July 27, 2012

"wings come in many shapes"

While the city is happily melting, my favourite spot got to be a little garage down the road. To others it might look like the ordinary collection of tools, tyres and instruments, to me it looks like nothing less but freedom. As cheesy as this sounds, that is it. There are high hopes for some flying high within the next two weeks. Until then, another round of patience will be required. Only a little more. Besides that, everbody in the Fishbowl will be enjoying all those marvelous things summer is offering lately.

July 25, 2012

"Sander Summer Tea"

There is not much more delightful these days, but one of these hot summer nights in the backyard. Sitting on the doorsill, no shoes, but good tunes. Even more delightful, last night the perfection was accompanied by the fragrance of Hibiscus flowers, oranges and ginger. A little rum, not to forget. "Sander Summer Tea" is something we came up with a while ago and it follows us through summer ever since.

"Sander Summer Tea"

hibiscus syrup:

350g sugar
550g water
100g hibiscus flowers
10g ginger
the juice of one orange
orange zests

put in a pot and boil up.
let it cool down and then strain
through a sieve


4 cl white rum
3 cl hibiscus syrup
juice of half an orange
1 teaspoon of brown sugar

shake with ice and fill

up with soda

Though, with all that rain and the temperatures far too low, it had been a struggle to get here; right now, I am in love with my city. It would be nice, if that feeling could stay a while. Cheers!

July 22, 2012

"not much, but no less"

Sunday impressions around the Fishbowl. There is not a lot going on, but me sitting inside and taking the moment in. Outside, people smiling and peacefully resting on the orange bench. In front of the studio window. Fresh pots with climbing roses, a little bit of green and even more sun than yesterday. A whole new beginning. And yes, those windwos are in urgent need of some cleaning.

July 20, 2012

"periods of sunny patches"

It looks like I am finally getting somewhere. Out of the slow and the chewy moments. For the first time, in over a week, there is more sun than rain. After two busy days of errands run, fresh ideas popping up and even more, a lot of letting go, a lovely and mild evening calls for having a beer in the backyard. The only question to be asked right now: "Why it is so hard to get to that point?" Maybe this will stay unanswered until I am old and grey. Maybe it will never be answered at all. Besides that, have a wonderful weekend yourself and collect as much sunshine as possible.

July 16, 2012

"no watermelon days"

Things haven't improved significantly around the Fishbowl; heavy rain and a mind running in circles. Still working on the good old patience. And though you were absolutely right, dear Lilli,strawberries and good books are not solving any problems. They do help to change the pace though and they ease some pressure. Simply by letting us forget the heavier challenges for a minute. At the beginning of this sparkling new week, wish me luck so that secret, unknown door will open up, and that studio time unfolds itself a little more pleasant over the next days. Who cares about the weather anyway.

July 13, 2012

"older than yesterday"

Sometimes it feels good to skip the routine. It even gets better when unscheduled. This morning started with a tired dog, a blurry sky, hot coffee and some good reading. The house overall in silence, not a single soul crossing the backyard. In the back of my mind The Woodmans, a documentary I did watch last night, and a quote from Francesca Woodman's journal: "I wish I didn't waste my patience so endlessly in my living life, because there is never enough left for study or play." I will keep that around for the rest of today, maybe a little longer.

July 07, 2012

"after the rain, becoming before"

They say, one shouldn't praise the rain before it stops. And that is exactly, what is not happening these days. Berlin is drowing, the nights are still filled with heavy thunderstorms and everything seems unusually humid. A bit like in the Tropics, missing the heat though. When I was writing about change in my last post, I did mean it. I was convinced, that the second half of the year will come a round easier. Obviously life is trying to prove, it is not ready for that just now. What a week this has been; a broken hard drive. Late night hours in front of the computer and a tense couple included. A big misunderstanding with the tax office, a lot of unnecessary running around town, the car is still not finished, while the car dealer miplaced my passport. I could go on and on grumbling, but while typing this, it becomes clear, that it is of no actual use. It will only get me into an unfriendly, highly unsatisfying mood. The rain will stop eventually, so are the tricky parts, and in the end, everything's going to be solved. Patience, madame, patience. With that in mind, there is another bowl of the year's last strawberries waiting in the kitchen. What better could there be, while chilling on the couch. Rainy or not, have a good weekend. I am not giving up on the second half.

July 01, 2012

"after the rain"

Coming this sunday, we're half way through the year. So far things have been rough, interesting, something from a little too slow to amazingly good. Last night, thanks to a bunch of incredibly nice guests, was one of the most wonderful nights on top. A night ending with a magical thunderstorm. The city sky changing from black to purple, to pink and back, while rain was pouring down. Washing everything, that had been dusty, away. And the things that got stuck recently, were drained down the gutter. There was dancing in the rain. And happiness, when finally getting to sleep, with the birds starting to sing in the backyard. This sunday is all about sunlight and some air, so wonderfully clear and fresh. Bring on the second half, is all there is left to say.