December 31, 2012

goodbye the old, welcome the new

Dear readers and followers, about to get pretty and glittery for tonight's party. Before that, I wanna thank you for all the support, your interest in my little stories, for all those comments and those wonderful emails. You're an inspiration and you keep pushing me forward, sticking to what I am doing. Thank you for that too! And now, to a great night and to many good adventures within the upcoming months. I wish for all of us to have the courage to do what we love, to stand up to our believes and to take time for a little dance in the middle. Every moment stays only for so long; be it a good or a sad one, take it in. I will try to remind myself of that more often too. For now, cheers!

December 30, 2012

until things are all different

Despite being Sunday, not that I care a lot, everything was all about cleaning up today and about getting stuff out of the way. For whatever reason, this seems what we humans do, before something new is just around the corner. And, when about to kick of the preparations for tomorrows Speak Easy Dinner going New Year's Eve, it feels even more appropriate. Right now, I am sitting in the studio, listening to some old jazz tunes, while the husband is already rocking the kitchen. These are the best moments of all. Surfing through my mind, writing good-wish notes, some images from this year pop up in front of me and like every year, I am suddenly reminded of a lot of situations, I had already forgotten about. Actually, it almost ashames me. Those have not been the easiest months and somewhere in the middle, they felt even quite disapointing. Looking back though, it seems there has been so much more archieved, than meets the eye at first sight. At least three big time constructions sites have been cleared, bumpy roads have been walked to their end and as already mentioned, new plans are on the merge. In this moment, this minute right here, I gotta say, it was a good one and I am all prepared for new adventures, new places and a little more dancing. I wish the same for you, before going into the kitchen and cleaning four kilograms of Brussel Sprouts. Wish me patience, please.

December 28, 2012

on riding unknown horses

Last night, with coffee and the last box of Christmas treats, we've met in the Fishbowl and started making plans. Well, I am of course old enough to know, that life is not predictable and plans often fail, exactly because of this. What we actually did, was to check where we both, the husband and I, are seeing ourselves over the next three to five years. We were trying to find out, where our fantasies might carrie us, when all the binding stuff, like money, time and responsibilities, is out of the picture. Everything was allowed. Enough time given too, to spin all those ideas up to an end.

Within the first minutes, it had been an overwhelming situation and I wasn't sure anymore, if we aren't simply getting lost between all those different threads and paths, that started to unfold. Still, we kept on going. And yes, some of our ideas didn't match at all. Which, to me is important and right, as being a couple doesn't mean to be one brain, one heart, one body. Each of us does have plans of their own. What was more surprising, amazing and even frightening, was the fact which word showed up mostly on our lists. Away.

It was all about leaving, where we are right now. Not like to escape something, but to go somewhere we want to be. Away. Scary, but we also felt how strong this wish is for the both of us and, now that is is out in the field, we know that we're going to take this very seriously. Away.

We did nail it down to like three places we want to go and we did start to make plans, as I have already said. So, by the end of this year, we know there are clearly a lot of changes around the corner. I have to tell you, I cannot wait. To many adventures and to untraveled roads. Cheers to the ones traveling.

December 24, 2012

on how to put a tent in a box & christmas wishes

We have returned from the wilderness. Back to the Fishbowl. And we have spent last night, probably like most of you did; present wrapping, welcoming some last minute guests and, of course, a bit of heartwarming food. Holy Canneloni, don't you just love pickled onions. Maybe not. What I did find out though, within the last hours, the best part of a Pre-Christmas-Break is the little time you have to prepare things. Meaning, you'll concentrate on the most important stuff and leave out the nervwrecking rest. So, now that we're close to leaving the house again, to spend Christmas Eve at a cosy family gathering, all is done and nobody is actually stressed out. Everything was extremely easy going. Well, maybe except from the part, of trying to get a big present into a proper box, to ship it to an island. And meanwhile trying to explain to your dog, that this box is not for her. I kind of believe she totally got what we were saying and decided to simply ingnore us. We decided, to not mind.

Merry Christmas from the Fishbowl to all 
my lovely readers & friends!
You're a gift already.
Have a wonderful & chilled out time,
wherever you are.

Lots of Love from Berlin 

December 22, 2012

some pages turned & not

Day three, out in the nowhere. We haven't moved a lot, despite from a few walks through empty fields. We've slept more, talked about a lot of stuff and went back to some more hours of sleep. This morning, we woke up to snow and to a little nervousness. It is weird to understand, how much we seem to have lost the ability for not moving forward. To simple being. Especially myself, who would always have called herself, the chilled out type. I am not. Obviously, I am not as relaxed, as I made myself believe. This morning, I was very close to make my return to the big city lights, a day earlier than planned. I did not. A little snowball action and two hours out in the freezing air helped, to calm down my restless mind eventually. And now, the fire is burning again, we had a steaming Grog and we are back into our books. Another night before actually going back to the Fishbowl lies ahead. Another night, trying to get another step closer to myself again. See you on the road by tomorrow.

December 20, 2012

the silence of the lake

When it's quiet out here
A hundred miles away
You can hear the train on the line
The whistle blows just to break the silence
I wave just to break the time
I close my eyes
I think of runnin' water
I think of runnin' away
But the fires burnt to ashes
And it's darker than before
But I can see as clear as day 

(Kasey Chambers/ lyrics of "Nullabor Song")

We've made it, out of the city, right into the emptiness of the Uckermark. After the first day with nothing but a small place, open fire, lots of hot tea and good books, my serenity seems to be back already. Everything feels calm out here, all the hustle around the Fishbowl, forgotten within an hour. Not that do not love the buzzing atmosphere we usually have in the studio, for the next couple of days, I will probably be all about silence. And loving in too. There is more wood to be thrown in the fire and another chapter to read. Have a great night out there.

December 19, 2012

fresh prints in the shop

For a little over two years, I have been shooting and collecting images around the Fishbowl. The small and the big things that have been happening, which resulted in quite a number of photographs, that mean a lot to me. And to simply not let them dissapear in some folder, I've decided to work on them and to open up a little shop.

From now on, you can easily purchase them online over Society6. The prints are offered there in different sizes and shapes, as postcards, on stretched canvas and even framed. And they'll get shiopped all over the world too.

So, if you like my way of picturing the world and want to own a little piece out of my little Fishbowl world, come on over to Society6 strolling. I would love to meet you there.

December 17, 2012

notes on not knowing

Though I was so not sure wether I should write about this or just keep silent, all that helplessness, the feeling of hurt and of anger is simply screaming too loud inside of me. Somehow it needs to get out. There're no answers I'm able to offer, some questions or a humble opinion maybe, but actually, the most I needed to say is, that I am sorry. That I am sorry about the fear, the pain, the incredible loss that parents, that sisters and brothers, that families have to bare right now. Every time a town, a place, has to go through something like Newtown has to go through right now, every single time this is already too much. And as hard as it appears, there still is hope, that we as human beings are going to be strong enough, to not define ourselves over horrible stories like this. For tonight it is silence, sympathy and love.

December 16, 2012

laziness in no particular order

Before going back into the studio, for a few more busy days of the year, I am all into nothing. As you can see, I've even barely moved. The Fishbowl hasn't had a big share of me until now. The couch, the bed, cookies and nuts are my heroes today. And heroes should never be ignored. Never. Have a wonderful Sunday night.

December 14, 2012

debate dishes

Have the smart woman behind the Indivisualism Blog as your guest, add some design projects, late nights and friends popping in for dinner, five days in a row, and you'll get exactly, what we currently have at the Fishbowl. I have barely slept this week, didn't see a lot of daylight and discussed so many things, it feels like my head is loaded with inspiration. Of course this cannot go on forever, but right now, being in the middle of some kind of Bohemian Collective, is just perfect. For tonight there is my blog design to finish and a delicious Potato Soup to heat up. Maybe a few more glasses of Red will be in too (Come on, it is cold outside!). To a cosy and heart warming weekend.

December 10, 2012

campfire within an unsual setting

Good things come in many shades and sometimes, when they're neither planned nor expected at all, you will have the best times of all. This weekend we had an Open Studio in the Fishbowl, some grumpy arguments between two lovers being business partners as well, there was a lot of chocolate in form of cake, Japan and my sister paid a little visit, we had Gl├╝hwein, only a little less than chocolate, I completely burned down my favourite scarf, while it was wrapped around my neck (actually I'm still a little shocked), and we shouldn't forget about the good dose of snow, Berlin got over the last days. So much had happened that by Sunday afternoon, I actually found myself standing in the middle of the studio, weary and even a little helpless, when suddenly the frontdoor opened and my favourite neighbors turned up. The best ending for such a weekend, believe me. And even better, when you'll manage to keep all of it in the back of your mind, to start into another week.

December 06, 2012

early morning geometry

I am, at least, two frames of mind today. One started a bit of dancing early morning, when I got up, finding the city covered in white. And next, there was this little, sweet chocolate guy waiting in the Fishbowl, smiling at me from my workdesk. The other frame of mind, being a head almost exloding with ideas and energy. Suddenly projects and connections pop up like mushrooms in Fall. Thoughts running so fast, my hands feel like they've fallen under a little slow motion spell. And don't get me wrong, this isn't a bad thing. There is no rush or the slightest hint for stress. Not at all. This is more about being like some kind of bubble floating in the middle of a wide and steady river. In my case, a little less esoteric than it probably sounds, but still very delightful. Happy St' Nicholas Day to all of you.

December 04, 2012

giveaway & a little shop update

Here we go! After working a lot on the last EnvironmentInstallation "a fair sprinkling of gunpowder" and after having so little time for all the other stuff, I've finally made it. It actually took a bit longer than expected, as I haven't been there for quite a while, but this is to proudly announce, the TAKEAWAY-ART-SHOP is open again.

There is MONEY SOAP, there are postcards, paintings and, even some sparkling new watercolors up to be ordered. It was such fun to especially work on the watercolors, a bit of an unknown path for me so far, and I am pretty pleased with the outcome. And to celebrate this, I've thought to share a little love and set up a small, but precious Giveaway for my wonderful Followers and Readers. So, if you're in the mood to get some MONEY to wash your hands with, simply leave me a comment until Sunday, the 9th of December, and be in the draw for one of three MONEY SOAP bars.

A few FAQS you may like to know:
       - I do ship internationally.
       - shipping through DHL
       - all paintings & drawings are, of course, signed,.
       - the MONEY SOAPS have been part of an installation and
         each of them has a serial number.