October 31, 2011

"tricks and other treats"

Though I could use a couple more hours of sleep, this has been a great weekend. A fantastic Speak Easy night included. We had the most pleasant guests; spent hours at the table, eating, drinking and chatting. I have learned that wine is sometimes named after a lover, Sugar Babe. Understand now, that chicken liver paté does taste incredible when homemade, but at the same time, it does look gros in the making. Part of the deal. And I am happy to have found out, that tax inspectors can have an impressive knockledge on Whiskey and adore all things tasty, from deep down of their hearts. It is simply the best, when people proof those silly preconjunctions wrong and surprise us. Honestly, we all have them. For tonight an impressive dose of jelly bats are waiting in paper bags to fly out, into the dark. Not a bad start for a Monday either.

October 27, 2011

"about someone unkown"

Today's mission had been to stockpile our kitchen goods. With the next Speak Easy Club taking place on Saturday, it was all about wine glasses, platters and bowls. Those dinner nights in the studio are usually quite busy already. This time though, we are booked to the absolute last seat. Therefor it was off, shopping. After strolling through different kind of dishes, stacking white candles & me falling in love with some pale blue soup bowls, I suddenly noticed a guy following me. The husband somewhere ahead, searching for propper cups, there he was; a full-bearded, gawkish looking stranger. He didn't say a word, he didn't look at anything, but stared at me. He must have been around fifty, the hair long, light and greasy. What corner I turned around, he stood there. Though I was pretending to appear relaxed and comfortable, the situation was kind of creepy and I caught myself, secretly looking out for help. Watching the man from the corner of my eye, he felt absolutely wrong. Something about him scared me seriously. Like those people, who live in parallel worlds. Silently ticking time bombs, exploding in the middle of thought to be harmless moments. Usually not someone to unsettle that easy, I felt in danger. When Thomas showed up with his cups and I started telling him about the incident, of course, the guy had dissapeard. Five minutes later he had left my mind as well. Only now, uploading the photos, the weird feeling comes back. Like a cold, uneasy breeze. To be honest, I cannot think of any better place than our kitchen right now; candle lights and spicy tea in front of me.

October 24, 2011

"in particulars"

Intensive work on a new project, especially an EnvironmentInstallation, makes me even more receptive towards details, than the usually me already is. We are close to the Opening of "spoiled by available landscapes", that is probably why I remember last weekend in particulars only. There have been white beans, some very pink wine and a night with art in very dark places. I had an inspiring conversation with some stranger at a mainly red bar, when Sunday came with blurry spots of deliscious Fall sun. Today, in addition, a pair of dirty old blinds, in a building across the street, have been pulled open for the first time since the Fishbowl exists. I might take that as a sign for the rest of the week.

October 20, 2011

"eyes know"

Last night I have stayed up much longer than I should admit. This morning, getting up had been the same story. Only the other way around. Still, there have been enough studio hours in both stories, enough spending time with a stranger, while painting her. A lot of stirring seem to happen around the world right now; some I like, others I am pretty sceptical about. Some I even follow with disgut. In the middle of all that, I felt safe getting lost in a her eyelashes, waiting for my mind to develop an opinion on all those changes. Time will probably tell, if they are going to be huge thunderstorms, clearing the air, or simply overrated breezes. For tonight, painting might be the smartest move.

October 18, 2011

"tools & pearls"

As predicted, the days are slightly too short for what is going on in the Fishbowl. We are officially busy and, even more, smiling. Sometimes there is nothing better but work, as corny as this might sound. So far, things are going quite well. Mornings are for office work and after a quick lunch-break, it is tool time. I even did manage to create a site for our private dinners, which had been on the agenda for months. On the new page, you can find out more about the Speak Easy Club, look into past menues or if you like, you can subscribe for invitations. In this spirit; ptou, ptou, ptou for more to come and to a further productive tomorrow. The weather is nasty anyway.

October 16, 2011

"some old, some new & adventures"

To surround me with things that have already lived through stories way before I've got them, never cease to settle and ground me. Almost like roots, a connection between the present and the past, they kind of provide strength for the unkown future. As much as I am in love with changes and cannot imagine to stand still for long, these items make me feel comfortable and at home. Even more, when facing busy days at the Fishbowl. A new EnvironmentInstallation will be on show by the beginning of November, which means a lot of running and pushing around in the studio. By the time of the Opening, we plan to have three rooms completely transformed. There is sculptures to build and paintings to finish, and though it will be a lot of work, I am pretty excited about this. In addition to being nervous, of course, as you'll never know what comes up along the process. Getting prepared, this is to an old fashioned Sunday and to an inspiring, busy week ahead.

October 11, 2011

"postcard pictured"

Ship containers have an interesting effect on me; coming in sight they always trigger a severe attack of wanderlust. In combination with crisp air, blue skies and sunny spots on the water, it gets even worse. Like a bird that is about to leave for the southern hemisphere, I am getting nervous and excited. Especially on a perfect day like yesterday. What an incredible Sunday I had and how tricky it was, to get back into some kind of working mode today. Back to a rainy Monday; with dull greys and temperatures, that feel to have dropped at least ten degrees. Glad to be in bed now, candlelight and a glass of wine. Even the sound of the rain becomes more pleasant like that. To a good night and to the beat of secret wings.

October 08, 2011


The thing about memories is, they are totally unpredictable and we never know, where they come from. Do we grow them, shape them or is there something, deep inside of us, that owns a thing like the truth? Probably it is a bit of all of these and actually, I strongly believe we somehow make a good part of them up. Maybe to feed a certain need, a spot that wants to be filled with pictures that we control. Be it concious or not. When coming across something green, for example, I am often reminded of an old story that is deeply connected to my childhood. There is the image of me, sitting in the back of a dark green Mercedes Benz. I clearly remember the place it was parked, see the old flowershop, close to the apartment I grew up in until I was thirteen. No idea who I was with, only I had to wait for them quite a while. There is wether a good or an uneasy emotion attached to the story. The only thing I recall, is the waiting. Strangely enough, my mother always tells me, there was no story like this. Never. We did not know someone with a car like this and I had not been alone in somebody else's car in that area. She is as much as convinced about the fact the story has not happened, as I am that it definitely took place. Over the years the story became some kind of a synonym for her, that I was about to make something up or imagine things. "Are we seeing a green Benz again?" For many years, her joking made me really angry and actually, it did quite upset me. It simply had been too vivid to not to be true. Today, I mainly laugh. Still convinced about my version, of course.

October 06, 2011

"winners announced & a little invitation"

picture by liv+dave=
drawing by Céline Schroeder
picture by mothwise
These are the winners of the little anniversary competition and about your thoughts on Fall. Congratulations and thanks for all the wonderful comments and emails, I did receive over the last days. They are very much appreciated. As all three of the winning ladies run incredible blogs themselves, I have decided to not only announce their names, but introduce you to their wonderful places. Each blog is quite individual and special, what they have in common, is that they are more than worth a visit. I kind of love this world of pictures and thoughts, that gives me the chance to meet such talent. Alright, I am going to have some spicy Asian dish for tonight, as it is ugly and pouring outside, and you have a good read.

"the freedom of strolling"

The weekend, including public holidays on Monday, has been nice and slow. While the country was celebrating German Unification Day, we had delicious apple pie with cinnamon and spent hours, cooking and chatting in the kitchen. It is a bit frightening though, that I cannot recall when this happened the last time before. We actually managed to see some family, took as much as possible out of the incredibly nice weather and were lucky to be invited to my friend's lovely store Bazara, for a little show. Very delightful. Not only is this friend the most warmhearted and welcoming woman I have ever met, so feels her shop. Right when you're setting a first step into it you'll know; a very special place, filled with absolute amazing Indian and Oriental goods. Everytime I will go there, I will find something great. This time, I totally fell for the dressing gown in the window, which I didn't buy, but might have to. Sooner or later. Sooner, speaking tomorrow, I will reveal the winner of the little giveaways I am sending out to celebrate all my lovely commenters and followers. Until tomorrow, you still have the chance to be in the draw, by telling what it is you like most about Fall. Wishing you a wonderful night and sweet dreams. Maybe about joyfully wasting time.

October 01, 2011

"a number, a face & something little for you"

I cannot believe it, but I've actually missed celebrating the first year of the Tiny Fishbowl Collection. Must have slipped away. Somewhere. Today though, there is a annother opportunity to thank all my readers, thank for all the lovely and inspiring comments & the suppport you gave me. Today this is going to be post numero 100 and I have to say, it was a lot of fun doing every single one of them. Therefor, to give a little of all that joy and the love back to my wonderful readers, three postcard sets (a motif from my series "Shadowfeet & other things floating") are flying out from the Fishbowl.  

To be in the draw for one of the giveaways, simply leave me a comment until the 5th of October. I would love to hear about what you like most, when it comes to Fall.

It is so wonderful out there; I cannot wait to leave the house. Just some packing to do before; one of the latest portraits is going to do some traveling, and then it is of to a stroll through the city until the sun sets. To a wonderful weekend and even more, to a gorgeous October.