February 28, 2012

"where there is light, there is shadow"

Last night I attended a book launch in one of Germany's goverment buildings. Since schooldays, which has been actually twenty years ago, I have never been there. At least not inside one of the huge conference rooms; after running through security checks and equiped with a sparkling visitor's pass. Strangely I felt right at home there and absolutely comfortable within in the premises. When leaving, I noticed there had been a lot of light bulps and luminous installations throughout the building.

February 23, 2012

"variations of whites and some blue"

The light has changed. Within twenty-four hours we have gone from a sudden winter attack, when everybody actually thought that was it, right into the first attempt towards spring. It is a test run though, as the city still looks dirty and muddy, but the air smells kinda light blue and invites to open up the windows in the Fishbowl. To let the old out and new things in. Luckily, I am feeling better too and strongly intend to stay like that for a while. Enough of being sick. I was even brave enough to clean the studio and already got dirty with brushes and paint too. Still a bit shy with one another, this is nothing new, as creative breaks usually demand double the time until things are readjusted and one feels comfortable, back in.

The winners of the little giveaway are finally drawn too. Dani, Kiwisue and Steph, who has sent me a wonderful email about little notes around her house, could you please email your postal adresses, so the prints can fly out to you. And once again, thank you so much for sharing your ideas!

The light is changing again, we're slowly heading into dusk. For tonight the Fishbowl awaits a couple of fellow artists, wanting to learn about our current projects. I am always kind of nervous to talk about fresh ideas. To find the right balance between shaping things, to make them happen, and not letting out too much, to burn them is tricky. For the next hour or so, my mind will be busy baking Focaccia and setting up the table. Have a wonderful night too.

February 20, 2012

"flights, bugs and pillows"

Having spent a good part of the weekend in bed, it seems, I am slowly getting there. Slowly. Last week's family gathering came with a nasty side effect, we're still suffering from. Staying at my brother's house, which was so lovely, we obviously caught some ugly stomach flue. Carefully handing it over from one to the other. I won't go into details here, but actually, I cannot remember feeling so knocked out in a long time. Therefor, the winners of the little giveaway are not drawn yet and it will probably take another couple of days, until they will be announced. You are still invited to leave a comment about your thoughts according to Valentine's Day. For me it is to slow adjustments and a lot of rest. Not sure if there is still blood in my venes, instead of Black Tea. Have a good start into the week; it is sunny in Berlin, which helps a lot.

February 14, 2012

"a little something for you"

Today is a lot about hearts, about relationships and to be honest, a little bit, about what we expect love to look like. Actually I couldn't put my finger on it. For me, this thing called love, comes in a million shapes and colors. The unexpected parts are very often the best of it; like a suprise package from the other side of the world or a homemade soup, to get me warm while the city is freezing. In a couple of weeks, the husband and I are going to celebrate our ten year anniversary and if I look back all this time, asking how we got here, it was never roses or candle light dinners, that made my knees weak. It have always been the little, the everyday moves, that brought happy tears to my eyes.

Being surprised is one thing, but I also love to make suprises myself. So for this special day, I am sending out three prints of my poster "soon to be free" to my lovely readers.

If you want to be in the draw for one of them, maybe you like to share your ideas. What do you believe, shows the love for another person? What touches you more, red roses or a cup of tea brought to you in the morning? I am very curious and cannot wait for many inspiring answer until Friday. Besides that, have a wonderful day.

February 07, 2012

"feathers of a precocial bird"

When it comes to family, precocial bird would probably be the most appropriate term for myself. From an early age on, I was constantly making plans on how to run away. I absolutely loved reading those adventure books, about kids who made it on their own. Somewhere in the wilderness. And I remember always having a box hidden under my bed. A box filled with stuff that I thought would come in handy for a proper escape; like matches, apples, an old knife or some warm socks. None of it would have brought me far, but I somehow needed an assurance to be able to leave any time and to spread my wings. Though life has changed a lot since then, once in a while, I still get hit by such emotions. It isn't a matter of love, as I have long chosen a wonderful family of my own and learned to surround myself with some amazing friends. Interestingly, the people I love the most, have strong wings of their own too, and the ability to look after themselves as much as they do after me. Wings simply need to be used now and then; sometimes to change perspectives, to leave a blind alley or just to free the mind. Looking back all those years; understanding about that need and developing the strenght to live it, has been the greatest gift of my life so far.

February 04, 2012

"on cold feet and getting closer"

The reunion has started. For the first time in over a month, the studio and I are back together. Still a bit shy and hesistant, we're getting closer, taking an intensive look at each other. One second euphoric, the next one rather insecure. I find myself looking for things I am familiar with; the ceiling, edges of the old easel or a painting that hasn't been on my mind for long. A secret, how we tend to distant ourselves so fast. How we are running from well known places and comfortable roles. I guess, no matter how many years I will be going on as an artist, it will happen over and over again. Somehow new, every time. While the frost out there is sharp and biting; I am in here, starting once again, an exciting affair with this place and with all it means to me. A wonderful weekend to all of you; maybe some hot soup included.

February 02, 2012

"paper horizon"

In the middle of it, it seemed like there is no horizon ahead and not a lot of such behind me, but finally it is done. The upcoming months are structured, planned and kind of pinned to the wall next to my office table. Likely there will be changes coming or new stuff will pop up, but it feels incredibly liberating to have all the ideas and deadlines out off my head. Room for the really creative stuff, so to say. Tomorrow my studio will have me back. Hopefully it will be an easy start, after almost a month. The next hours though, will be spent with hot tea and a huge piece of white-chocolate-cake. Not as bright as the neighbor's cake, we have shared lately, but even more luscious. Thank you husband for that. Thank you paperwork, for leaving me that light hearted.