August 27, 2012

"and it became monday"

A weekend filled with flowers, with a good dose of Pacific, with rhythm and with Fall slightly kissing Autum; it was such a pleasure of being in the spot of somewhere else. And being in the middle the same time. Sometimes it is, and this is of course nothing I came up with, to step aside and follow yourself and your longing. The bittersweet part of it, I'd give a lot to be back right now, back down to my other home. Back by the sea, the Pohutukawa and those incredible clouds. But it is the beginning of a busy week and I'd rather get shopping for some studio shelves and put the dreaming up for later. Besides, bittersweet isn't the worst flavor at all. To a good week and to some loving on Monday.

August 25, 2012

"small things move big ones"

This has been a week of pleasure. With wonderful new guests for our dinner and a night on the bench, with neighbors we hadn't met before. I did quite some driving and won one of the marvelous "Pipi Pieces" by Céline Schroeder. A dear friend stopped by after along time and it felt even closer than ever before. Above, after three years, there are finally letters on the window. Showing for everybody out there, what to expect inside the Fishbowl. Well, kind of. But as a lot of people have been asking me lately, what we're actually doing here, it was clear we needed to step up a little. Ending those slow summer days, it feels great to become a bit more serious again. The air this morning was fresh and a bit misty, already. Introducing the first signs of Fall and kicking of the projects planned for the rest of the year. Though it is always a bit bittersweet to let Summer leave, I love change and colorful leaves too much, to not get excited as well.

August 19, 2012

"on going places"

Some things take much longer than you might have expected. And then suddenly they're here and everything is slightly different. Since ten days I am the proud owner of a sparkling new car. A wonderful brown beast, with lots of loading space for canvases and for transporting all the building materials I need for my intallations. There is space for friends and family (including a proper box for Emma) too  and even the chance to sleep in there, one or the other night, while exploring new places. Simply perfect. But actually, owning that car means much more to me than the pur fun. As not all of you might know, I'm living this life on crutches. It is something I was born with, which has never changed and which never will change. And something that didn't make me too fond about walking or takling long distances. It always has been quite a hustle to transport my work and to reach appointments via the public transport system. I have somehow managed, but it did require a lot of organisation and a good dose of loops. Great for me, Germany has a law to encourage companies to hire disabled people. When deciding on not doing it up to a certain rate, companies have to pay money into a government fund. This fund is used to create more sufficient work environments for people with skills, but special needs too. One can apply for hiring a sign language interpreter or for money to train an assistant dog. It can be everything from a special work desk up to, like in my case, the budget for a car and the special technics that needed to be build in. For example, as I cannot use my feet for operating the gas or the brakes, I am using my hands instead. To receive that kind of generous funding though, one has to demonstrate, that what you do for a living is something worth spending public money on. There was a business concept included, numerous amounts of studio visits, appointments, some "no's", more concepts, and a lot of numbers, until I finally got the go. I do believe this is a good thing, even when it got terribly frustrating in the middle, but we're not talking about cents here. And above, all this thinking and writing down, helped me in the end in more than one way. I kind of sense, it will be very useful within the next months from a business perspective too. Back to the brown beast; only ten days and it is hard to image how things have been before. How quick we tend to adjust. At the same time, it is still exciting. As summer is finally here, I will take another long ride now, ending up at some silent lake. Maybe you'll see me rushing by. Happily waving or inviting you for a ride.

August 09, 2012

"delicious august"

Another one of our Speak Easy Club dinner is about to kick of next week and
actually, I cannot wait to have some lovely guests over and enjoy gorgeous food together.
To sit down at a long table and to eat in the studio, always creates a very special atmosphere and
as we had a little break over summer, this is even more exciting.


*Garlic Soup

*Fish'n Chips
Grilled fish,
three kinds of potatoes,
homemade dips

*Berry Tarte with
Mascarpone Créme
Chocolate Parfait

One of my latest fantasies, is to join with all my wonderful  and smart Fishbowl readers around that old table. This would be such a feast; lots of laughter and some wild music included.

August 07, 2012


Almost there. Almost done. Tomorrow will be the day, I have been waiting for, for more than two years and actually, I cannot believe it just now. There's not a lot better in life than some pleasant anticipation. Is it? The next days I will be flying around happily, before I can finally fill you in on the complete story. And before, with the beginning of next week, it is back to real Fishbowl time. Lost between all the paperwork and in, what feels like, a million appointments, I have missed that so much. By monday I will be back into the studio and back to creating. Back to what I love most.

August 05, 2012

"running out"

Still holding the breath around the Fishbowl. One moment things are working out fine, concentrating on simple things. The next minute I am heavily falling behind my own theory on shifting focus. All those smarty-pant speeches jumping back at me. Madame Patience, you're one tough cookie to hold up to. But you're not the only one, knowing some tricks. Now, there is a computer in need of serious reparation and a little more time to spend generously.