk or having a great night with friends. I mean a serious break. Especially, when there are two of your type around the house. So, over the first months of this year, this is exactly what we have been doing around the Fishbowl. In the beginning it was nothing but pleasure, after a while then and when the talking got deeper, the feeling wasn't always that nice anymore. Suddenly you'll discover all those little flaws and misunderstandings that daily routines bring. You'll find out about the parts of your work, that you have always done the same way, but which actually don't really work that great any more. And you'll develop a certain need of letting go. Letting things go and creating new ones instead, comes with many moments of uncertainty and even with some kind of weakness. It did get pretty scary, to be honest, as some of the plans we had believed in for quite a while, simply vanished and left a bit of a vacuum. Luckily we went on; talking, thinking, arguing, talking again and suddenly everything got much easier. Almost like the mist had gone too and a clear sight took its place. Right now, I am back, feeling much more in control of what I want and where I wanna go, even with an environment that hasn't changed in a super dramatic way (yet!), it is me who feels different. And much more inspired by the days to come.

May 05, 2013

queen of colors

For quite some weeks, we've added a new routine to the Fishbowl. Every Saturday morning (well, almost every saturday) we're taking a ride, crossing the entire city to reach it's edges and to finally stop, somewhere in the middle of an almost forgotten area. As most of you know, I am walking this life on crutches and that is why we've decided to train Emma, to become an assistant dog. It sounded fun and smart at the same time, plus it gives huge future advantages, when it comes to traveling. Assistant dogs sometimes get cheaper flight tickets and most importantly, they apply to much easier to handle quarantine rules. So, Saturdays are now Dog-Training-Days. And you know what's the best side effect of this new routine? Besides our busy schedules, we have to get out of the city, once a week. Something Berliners tend to forget sometimes. While our first lessons have been rather rough, starting in the middle of this super long winter, this Saturday the area almost saluted us a with an additional treat; an explosion of Spring. All green and fresh and loaded with sun. This week's Queen of Colors is to the divineness of all the spring greens out there. And to the ones landing in our kitchen too. There is not much more delightful these days, than a good dose of green smoothies or some hearty Aspargus Risotto. With this in mind, have a wonderful week, adding even more greens.

May 03, 2013

hidden behind brushes

image by annton beate schmidt
Sometimes things are not how they look like, sometimes they are even different to what they're called. Or the other way round. We're busy in the Fishbowl. Very busy actually. And though the progress might come around in babysteps, it feels pretty good to see it. Besides that, there is not an awful lot say. I just wanted to let you know, that I am good and that I am out and about. A lot. Looking for things, I didn't know I was searching for. Hiding behind brushes can be a nice thing these days. Have a wonderful weekend, guys, and do not forget about the sun.

May 01, 2013

may calendar

drawing by annton beate schmidt

The Spring party had been planned for April already, but hey, obviously it needed a little more applause before coming out. The last days though it happened, kapow, and here we are. Berlin is in full bloom. All white, pink and green, May starts on a beautiful note. And this gorgeous month, of course, needs a bright new calendar page. This is another little, monthly present for you, dear readers. Another drawing for you to download and to print out. Simply click on the link for the may page and choose a size. Let's celebrate this month, which they say, will make everything fresh and new. Gorgeous and exciting it actually does look already.

labour day mood

Tag der Arbeit (Labour Day) in Germany, and I am enjoying deliciously slow studio hours. What a pleasure this is. Usually this day means a bit of turmoil and a dose of revolution for Berlin, but so far things are quiet in front of our windows. There is sun, a lot of fresh green and lighthearted people are passing by, most on their way to the parc probably. On a side note, since yesterday, our dog owns a sofa on its own. Well, I found it on the internet and the yellow color caught my eye. And it was for free (yeah, lately we had a lot of luck on this side), so the husband picked it up. Unfortunately it didn't match our needs and we decided to give it away instantly. An idea that didn't go along with Emma. She jumped on the sofa within the first second and stayed there for the rest of the evening. As she made thing so clear, the yellow beast will stay. In the studio. Beside my painting table. I'm too super fine with this, as I had always wanted a sofa in the studio anyway. So, this to a great Wednesday and to spontanous decisions.