November 28, 2011

"standing & out"

Sometimes we learn about another person's attitude from one second to another. Sometimes the experience isn't all too pleasant, sometimes even hurtful. When this is related to a person we have thought to know quite well and for a long time, it can deal a pretty good blow. Happening to me today, I was in shock for a moment. And there was sadness; finding out what I love is not relevant for the other. Even more, it is not wanted at all. The sadness felt bitter a few minutes later, developing a pinch of anger. Still, it brought me nowhere. I felt stuck like a deer in headlights and it was awful, when someone else handed me a warm scarf of understanding. It helped to overcome that paralyzed feeling and to start thinking straight again. I am still a bit sad, but that is alright with me. We probably need to accept other people's choices as what they are, their choices. Not related to us, nor to support or to fight us. As simple or as hard this might be. What we want, is what we decide. The same with the things we don't want. I decide to life and to happiness, for myself. There is no more I can do. Besides a little applogizing, for being that heavy tonight.

November 25, 2011

"on making things"

It is back to a lot of studio hours, intensive kitchen time and short lunch breaks. In other words, and I am not sure how often I did write this over the year; it is back to being busy in the Fishbowl. Almost everybody working in the creative industries will be feeling the same right now, and somewhere in between filling the takeaway-art-shop with new stuff, assisting the husband with his chocolate workshops and preparing for the pop-up store in the studio, I am laughing out loud. Crossing my own lines sometimes, which can be as much of bad than a good thing, seems to be just what I do. So, over the next days there will be a lot of news to tell, until then, consider me dirty handed.

November 21, 2011

"one night with Hamdi"

Though our desks are extremely packed and the days seem always too short, once in a while we manage to take some time off and explore other people's projects. For one night last week, we had the pleasure to meet up with Hamdi in Charlottenburg. King@Kreuzberg is the newest project of actor and director Aykut Kayacik, who wrote this brilliant script about the adventures of Hamdi, a Berlin businessman with Turkish roots, who refers to himself as the King of Kreuzberg. We had been invited to a scenic reading. Together with some of Germany's finest actors, Aykut and his friends brought that Kreuzberg microcosm to life. And when I say to life, I mean it. Actually, I cannot remember when it had been the last time, I have laughed that hard and had so much fun, listening to a bunch of people on a stage. It has been absolutely great and the only whish open when leaving the place, was that the series is going to get realized by some smart producer. It is about time for many others to meet up with Hamdi.

P.S. The reading took place within the small, but very good festival 30 Tage Kunst.The festival runs until the end of November. Go and have a look at their program, it will be absolutely worth a visit.

November 19, 2011

"preparations & other sins"

The Fishbowl is in full swing, preparing another Speak Easy Club. Since last night the husband is cooking and smoking around the stove, a lovely break included, to make it a great studio night for our guests and for us. I was playing with a new recipe for the welcome drink; filling up rosmary, lemon and gin for a champagne cocktail. A weird experience to work with alcohol in the morning, but as the streets are dark now, I can't wait to try it. I believe we are up to having a wonderful meal. For all my vegetarian readers, the menue includes a lot of vegetables too, only when these go into the pans, I will be in no state to post any pictures no more; hopefully taking a shower and making myself a proper looking host.


*Cappuccino of
Brussel Sprouts

*Osso Bucco
with oven baked Fennel

*Pumpkin Strudel
Espresso Parfait

Before I totally forget it; the bell system is fixed. No more annoying noise. Thank you for the nice comments and questions on how I cope with the sound. I am plug free since three days. Now, there are flowers to arrange and candles to lit. Have a wonderful night too.

November 14, 2011

"a matter of light and positions"

For two days in a row, the electric bell system in the house is broken; even from the next corner of our street you can clearly hear the enormous buzzing. Needles to say, how annoying the sound is, when being in the flat. After a while, it feels like you have to jump out of your skin. I am very glad our bedroom lies on the other side of the building, seperated by four doors from the old front gate. This way it was possible to get a good night sleep. As there have been no electricians or at least the maintance guy in sight though, I have spent the complete day in the Fishbowl, working carefully ear plugged. Covered by complete silence through the help of those little, orange foam pieces, I have managed to get suprisingly much done; spending highly concentrated and relaxed hours in the studio. Thankful for an obstacle turning to become a gift. Ones more, it is true that things are not how they look like, but how we see them.

November 09, 2011

"one night show - the second"

Another round of pictures from "spoiled by available landscapes". Three days ahead, I am getting closer to a realistic and more steady feeling around the show. This time, the feeling is pretty good. When exhibiting an EnvironmentInstallation, it always takes a bit of distance to understand what has worked well and which parts might need a bit more work. Especially when the installation includes some special pieces or like this one, is unsually minimalistic. A style that I am not used to yet and that does not allow any visual tricks. Not easy, but pleasant. What I am getting used to, is my current addiction. Since I have learned how to make it, thanks to Jennifer, I have managed to store an impressive dose of almond milk in the frigde. What a deliscious stuff that is. Probably in the run to become my winter addiction number one.

November 08, 2011

"one night show"

The first impressions of "spoiled by available landscapes". It has been absolutely great. A long and exciting night, lots of visitors and even more talking. Thank you for everybody crossing their fingers, so we could make it. Just in time, as usual. Thank you for everybody, who made it through the night, paying us a visit. We had some very special people over here too. More about this coming soon. I am still exhausted and in the after-show-loop, kind of out of words, but I am very, very happy. There was only one point, we definitely need to change for the next show. Hire a professional photographer, Baby. It is impossible to shoot people, when interacting with them. So, these pictures do not exactly please me, but you'll still get the picture, I hope. Off to a good glass of red and some sleep. See you tomorrow.

November 04, 2011


Not a lot time to enjoy the beautiful Fall view from our bedroom. No time at all, actually. It rather is about inner landscapes than anything else. The night before the show the Fishbowl is buzzing. There is working against the clock, polishing up props, tiny victories, one or the other nervous breakdown and me in the middle, trying to convince myself: "It is all going to be fine. It is all going to be fine." Of course it is, just not now. One of these days, when you're not quite sure, if you might be a little bit crazy, doing what you do. But, being crazy is part of love, it is as simple as that. Being ready for tomorrow, is the other one. Have a great night, I am back to getting dirty.