April 28, 2013

queen of colors

Once more, some kind of a rollercoaster week. I don't know, but it looks like life is trying to push us and to bring us, to adjust some parts of our routines. It forces us to overcome fears and to grow. Right now the Fishbowl is a place of letting go and of new plans. Over the last seven days, we've got covered with little presents and with new challenges besides. And with all of this, came a lot of light. This week's Queen of Colors is the sun. Almost everyday she has followed us around the studio and when running errands. Maybe it is her intensity and power, that makes some things a little clearer than before. My wish for the upcoming week, would be having more of that light and always some proper shades around. Have a good one out there.

April 26, 2013

open studio

It's been a while, so I am even more happy to announce,
that the doors at Atelier Schmidt are open today.

Offenes Atelier
from 4:00 to 8:00p.m.
sanderstraße 20

We're looking forward to see you!

April 25, 2013

some family affair & a bit of paradise

all pictures by Sabine Münch
Living the life of an artist, it actually doesn't hurt, to have a sister who is an artist too. A sister who knows all about those ups and downs, the effort it takes to archive some of the good stuff and the moments, when you're not really sure where you're heading. You know what I'm talking about. Having an artist sister, who is finally back, living in the same city as I am, is even better.

Therefor, the other week, I had the great pleasure to be a guest at the premiere of her current show: Die Tagebücher von Adam & Eva (The diaries of Adam & Eve). The story, adapted by the book of Mark Twain, gives a pretty good and ironical insight on the life's of Adam and Eve. It shows, constantly changing from the female to the male perspective, how the two fell for each other in Garden Eden, how they've spoiled it by taking a bite from that fateful apple and how they'll dealed with the results of that bite. The orginal text might be over a hundred years old, the Musical version though leaves you with a lot of quite familiar situations and conflicts. Almost everybody in the audience had that expression on they're face, when you feel caught by a very well recognized moment. I, at least, had many of those moments during the two hours watching.

So, if you're in the mood for some good tunes (I have loved the music), two absoutely stunning actors (equally talented singers) and lots of laughter, don't miss your chance to visit one of the upcoming shows of Die Tagebücher von Adam und Eva. I promise you, you'll have a great night.

Production & Choreographie: Sebastiano Meli 
Musical Direction: Steven Desroches
Stage Design: Silvio Belmondo/ Costume & Stage Props: Silke Schneider
Book & Lyrics: Kevin Schroeder/ Creative Development: Christian Struppeck & Andreas Gergen

April 22, 2013

queen of colors

A bit late, but last week went too quick, and left with a little bit too much to think about, which means I desperately needed a break yesterday. Now, here I am, already all Monday, looking through seven days of images. And what a surprise. I had expected a lot of green or some fresh yellow, with that lovely springtime making itself comfortable, but it turns out, last week had been all about orange. Though actually nothing drastic has happened, there was quite a bit to digest and to understand. As you know, the week was about postioning and about boundaries, more than anything else. Then there were two, very tempting, opportunities knocking on the door, which will be connected with a lot of patience from our side. Butr hey, the best stuff takes the most of time. There was a bit of anger, which I am fine with by now, and Saturday night, we've finished of this rollercoaster with a marvelous studio dinner. A brand new week lies ahead of us now and I'll wonder is it the Queen of Colors finding me or do I paint the days, with what I need most? Happy Monday to all of you.

April 20, 2013

another walk in the parc

Sometimes, we will walk the same ground, over and over again. Sometimes, it will be the same alley, all those familiar trees or the beloved dog, we live with for years, and suddenly we see differences. A slightly shifted perspective, that prompts us to actually see again. Maybe it is an yet undiscovered light or a hidden stone, we have never noted before. Or it's simply Spring, that we had almost forgotten about. I love these kind of moments. Do you? Have a great weekend out there.

P.S. In case somebody knows anything about the ghosts of iraq, I would love to hear about it.

April 18, 2013

on knowing, but not

As most of you know, the Fishbowl is a bit of a public place. With it's big shop windows and our Open Door policy, we'll get a lot of visitors. Neighbors and friends are most welcome to stop by for a coffee or for a chat, and we do have the monthly studio dinners on top. This is the lifestyle we have chosen intentionally and we love all of this interaction. I actually couldn't think of anything more inspirational than people and I have no plans at all, on changing our routine. Once in a while though, there is a down side, or let's rather call it a little side effect, to this kind of lifestyle. The more open we'll approach people, the more welcoming we are, the more open they tend to react. Sometimes we'll get to know about their deepest secrets, their hidden dramas and they'll entrust us sides of their life, that should probably no be shared with, for example, your neighbors. This is when it gets tricky. Over the five years of living in this neighborhood, I did develop strategies to deal with such manifestations; I have learned to stay emphatic and at the same time, to distant myself from people who are coming too close. More importantly, I have learned, to safe my privacy from too much exposure. The part, I am still having a hard time dealing with, is when people regret having been so open. And at times, like today as you might have guessed, I am getting really angry about such attitude. Don't call me nosy, when you have told me too much, of what you feel comfortable with. I am not the one with an issue here, only because you feel ashamed. Simply deal with your insecurities for yourself, we have all been there, and try not to project them on me. It wasn't me asking for your story, but it is definitely not me, you can blame for telling it. It is not me judging you, it is nobody else but you. Just forget about it and come over for another coffee, next time, and smile a little.

April 14, 2013

queen of colors

And suddenly, between days so busy (we even didn't have a proper Sunday in the Fishbowl this time) suddenly it was Spring. After months with tons of grey, with snow and ice, and one or the other tear, just because I've felt so depressed by the lack of light, finally we can celebrate the first days with wide open windows. And with the Spring, it seems, everybody starts moving again. Over only seven days, we've visited Berlin's Street Food Market, we were guests at a special theatre premiere and there was wine with our favourite wine dealer. I've spent many hours painting, finished the last projects for my online class, while the husband went cooking for several huge events. And here we are now, Sunday night, a bit exhausted, but smiling. And putting another edge on this week's Queen of Colors, a good dose of super green, freshly made Ruccola Pesto with our Minestrone. Have another happy Spring Week, starting tomorrow.

April 10, 2013

all styled up

As I have promised on Sunday, here are a few sneaks around the online class, I am taking part in right now. Having always kind of struggled when trying to shoot proper interior pictures from the Fishbowl, things never really turned out the way I've intended them to, I was really excited when I've found Interior Styling: The Fundamentals to Styling Your Space like a Pro on SKILLSHARE. The course is held by Justina Blakeney and as I knew this woman rocks, plus her style is something I can totally relate to, I've enrolled within a second. And what can I say, it had been the right choice. This course is so much fun (and a bit of work too!). Over the last days I've been pushing things around all over the place, I rediscovered stuff from boxes and drawers, I had long forgotten about, I've tried out all the tips and tricks around perspectives, angles and I've played with colors and structures. These are some of the first results and though I am still continents away from actually being a Pro, I do like all these changes. Next stop, designwise, will be the bedroom.

April 07, 2013

queen of colors

And suddenly all things were different. Maybe not all of them, but like I have hoped for in my calendar this month, the music has changed. Big time. After a hard to chew on period of slow motion progress, dark, freezing days and a bit of a trapped feeling, the sun is back. A bit shy still on Friday, hesistant again the day after, but by this morning, she was there; powerful, bright and surprisingly warm already. This week's Queen of Color is dedicated to the sun, to the bright orange spots all over the Fishbowl. A week filled with a super fun online course (more about that over the next days!), with a surprise cake send by my mother to cheer us up, with another round of training lessons for Emma the Labrador, to become an Assistant Dog, and a week filled with many studio hours and successful steps on finishing the grumpy man, who actually isn't that grumpy any more. So, with all that sunlight in my face, I wish for her to stay a while and to make the upcoming week a bright one as well.  

April 04, 2013

the opposite of silence

This morning, when having my first coffee and the usual stroll through different kind of ideas and plans; I got caught by a little text, on the idea of silencing all that noise. Not music or a good conversation with a bunch of friends, but all that unnecessary stuff we tend to surround ourselves with. This was all about the chatter of people on the outside; people who have an opinion on what you do or people, who believe they might have to safe you. Probably coming with a bunch of good intentions and a lot of love. Though I would consider myself a pretty strong minded woman, this text stuck with me. All over, while painting, while reading emails and while trying to stay focused on the little pebbles; I needed to move throughout this studio day. Something about those words made me nervous and left a bit of an insecure taste on my tongue. I've chatted on the phone with a rather distant collegue, a friend called, talking about his financial fears to go on working as an artist and that maybe, we shouldn't proceed with that, and then, I needed to tell of a kid, actually more it's mother, for constantly knocking on the studio window. The mother got pretty angry with me and left, calling me hysterical. Well, normal big city stuff. And, all this did leave an effect on me. All the bits and pieces of those conversations slightly changed my mood, from driven in the morning, to hesitant in the aftermoon. They did influence the mood of moi, the strong minded woman. Of course, this is only an example and of course, we should not stop talking to our friends and family, but maybe, once in a while, it is good to be reminded of the fact, that not everything that people will tell us, is really connected to us. And that sometimes, it is much smarter to concentrate on your inner music and to silence the noise, that is not yours.

April 01, 2013

april calendar

A new month needs a sparkling new calendar page. This is my little, monthly present for you, dear readers. Another drawing for you to download and to print out. Simply click on the link for the april page and choose a size. I strongly hope, that the green and the red will tickle that sleepy Spring and finally kick the old Winter out. If it doesn't, well, a little smile on your face will make up for a good starter too.