March 31, 2013

queen of colors

Looks like we're not exactly going with the season around the Fishbowl. At least not, when it comes to holidays. It doesn't mean, we do not appreciate them, but while I have seen so many colorful Easter preparations around, our week went mostly brown. A bit of a dirty shade, in the rather tricky moments, and the more hearty one, when rolling delicious Topfenknödel, filled with rich Chocolate Pralinés. We got lucky with another amazing find, a vintage drawing table for the husband's office. The baby is heavy as hell, but it is even more beautiful. I am sure it could tell a lot of interesting stories. I have learned, that smoked Tofu is not exactly my thing and that going back to an unfinished piece of work, can be frightening, but equally rewarding. Brown can been quite eventful, don't you think. And then, to not let things fade out entirely monochrome, the week gave us bright pinches of orange on top. And in this landscape of a season, that seems not to be in the mood to finally start, maybe I wasn't totally right. Maybe we do go with the holidays. Maybe only a bit. And maybe without consciously knowing it. But as you might have alreadyas guessed, things that are happening without intention, are even more precious to me. Happy Easter, everybody. See you tomorrow, it will be time for a new calendar page.

March 28, 2013

an old affair

For the ones who have been with the Fishbowl Collection for a little longer, you might recognize this face quite well. Me and that Maori guy have something going on for a while already. Actually, it has been more than a year so far. From being utterly euphoric and moving forward together for some time, then we get stuck, can't stand each other any more and the nasty result will be, we'll seperate. I have sworn a million times, that I will never get back to him. He had bitched at me, screamed out silently, to bloody get out of there, when I did nothing else, but entering the studio. Well, they say, passion is for lovers. I have no idea what we have here. But today, I've decided something good must be in this relatioship, so much energy spent alread, and I took out the canvas and put it back on the easel. We have spent five hours together and for now, it has been nothing else but peaches and cream. We will see, how this is going envolve and if we, at least, can bring this affair to a proper ending. And on top, he is far too handsome to be dropped without trying, maybe one more time. Before I'll get totally lost in this little "drama", if you like to learn more about all the little and the steps in the middle, I would love to welcome you at Atelier Schmidt. Have a nice night, dears.

March 27, 2013

another full moon serenade

It is a bit embarrassing to admit, but I am a moon person. Half devoted to the brain and to logic, and then again, very emotionally driven on the other side. I am always kind of torn between realism and a good dose of spirituality. Over the years, I have learned quite well, to deal with those antipodes in my head. I guess it is much harder on my surroundings to get along with this, than it is actually for myself. When it comes to full moon situations though, this is a point I have totally given up on any kind of scientific explanation. Wether I know about the fact, that there is a full moon hanging in the sky, or I don't, I will not sleep. Usually, a sucker for sleep, I simply will not get to that certain moment of rest. No matter what. So, instead of forcing myself to sleep and ending up totally worn out in the morning, full moon nights have become my secret playground. When there is no sleep, why not enjoy reading for hours, or sitting in the dark and listening to my favourite music, while the rest of the Fishbowl is snoring. I do watch the most cheesy girl movies or read inspirational books. Being self employed means, it is possible to manage a tiny midnight holiday and get enough sleep in the morning then. Since I have decided to give into the rhythm of the moon, those nights have become very precious. So for today, it is to the moon and to taking things as they come.

March 24, 2013

queen of colors

It started out very small and innocent. More of a supporting actress than a leading character. Pinches here and there. A little Hip Jam beside an Egg Sandwhich, the branch of a new sculpture, I have been putting up on the wall and it then ended, in an exlosion. With a big box of Beetroot Granité (the chef of the Fishbowl kicked me a little for naming it Sorbet before. Only because, he would need an ice maker for Sorbets and he hasn't. An ice maker, one of his secret dreams, I guess. So Granité it was.) I have not eaten such a marvelous thing in a long time. So, I am gladly making this firework the Queen of Colors this week. Who cares about the weather, anyway.

March 23, 2013

to the good stuff

Saturday morning and we're already in the middle of preparations for tonight's Studio Dinner. There are speckled trouts filled with herbs in the Fishbowl kitchen, beetroot sorbet awaits us in the freezer and the studio, ones again, is filled with spring flowers. Another make believe, I know, but it seems to help a little, as there is sun too. It is still freaking cold, but today I'll go with the small wonders. Before I am setting the table, I will have another cup of coffee and catch a tiny bit of all that light outside on the bench. I wish you an inspiring day and a bright weekend too. Watch out of the little things.

March 20, 2013

the smile of the snail

I won't say too much about the first picture, as there has been said far enough. I took it simply to explain to myself, why these days are still slow. Maybe this is all wrong. Maybe it is the weather, maybe something completely different, that makes me think about changes, about perspectives and about the people around me, so much lately, while making my way through this week. Step by step. No, this sounds too dramatic. Things are all fine around the Fishbowl. And when I look around, it seems we're all in a bit of a thoughtful mood currently. And then suddenly, I will catch myself, wearing a silent smile, knowing about all the good things in between. These days feel like a tender promise to me and I won't mind to keep this secret sensation for a little longer. To slow, to silent and to very different from the usual me.

March 17, 2013

queen of colors

Seven days filled up with everything,  and I mean everything. The Fishbowl has been buzzing. There was a not so glittery anniversary, some socially bulldogs showed up, running through this place like in a manic stampede, and there still was a lot of work. But then came extensive sleep. Twelve hours at a strecht. This quite obviously has been the game changer. Together with a superhero moving in, a marvelous Spiderman Cake. We've celebrated chilled out cooking sessions, dinner in front of the television included, there have been friends over, we've been talking all night and laughing a lot. There was chocolate and red wine, we had homemade pastry and some more chocolate. In the end, we didn't even care about the weather anymore. Who does seriously think about the cold, when life is good. This week's Queen of Colors is far too rich to decide for one shade only. The week has been blue and green, it was yellow and it included a lot of red and pink as well. This week has been vivid and I cannot thank everybody enough, who has been part of it and who made me feel very special. Taking all this bright into the next week and sharing it with you. Too a wonderful new one.

March 14, 2013

a special one

Nothing better than waking up to coffee and presents in bed, a lot of love in the mailbox and the sun, giving her best to make this a great day. It is my birthday and though we're still a bit knocked out in here in the Fishbowl, from all those ups and downs over last week, things are bright. I had a wonderful time, feeling very special, and I couldn't think of a better way to start into the next year. Thank you love, thank you family, thank you friends, wherever you are right now, every single one of you is very special and I am truly gifted to have you in my life.

March 10, 2013

queen of colors

This week's Queen of Colors is more of a make believe, than anything else. As the snow is back in Berlin, with all the heavy, cold white and with grey skies. When we were almost there, tasting the first bites of spring, this is a bit hard to take, don't you think. While, on the other hand, my grandmother told me today:"Kid, what do you expect. It is the middle of March. Still winter." Well, she is right, I know, but still I don't want that. Do you? So with this orange collection, I hope that I can do the magic. Saying is believing they say, and maybe, showing is even more. To a bright and a colorful week.

on ending up puzzled

Recently I had written on how tricky and also, on how great it can get, when working on the same project as a couple. Well, so far so good. This time, things got very different. Don't get too tricked by the nice food (it made me survive actually) and be assured, Emma is nothing but super bored in the picture. Having an overly busy schedule NOT tied to the same project, but as two self-employed bugs in one household, is what these days were about. Usually great in supporting each other, this has taken a toll on me, and on the husband probably too. Holy Canneloni, I am still not quite sure what has hit us, but with me having a week filled up with tons of appointments, with extremely exciting and some hard to chew on news, and with him catering for a huge fair, plus managing another constantly growing cooking job for tomorrow, everything that normally works, simply didn't. There was no time for talking, no time for propper chilling, not even enough time for a decent way to sychronize our schedules. He made such an effort in trying to help me, when he actually couldn't and I have struggled to organize things, to make the days easier for him, leaving more of a big mess than anything else. In the end there was a good dose of screaming and arguing around the Fishbowl, which of course, didn't help at all. And which has left at least me, the husband is still producing tons of Fingerfood for tomorrow, a bit shocked. As it is more than predictable, that a week like this will happen once in a while, there is need for some serious talk and for looking very carefully into, on how to better organize times like this. One thought that has followed me throughout the complete week, was what would have happened, when there would have been kids to take care for too? A big shout out to all the couples, who manage that, on top of stressful jobs and besides running sucessful companies. You have my absolute and never ceasing respect, guys. Seriously. For now, I will take a long bath, licking my wounds and waiting for the busy husband, to finally come home. Only one more tricky day to go and it'll be celebration week.

March 03, 2013

queen of colors

Two drowned keyboards, plus a night fixing a computer problem and a bit of tension around the Fishbowl, but also exciting, new work, nasty paperwork being finally done and a wonderful present from Kathmandu; in the end everything was all about blue skies. This week's Queen of Colors looks like the overture to Spring and to all that comes with it. And as one should never talk about promises, I am simply taking it in, enjoying a lazy, a babyblue Sunday. I am wishing you the same and so much more. Life within blues turns out to be so delicious.

March 01, 2013

and there she was

I have been complaining so much over February, that I am actually a bit sorry for this poor month, to be whined at all the time and for being blamed on every single misery around here. But then again, you made it pretty hard, February. Seriously. Now you're gone and maybe, one day I will understand the reason behind all those challenges. You're gone February, goodbye, and March is here. Welcoming Berlin with the first sunny day, as it feels like, in ages. What a difference a day makes. I am looking forward to more of it. Looking forward to many sunny March days. A woman can dream, right?!

march calendar page

Are you in the mood for a little present? Actually, this was about to start in January, but sometimes things take a little longer than expected. You know.

Fom now on, there will be a sparkling fresh calendar page each and every month. Made by me for you. You simply have to click on the calendar link, which in fact, leads to my Flickr site, and there you'll have it. Waiting for you, ready to be printed out and to find a place above your desk or in the kitchen maybe. This is my way to say thank you. Thank you, for all the support and the inspiration you have shared with me since The Tiny Fishbowl Collection came to life. I hope you like it as much, as I had fun creating it.