February 27, 2013

getting closer to some

A long day in the studio; a long day with paint, even more thoughts and some nice food. Much more effective than at first sight and not too bad, for another day with grey skies and with no sun at all. There are only a few more hours of this February left and high hopes for spring are carefully showing. March being the month of celebrations in the Fishbowl, with a birthday, our anniversary and a studio party ahead, looks super tempting right now. Almost as tempting as the golden pasta, waiting for me in the kitchen, for tonight's dinner. With freshly grated parmesan and a glass of red. To a Guten Appetit & to a wonderful night.

February 24, 2013

queen of colors

Grey like the coming, and grey like the fading, big city snow, grey like those heavy skies and grey, so soft and tender for mushrooms loaded with aroma. This week's Queen of Colors couldn't be more Bonjour Tristesse, any more silent and slow, blurry dreams, with a delicious outlook into the new week. Metaphores, in no need of further explanations. A lot might unfold from here, a lot of glitter and sun comes from this place. Have a great Sunday night. 

February 22, 2013

no landscape comes spotless

"no landscape comes spotless" by annton beate schmidt
This morning, when entering the kitchen and putting the kettle on, suddenly there was this spider. A well sized, junky thing, hanging right above my head. Swinging happily from the kitchen ceiling. For three little seconds my thought was:" Nah, what an ugly way to start the day." But then I've remembered an old German saying "A spider in the morning, scares away all sorrows and cares." So instead of throwing the little one out of the window; I friendly greeted her and went on with my coffee brewing. There will always be that unexpected spider, I guess. Something will be difficult or not running smooth, but maybe, it'll be a less big deal in the end. Probably most of the time, it will be like that. Not a sparkling new insight, of course, still it was good to be reminded. I will go on, hanging in there and swing a little to it. Tomorrow will be another Studio Dinner, fully book, so I am really looking forward to this weekend. Have an inspiring one too, dear ones.

February 19, 2013

for the sake of sun

The title of this post will be the only reference to Berlin's current light situation. Almost. Instead of getting annoyed, like really, really annoyed, it's going back to the brushes to paint. Slow, but steady. It's going back to yet another piece of cake. Maybe too much, but still so good. It is going back to a little more Laura Lopez CastroJessica Ware . And it is going back to the woods by tomorrow morning. Simply out walking this February. Tree by tree.

Stick with your weather, dear February. I'll stick with mine.

February 17, 2013

queen of colors

As most weeks of this year so far, this hasn't been a super easy one. Not too bad either, simply a bit of a dragger. But hey, what do you expect, we're entering the second half of February? This, at least to me, is the toughest time of the year. Seldom sun, business and creativity running rather slow and the people I meet, very often appear a little bit withdrawn from normal self. Just like me. So this week's Queen of Color is nothing else but a consequent result to the current weather report. This week's Queen of Colors is purple. Purple, as I have learned, is the color of good judgement, of  spiritual fulfillemt and of purpose. Exactly, what is needed. Have a great week and dream a little about Spring. It is just around the corner, I promise.

February 14, 2013

a little loving & much more

Living together as a couple, can be tricky sometimes; working together as a couple, could be seen as the freestyle part for lovers. And the most difficult thing to do, as well. It's exactly this balancing act, that we're trying to manage at the Fishbowl. And believe me, it is tough to master. On one hand, I couldn't think of anything better, but designing and planning projects with the most talented husband. There is a lot of fun and glitter involved. On the other hand, sometimes I could simply go up the wall. Or make him do so. It is just not easy, to separate professional and private conflicts from one another. It takes so much respect and discipline, I fail more often, than I actually like to admit. So, for today being Valentine's Day, I love to thank that husband and colleague of mine, for all the patience, the energy and the inspiritation. It is the best to have you as a partner in crime. Though I am definitely not saying it often enough, Mr. B., you totally rock!

That cake above, was what we had at our favourite cafĂ© this afternoon. It didn't only look amazing, it tasted even better.

February 12, 2013

a very young snake, all smiles

We're still arranging things around the Fishbowl; still cleaning, pushing and sorting out, but a lot of you've asked me to show at least a little of our new vintage delights. Here we go. Almost all pieces have found a place already, but there will be a bit more of trying out, over the next days. What do you think of those finds? I have learned by now, the system is not of Danish design, it is an original GDR one, named Babette. A name, which I believe is actually very cute, when it comes to furniture. Something else I have learned today, is how hard it is do do proper interior shots. Holy Canelloni, you don't wanna know, how many it needed to get three proper ones in the end. Chapeau to all the talented people out there, doing amazing jobs in this area. From now on, I will be even more impressed.

P.S. Dear talulaah, there is a little something in the pictures, you might recognize. We're taking good care of it, until your roots have grown somewhere. xx

February 10, 2013

queen of colors

For the first time in my entire life, I was super lucky, finding the most amazing vintage furniture. Of course, there have been old cupboards, couches and drawers before, but this time it was different. On Friday, by accident actually, we've spoted those beautiful shelves from the sixties. Perfect for our living room, in great condition and what was even more surprising, for free. Can you believe that? We've called the guy who offered them and a friend promised, to help the husband picking the beauties up, by sunday morning. For three days, I have been really nervous. I just couldn't believe how lucky we were and secretly feared, the deal might be blown in the end. It didn't. Since three hours, we're building the most amazing shelves up. This week's Queen of Colors is brown, brown, brown. What an impressive start into the Year of the Snake. I am dancing. And I promise to show my favourite brown within the next week.

February 09, 2013

a different kind of valentine's

deep love
may I have more, of you
summer love
As promised, here are the new prints, I have been working on lately. A little bit of loving for you. And little bit of loving for me. I am not a big fan of Valentine's Day, to me it's looks more tempting to cherish your love any given day throughout the year, but to let the celebration pass completely unnoted, isn't my thing either. There're not going to be any roses or chocolate boxes around the Fishbowl, one hundred percent sure. It will be more, about being reminded how gifted we are, to have this special kind of person walking through life with us. Valentine's Day around here, will be more about, being a little more friendly or patient, something I am so bad at, with each other. And to smile about one or the other story, the husband and I went through over the years.

All the prints are available in my The Tiny Fisbowl Collection Shop at Society6. It is easy and comfortable to order there. And what is even better, wherever you might live and love, they'll ship all the items worldwide. If you'll order until Sunday night, shipping is even free.

So, come on and take a look at my work and browse through all those other great bits and pieces, that can be explored. There is so much talent to be found. It would be a pleasure to meet you over there.

Have a wonderful weekend and do not forget to LOVE.

February 08, 2013

as expected, but so very different

By Sunday it was already cristal clear, the upcoming days are going to be some Killer Days. And what can I tell you, that is exactly what has happened; days packed like crazy. Some things went really nasty, like a broken wheel of my old wheelchair, other stuff was super great. Cross your fingers, if everything works out as planned, we're soon going to be the proud owners of some very nice Danish vintage furniture. I found them on the internet. For free. Can you believe that? On top, I have managed to finish three more prints, which I am going to put into my print shop tonight. Actually, I like them a lot and can't wait, what you have to say about them. The most important thing by now, I am ready for another night on the couch. Ready for tons of sleep and some hot drinks, to fight all that snuffing and coughing around the house. That is, because winter decided to have a comeback in Berlin. Not to my liking, but there comes the thing with the lemons and the lemonade. Have a cosy weekend everybody, or some excitement, depending on what life has in store for you.

February 06, 2013

out of hands & back

There has to be something in the water, or the stars have gotten a bit of a blow; whatever the cause, this week has been crazy so far. The days seem to run through my fingers like nothing, while I am trying hard to stay on top of all the little disasters, being thrown at the Fishbowl. Misunderstandings followed by nasty letters, or tons of paperwork and accounting stuff, made even harder by a striking printer, everything takes tripple the time, I have thought it would. There are lightbulps in the studio constantly bursting, yesterday it was three in a row, and it seems, I drop most of the stuff I am getting my hands on. You know what I am talking about, no real drama, but annoying bits and pieces tearing your routine apart. Leaving you with a taste of discontent. Though this is only Wednesday, I feel kind of exhausted and in good need of a complete day slept through. Well, it is not going to happen and to be honest, it was a bit of predictable stress. It was clearly coming, by Sunday already. So, I have decided to take things as they come, spent as many moments as possible taking a break, going for a walk, and listening a bit longer to Ray LaMontagne. The Hippie in me, is happier already.

February 03, 2013

queen of colors

My first thoughts about this week, have been grey. The sky was wearing this shade most of the time, with little sun, but much more rain. Coming back to it though, the days made a rather fiery appearance. Seven days with a lot happening. Constantly. This week's Queen of Colors has to be red. There were very powerful appointments, a lot of moving forward, a little anger and an unpleasant visitor, I had some quite brave moments, there was wine with a friend and finally, premature but no less powerful, thew first signs of spring. Everything felt really red and equally energetic. Finishing my Sunday routine in the Fishbowl, with coffee and paperwork, I am ready for another week, promising to become as eventful and as exciting as this one. "Bring it on.", is all there is left to say. "Bring it on. I will play you, cripsterstyle." Have a great week too.

February 02, 2013

the magic potion of words

Katharina Thiel
Iris Boss
Matthias Scheliga
Axel Hartwig
Kreuzberg liest.
Last night I had the great pleasure of being a guest at the five year anniversary of Kreuzberg liest, one of the very precious pearls, that Berlin's nightlife has to offer. Starting off as a red wine infused idea of some serious literature lovers, this event has grown into an important force, when it comes to the written word. Very talented actors are reading (in German) from books and texts, they are passionate about. Be it a novel by Serge Gainsbourg, an interpretation of Loriot or a collection on love and porn; the fact, that the words being read, mean something to each and every single one of the actors, makes this Literary Salon a very special one. So if you're into this kind of stuff, check out their website or like them on Facebook, to make sure you're not missing out on some very special events. By the way, the best side effect about Kreuzberg liest, you'll go home with absolute inspiring recommendations, into what books, you definitely need to have a closer look.