June 30, 2012

"to good food, to summer and a little loving"

Finally summer is in the city. How delicious this sounds and how even better, it feels. The doors of the Fishbowl are wide open and there is some groovy 70th music playing too. Don't worry, I won't miss any cliché on that one. Simply too much fun. We've kicked of the preparations for tonight's Speak Easy Club.Once a month we're having a studio dinner around here. It is all about inviting friends, family and strangers to come together and enjoy a marvelous meal. The husband allowed to share the menu this time, and I will, not without a little sneaky smile, as it is going to be so great.


*Iced cucumber soup
with Lemon-Feta-Dip
and dried tomatos

*Grilled salmon,
marinated with rum
with Patatas Arrugadas
(Canarian wrinkle potatoes)

wit Vanillaparfait

Have a wonderful weekend everybody. Go out and explore what life has to offer to you. And if you're around by tomorrow, knock on the window. Maybe there'll be a tiny piece of that pie left.

June 25, 2012

"on loops and reluctance"

After sun, there will be rain and busy times, often result in hang-in-there moments. Though everything else is running fine in the Fishbowl, studio time is currently not. Somehow, I am not getting any further. I can start in the morning with lots of energy and great ideas, after a couple of hours everything seems to crumble. What looked like the way to go, doesn't convince me at all, coming afternoon. This is happening for almost a month already, and when I have been taking it easy for the first two weeks, there is panic starting to grow right now. Of course, every artist knows these periods of feeling lost and the sour taste of no effencient work. Of course, my head tells me to calm down and to take things as they come, but my heart screams for help. Finding myself in the kitchen, cooking, to get at least some kind of accomplishment by the end of the day. The problem is, a good soup or even that gorgeous Lime-Strawberry-Granita won't help me the next morning, when turning on the light in the Fishbowl. The only thing to do, ones again, is to go on and through with it. Hopefully soon.

June 19, 2012

"unwrapping secrects delight"

artwork by Susanne Mehlgarten
For weeks I was giving out hints according to big things around the corner, to great changes being in store for the Fishbowl, and believe me, keeping quiet hasn't be an easy task. For someone outspoken and rather bubbly like me, it had been quite a test. Holy Canneloni, more than ones it was so close to being dropped and spoiled. Today though is the perfect day to reveal wonder number one: After two years filled with paperwork, with meetings, with a lot of debating, of writing concepts and those really energy consuming "one-step-ahead-and-five-steps-back-moments", I am the lucky receiver of funding to purchase a drive. A proper car, rebuild into a vehicle one can navigate without using feet or legs at all. As many of you know, I'm walking this life on crutches. Usually this is no big deal, but to get from one side of the town to the other, to transport canvases for example, involves a lot of organisation and logistic stretching. Very often the husband, who is busy enough already with his work as a freelance chef, has to jump in and help. It is not a great feeling, to know him spending his precious time on stuff, I'd rather get done by myself. So you can imagine, this is not only about some kind of car, but actually this is a little bit more about freedom and independance. I am totally excited about this and can barely wait for my first ride.

June 12, 2012

"beauty beyond"

Sometimes beauty can be found beyond our fear. When leaving well-known paths behind, when forgetting about our resistence, we might explore the most wonderful sights. Somewhere we did not expect them at all. This enormous heart of a sheep wasn't brought to me for artistic reasons, that would not go with my respect for other creatures. It came as a present for the family dog, but when I unwrapped it last night, it took my breath away. With all its red, the shapes and the strength it stood for; I couldn't resist but take pictures of it. Pictures of life and all the secrets coming with it. .

June 09, 2012

"chewing gum days"

The thing about patience is, that she usually asks for a few inches more, for a tiny bit extra strength and endurance. She will be demanding those steps, we believe we might not be able to go. That seems to be her nature and nothing will change that. A random week; not bad and not great either. There had been some studio time, an nice little party, but also a lot of driving with the brakes on. I am trying to focus on the sunshine and the sweets. And on the fact, that time is working for me and for the Fishbowl. At the end of this road, thing are going to be very different, a whole new level is just around the next corner. There will be many chances for dancing. With that in mind, I will just go on and on, no matter what. One more time I will take a deep breath and enjoy the rest of the weekend, as it comes. Enjoy yours too!

June 03, 2012

"food for thoughts"

Marre Moerel
Leticia Credidio
Maarten Baptist
The weekend went exactly how it was planned; besides from a short visit to Taste Festival, I didn't really leave the couch, barely the house. Only to walk Emma through the rain. It was all about watching movies, sleeping and reading. A weekend a perfection. I am feeling much more energetic and well prepared for the upcoming days. Tomorrow will come with another rhythm, but not before having a good dose aspargus and new potatoes and maybe, another movie. To a great sunday night, everybody.

June 01, 2012

"ode to the snail"

Sick is followed by slow; this seems to be an unwritten law. A logical one, probably. The week has been more about stuff that hasn't been done, than any exciting, new adventures. The huge Maori face I am working at, isn't done yet. Such as the reorganizing of the studio or any significant steps to send last year's main EnvironmentInstallation on tour. Almost nothing actually has happened. The Fishbowl has been a place of low energy, lots of thinking and a good dose of longing. Apart from from the trip to a little festival tonight, there is no intention to change a bit. Not for the next two days. No dancing, but some rain and a lot of sleep.