April 27, 2012

"on watching a fish on the back"

Deciding to hire a cleaner for the Fishbowl has been one of the more smart ideas lately. Since three months there is no more scrubbing floors, no cleaning the toilet or polishing the bathroom mirror. When you are self-employed one of the battles you will fight constantly, will be a huge lack of time. Between studio hours, office work, appointments, family and friends, there is always too little of it. So, I was very thankful for this opportunity. Yesterday though, the arrival of the cleaning man came with an unpleasant surprise. The man showed up completely drunk, barely able to stand straight or even to walk. Lucky for me, the husband was around, so I didn't have to handle the problem on my own. Usually no chicken, this felt very awkward. After a short conversation, if you can even call it that, we've decided to send the man home and told his boss, that he wasn't well. I didn't want to bring him into trouble, but somehow the incident stuck to the back of my mind. "Everybody deserves a second chance.", I thought all the time. On the other hand, the idea to let him clean our floors or work around our bedroom ever again, made me feel highly uncomfortable. My guts screamed, something is seriously wrong with the man. This morning it turned out, the situation was even worse. The boss of the cleaning company showed up, telling me, that he had fired the man. The whole thing wasn't about alcohol, but about the man being a heavy drug user for more than twenty years. Over the last eight years, he had managed to be clean. Until two nights ago. Obviously my inner voice was right, though this doesn't leave a good feeling. I am so very sorry for the man, as it is not an easy sight to witness someone fall. Above, he is a nice person, beside his problems. I wish him all the strength and the power to turn his back against the drugs and come out of the dark again.

April 23, 2012

"no fancy bits"

Change is one of the purposes in life. At least, this is how I see it. Tying together loose ends, sometimes is part of the process. The not so glamourous one. As I have read in another blog lately, very often it seems to be the small picture people get attached to and stuck in. For me it is the other way around; very often you will find me, sitting in the Fishbowl and fantasizing about all the huge things, the adventures waiting ahead. The perfect spot to live in, a total new turn on my work or a show taking place somewhere exotic. Leaving behind limitations can open doors, but all these dreams make it quite easy to forget that big steps need small ones first. My huge weakness, getting bored with daily routines and consistency. Over the weekend I have been trying to clear out the boxes with those loose ends. Not a lot of color and sunshine, but slow progress and a slightly grumpy couple, trying to focus and get it over with. Only sunday night it was clear, how much we had moved and how pround we can start into this week.

April 20, 2012

"spring tunes"

For the first time this year, we were having a beer outside. Plus a marvelous concert on top. While the Fishbowl is still a place of serious procrastination and studio time is actually not running smooth at the moment, the city is preparing for the first summerish events. Last night, we had the chance to be in the game for a gig of Rob Longstaff. And boy, was this guy good. Currently based in Berlin, he was playing the best soul, blues and pop mixture, I have been listening to in a long while. And I mean, long. A warm hearted infusion of energy, fun and rhythm took me away within the first riffs. In case, you are in the city and have the chance to listen to Rob, I highly recommend not to miss that chance. If you're somewhere else, his album Boogaloo can be purchased via his website. Go on and dance to it.

April 16, 2012


Weekends including studio dinners are the best. Coming together with old friends and people we'll meet for the first time, combined with the marvelous food from the husband, makes me smile a lot. This time we laughed a lot too and I fell for the homemade Ravioli, filled with salmon marinated in rum and brown sugar. A perfect base to start into a sunny week. Bring it on.

April 12, 2012

"three carrots down"

The short break had been nice, with good food, lots of sleep and my legs on the couch. Extensively. Now we are back, in the middle of an unexciting week. At least until today, it had been business as usual, snail speed progress and a good dose of rainy grey, in front of the Fishbowl. We all know, those moments are needed and maybe, in the long run, they are even more important than adventures and sudden surprises. Only, when in the middle of it, I could tear my hair and scream. Well, this sounds too drastic. Let's just say; I could need a little orchestra turning up in the studio. Another cup of coffee will have to do for starters.

April 08, 2012

"two stories, one path"

I would not have sacrificed so much for love if love were mostly about pleasure.
(Linda Gregg)
Today, I've adopted a painting. Within the blink of an eye. Though it is not clear, if we are at all meant for each other, I simply couldn't leave it there. On the sidewalk. On another note, it wasn't the smartest move, trying to color brown eggs into a yellowish shade. Now, they are here and they are going to be used anyway. Some things probably need some time to grow on us. Others need to be taken as they come. Happy Easter, happy Sunday.

April 07, 2012

"rainy moves"

Perfect timing for a busy saturday; the weather has changed. No more spring break, but rain, hail and tons of grey. The idea of being out there in the cold, makes it even easier to spent the rest of the day in the studio and to create a little flow around those other projects, waiting for us. Further ahead into this holiday weekend there are, of course, some eggs planned and a nice family dinner. For today, I hope you are all having a good time, according to the weather forecast.

April 04, 2012

"a matter of argument"

For no reason there has been some intense argument in the Fishbowl yesterday. It has been going on between me and a painting, that I had returned to after while. Holy Canneloni, was it acting in tough-cookie-style. There was no way to concentrate from the first moment I had picked up a brush. The painting was screaming at me to leave, to go away and that it had not missed me so far. Over the day, I must have left the studio about a hundred times probably; to brew a coffee, to turn on the dishwasher, find sweets in the kitchen and to brew another round of coffee. Only to return and not feeling any more welcome. And the end, I got so angry at the situation, I ranted back, using a very serious voice:"No matter what, silly thing. I will come back and back and back. So there is no use in making this any harder than necessary." A while later, I was able to look at at four hours of work, new layers of color on the canvas and the sweet taste of a tiny, but good victory. Today it is raining outside, so things will be more calm from the beginning.

April 02, 2012


We had a wonderful weekend in the Fishbowl. Nothing spectacular, which has been the best part of it. The week before was so busy, that I was absolutely happy with a handful of ordinary stuff. No better things to do than cleaning, cooking, sleeping and watching a couple of movies on the couch. On that note; Drive felt weird to me. Though the pictures were enticing, the music captivating and everything made sense, I found it overwelming in it's brutality. In the end all the beating, the shooting and torturing totally turned me off. Call me a chicken, but I believe, the movie could have been more convincing without all that.