November 30, 2012

on riding a calm thing

A feeling to which I return to quite often, is getting lost within the speed of day-to-day life. And by speed, I mean fast hours, as much as incredible slow ones. This feeling basically sums up this week. Nothing else. A week filled with small parts of uneventful occurences and with some glorious routines. A deer came by and added a little glitter, so did the rollercoaster ride called creative brainstorming. Right now, there is the idea of snow bashfully coming down on this city. And me, spending a few more hours at my desk, somewhere between updating and remembering what could be so precious by tomorrow. "In between" can be delightful, that is my latest finding.

November 25, 2012

a memory of pumpkin pie

Whenever you might feel slightly frustrated about your fellow men and women, the best cure in the world would be, to invite great people over for dinner. Let the chef of the house cook some amazing food (pumpkin pie & cranberry sauce are highly recommended!), lit a lot of candles, serve good wine and then, simply watch the crowd. Stand at the end of the table, silent for a few seconds and indulge. After last night's studio dinner I am back into people. Somewhere between all the conversations and the laughter, it clicked and within a couple of hours, it was all made up for the cranky days I had lately. Thank you everybody for my first propper Thanksgiving Dinner, thank you for all the love and for finishing of the turkey beast of 8kg, with like thirteen people. I am happily impressed and will stay like this for the next days. Now I am off to the kitchen. Of course. Have a wonderful Sunday night.

November 22, 2012

"stick, stones & paper balls"

Though as a German, I have only adopted this typical American holiday, there is a lot to be thankful about. First of all, thank you for all those wise and thoughtful messages on my last post. It's genuinely heartwarming, when after such nasty encounters, you understand that your not alone in viewing things as you do. The hurt is not completely gone yet, but your words definitely helped me to come out of an unpleasant corner and to start moving again. Of course, there is no need to give ignorance and stupidity more space than it deserves and in the end, the best might be to leave them with nothing else, but a little, nasty kicking. Energy can be spent on more important things and that is what has happened around the Fishbowl today; spending hours at the desk filling out several competition forms (wish me luck!), eating deliously unreasonable snacks and buying a sexy MP3 player for a woman in her seventies, are only some things that have happened. And even when not everything is completely done yet, in the end, the day came up with a wonderful little surprise on top. So, the kitchen is mine now, to boil up a good spicy coconut soup (turkey will happen on Saturday for another studio dinner) and then the couch calls once again. For all who celebrate it:

Happy Thanksgiving!

For all the others, I wish for you to have a wonderful night. Just because you deserve it.

November 18, 2012

"a matter of distance & not"

Maybe it was only me, but the last couple of days felt kind of rough and full of conflicts all over the place. Being the endless discussions around my disability parking spot (gosh, you won't believe what people have to say when, more or less friendly, being told off, because they've ignored the sign and have left their car, where they shouldn't), be it old family issues, which we obviously all face once in a while, or on a much bigger level, the complete atmosphere around this grumpy, old town called Berlin. Almost everybody seemed to be more rude and highly offensive. Yesterday for example, I was called a "Parking Spot Nazi". Do people even get, what terrible, silly stuff is jumping out of their mouths sometimes? I don't know, actually. Coming last night, after several encounters like this, I felt so sad and frustrated, that I've closed all the blinds of the Fishbowl quite early and fled to back of the flat, hiding in bed and watching movies. There were even tears, spiced with anger and a good dose of hurt. Yes I know, one should not let the issues of others get this close and even more, should respond in a more reflected way, than this probably has been. But come on, seriously, sometimes a good screaming and crying is necessary. I can't let people run over me like this, being all smiles, and pretending it won't get to me. Sorry, but some things are painful and some situations end up in decent crying, and I do believe it wouldn't be healthy to pretend strength, when feeling weak and rather broken. As long as there comes another day, like this sunday, when the grey backs off, with the first smile you see in the morning and with a caring neighbor, who simply tells you, that she understands where you are coming from.

November 12, 2012

"like catnip for humans"

Sometimes, we do need a good dose of fresh input or some, surprisingly, similar perspectives to give ourselves some new fuel to keep on going. Sometimes a Saturday turns out so different, from what we had expected. In case we've expected anything at all. And sometimes talking about politics is the most exciting thing to do, while having homemade pizza. When finished of, with a long walk through the Autumn woods the following day, life shows you its brightest moments. And it reminds you, of one of the very pleasurable side effects, when it comes to blogging; you come to meet the most amazing people. A little downside could be seen in the fact, that if there's more than one Blogger in the room, the cameras might get quite keen on similar subjects. No, I'm kidding. Actually it is very nice to see your night, through someone else's eyes. Having said this, here you're going to find more pictures on the food, the drinks, our kitchen and on many hours, simply chatted away. Thank you for the great company.

November 08, 2012

"more empty needed"

Some days need to be much slower than others. Today, in fact, there was a lot of nothing needed. It is nasty outside, with rain and the first snow grains of the year. I am sitting at my desk in the Fishbowl, all scarved up, and the most exciting thing has been a wonderful tasty cinnamon roll. Fresh from the oven. The rest, kind of silence. Yesterday though, there were lovely visitors around. The woman behind the very inspiring Indivisualism Blog came around with a friend and we had a wonderful time chatting hours away. She will probably kill me for that, but Holy Canneloni, that woman is smart. On top, she also left with some beautiful pictures from the Fishbowl, if you like to have a closer look. For now, it is me moving over to the couch, with a cup of tea and a good book. Simple days can be so delicious.

November 05, 2012

"one night show"

This post got a lot of pictures, but I can't help it. Still busy, sorting out all of saturday night's impressions; I couldn't feel any more happy and accomplished. Everything has been unbelievable. All there is to say at this point, is that "a fair sprinkling of gunpowder" went more than great. Actually, much better than anything I could have made up in advance. Thank you so much, thank you for every one who came by, for all the feedback and for the laughter. We had a blast. One of the ideas of the show's concept was, to sell out the complete EnvironmentInstallation within one night. And what can I say, we've almost made it. There is only a small number of "integrity" (gin infused with thyme, lemon and agave syrup) and "money" (hand carved soap) left. From now on, everything can be purchased directly at the Fishbowl. Until the absolute last piece is gone. And right now, this happy artist will take the dog and have some time in the woods. Have a wonderful week.

November 03, 2012

"last minute impressions"

There has never been a time, when I've finished things early. As long as I can think of, only shortly before deadline, the work finally came to a point, I felt at least comfortable with. This time, during the preparations, something clicked much earlier. It's late in the Fishbowl, but all the paintings, the potion, the soaps, all is done and to be honest, it feels good. Something tells me "a fair sprinkling of gunpowder" is going to be great. Despite the fact, I have never before worked in so many different fields for one show only, going to bed with the joy of a certain accomplishment is nice. A little more than this. There is still nervousness, but in a rather exciting kind of way.

So, if you happen to be in the Berlin area tomorrow, come on over. Have a look, try the Integrity Potion, get a Money Soap or simply show some love. I would love to welcome you all.

Atelier Schmidt
Sanderstraße 20
12047 Berlin-Neukölln
Starts at 7 p.m.
the Pop-Up-Bar & the Installation Sale 
start around 10 p.m.

P.S. I miss Lilli. Terribly.