October 30, 2012

"all soaped up"

Did you ever wonder, how life as an artist would be, if there could be art alone? No distractions, no every day hustles, no money issues and not a single relationship storm. A silly question, I know, but that close before a show, it  does sound tempting. At least for a minute. And then again, maybe it is, that we cherish studio time so much, because it's something that needs a lot of persistence, will power and discipline to keep things running. Such questions are running through my mind, while I sit in the Fishbowl, carving soap. Writing M O N E Y again and again. Bar for bar, going slow, but steady. Lucky, this is not the first time I am close to an Opening, four days to be precise, and even more lucky, I kind of know my silly brain. It is doing constant somersaults, in order to fight the nervousness. And to escape from the moment, instead of staying right in it. So good, this behaviour is no stranger to this studio, and just now, it can be laughed off. All is fine and I am exactly, where I'm supposed to be.

October 25, 2012

"creative quarantine"

I am not talking to people these days. Actually, I'm trying hard to ignore routines and every-day-drama, but concentrate busy on the flow. Though there won't be a lot of statments today, maybe you'll still like a little sneak into the stuff I am up to right this minute. In between, I am talking a lot to myself. Things that no one will ever hear. Ten days before the show, this is serious studio time. For the better or the worse. Some pieces for "a fair sprinkling of gunpowder" have already turned out great, others, well, let us not go there. As they say, there is nothing else to do, but just keep swimming. That's exactly what I will do now. Wish me luck, to survive the little drownings in between.

October 23, 2012

"fika & a little more swedish"

The Fishbowl is located in one of the most beautiful streets of Berlin. Well, that is at least, how I see it. Totally biased, of course, but I can't help it. I simply love this area. It owns an inspiring mix; with all it's looks, it's energy and with all the neighbors around, it is a great place to live and to work. We won't talk about the annoying folks, as you'll find them anywhere else too. Sometimes though, great even gets better. A couple of weeks ago, a little café opened up, just across the studio. Café Valentin is a tiny, but very cosy place, offering coffee (the coffeemachine is a piece of art!), lemonade, Brotzeit and the most amazing cakes. As the owner, a goddess when it comes to baked goods, is Swedish, I recently had a of lot of fresh cinnamon buns, mulberry cakes and to top it off, my first original Prinsesstårta. To be honest, I was hooked within the first bites. It simply was the dream of a torte. So, if you happen to be in Berlin, do not miss the chance to pay Lo and her café a visit. I guarantee you, you won't regret it.

Café Valentin, Sanderstraße 13, 12047 Berlin, Opening hours Monday to Saturday from 10 to 6 p.m.

October 21, 2012

"thistles & sun"

This weekend came in many shades and colors. I have been further working on the project "a fair sprinkling of gunpowder", which is starting to get really exciting, and we had quite some time, sitting outside the Fishbowl, chatting with our wonderful neighbors. Though you will find me complaining about the old lady Berlin once in a while, I simply cannot stop praising this hood especially. Passionate and loving people, is all that it needs, to make one street so different to others. Don't you think? I am a strong believer in the power of good minded and creative souls. After coffee and studio hours, we went to a small, but very exquisite food fair and finally, ended up testing the wine of a former collegue of mine. This guy simply followed his heart by becoming a winemaker, after many years in the editing room and I have to say, his wine is really, really good. Actually a weekend couldn't get any better than that. Well, maybe we should have skipped the silly arguement this morning. But then again, passion goes all ways, right. Have a wonderful Sunday everybody. We're going to heat up the stove, boil our traditional Sunday night pasta and watch a movie.

October 17, 2012

"explicit details of ease"

This is how it looks like, when I am in the middle of a new project. The moment, the spark finally jumped over and the luxury of a real good flow, keeps me going . I don't know about you, but I always have a very hard time, after an initial idea is born. The first steps of shaping a concept, of giving it some kind of direction scares, and sometimes even blocks, me. Completely. It feels like the infamous image of someone standing on the edge of a freshly snowed in field. So many ways to go, so many opportunities to develop. I simply might to admit, there is some kind of decision issue lingering around. The fear of taking one step, meaning another direction won't be possible anymore. This isn't the case I've learned over the years, but still, there exists a bit of hesitance, when finally starting to walk. Now, that I am, you wouldn't find another camper more happy than myself. I cannot wait for tomorrow, cannot wait to go on working more intensly on "a fair sprinkling of gunpowder".

October 14, 2012

"the brightest tune"

This time I've actually managed to shoot some impressions during the studio dinner. We had the greatest of times last night. New faces and old friends, homemade pasta, fresh mussels and some good red, that might be the candidate to become our new,  most favourite, house wine. Holy Canneloni was this a good one. Besides all the fun, in the end one or the other little tear was shared too, as we had to farewell a good friend. After almost three years in Berlin, she is going back home now. Thank you for all the moments we had together and for being the impressive woman, that you are. Goodbye, we will see you soon in New York. To catch a portion of Crutched Nuts Ice Cream, of course. Until then, you'll be terrible missed. The good thing, thinking of you always comes with a smile as well. So, after such a wonderful night, next week will be taken by storm and with a lot of dancing.

"the reason behind"

We're heading into another night of the Speak Easy Club and as usual, there's a lot to do. Like picking up the groceries, getting flowers from the market and preparing the studio. Last, being the least pleasant part, I have to admit. Sometimes, it really is a somewhat uncomfortable feeling, to clear away all the bits and pieces I am currently working at, and to open the space to friends or strangers. There are moments I feel almost invaded by my own idea. A couple of weeks ago a television team came around, to introduce us in a little a video. One of the things they've have been asking us instantly, was why we do have those dinners and what is in it for us, doing them? I have thought about this for a while and actually there're a several reasons. First of all, we believe in food being a huge part, when it comes to creativity, culture and identity. A lot of my EnvironmentInstallations are food related too. To me, food is one of the strongest materials, one can use in making art, as you won't possibly get any closer to people, than giving them something to eat. The main reason for the studio dinners though, is to create a different kind of energy in the Fishbowl. Different to the one, that we would have, when simply working and living here. To invite people to our table, be it they know each other or they have never met before, deeply inspires me. The conversations, the interaction, every tiny bit, while having good food on the our plates, is part of our concept to have an open door policy. I cannot image myself in a  closed-up studio for very long. Exclusively only swimming in my oiwn thoughts and ideas. Art to me, only makes sense, when connected to people. As much as we put into these events, so do all our guests with all their personality. When being asked for the next time, what the idea behind those dinners might be, it is clear to me. It is the gift of people. 

p.s. last night the camera arrived and made me a happy camper. as soon as I got into the new baby, it is enough with the kind of crappy images lately. wohoo!

October 10, 2012

"on getting to change plans"

Actually, I am in the middle of preparing my November show "a fair of sprinkling gunpowder" and so far, things went quite well. First scetches are done, the floor plan for the three exhibition spaces is finished and the serious drawing is about to start. You don't have to be a clearvoyant to guess what's coming next. I am stuck. At least for today. Last night I've stumbed over a silly cable in the hall and fell. Unfortunately for me, I've tried to soften the fall, by using my hands and ended up with a strained forefinger and a hurting shoulder. The finger probably looks worse than it is, as it has double the size of his left friend, but right now everything hurts and even tiping is not really fun. On top of that, silly me, dropped the camera last week and it is definitely dead. These are the last three pictures that could be safed. Hopefully the new baby is due to arrive lately on Friday. Until then things will have to go slow. Maybe it is a good idea to go over the show's concept again. Maybe it is time for another cup of coffee. Some days there is simply more rain, than others . We just have to swim with the waves, right.

October 08, 2012

"watercolored faces"

A couple of days ago, I had the pleasure to visit the studio of Almud Moog. On the way out to Adlershof, one of Berlin's ait was sunny already. A wonderful Autumn Sunday. This was been nothing though, compared to the light greeting us in room. The studio was bathed in light; there was sun all over the place and an amazingly calm atmosphere on top. Working behind huge shop windows myself, facing the street, I was close to becoming quite jealous about this piece of creative heaven. Including the old sitting easel. What I am definitely jealous of, are her portraits. Light and fragile, they still carry so much strength. Urban poetry. Today it is sunny again, but this time it's back to Fishbowl, working on my November show. To an inspiring week and thank you so much Almud, for opening your door and for letting me do these picture.