September 28, 2011


To finish a busy studio day with something special, it was off to Tempelhof airport. Emma loves it there, running around like crazy, while I find it a pretty cool spot to relax and to concentrate on the good stuff; light, fresh air and deep breaths. Everything feels wide, open and so laid back there. Very unsual for a crowded and buzzing city like that old grey lady Berlin.

September 26, 2011

"slowely but surely"

Things are improving in the Fishbowl. A little yellow flower, a pretty postcard and me back into my working boots; for the first time in a week I have been outside. Catching some of that incredible air and inhaling the light. Being sick was a good break at the beginning, slowly it was starting to bore me though. Too many movies and countless hours of sleep, come with even more thinking. Being some kind pondering girl already, too much of that stuff is definitely nothing to cure me eventually. So, enough of that resting. I am glad to be back at the studio, looking much forward to a productive week. To some more great September days.

September 24, 2011

"painter wisdomish"

"You can put a picture aside and say you won't touch it again, but you can never write THE END. " (Pablo Picasso)

Maybe one of the most frightening quotes, I have ever read from a painter. Thinking about it, this would mean we can always come back. Different to life, over and over again, be it good or bad. Is it really true, that one more coat of paint is always possible? I am not so sure and actually, I am more about hoping the opposite. That working on a piece will lead me to an end or some kind of closure. The option of endless choices and never ending chances, rather gives me a feeling of unease. I kind of like changes and going back all over again, makes them look hard to achieve. Obviously I have been resting too much lately.

September 21, 2011

"besides bedside stories"

When life gives you lemons, it very often gives you an extra dose of sunlight too. Still not back to full energy levels here, sleeping and going slow, we have something to celebrate tonight though. A spanky new stove has arrived at the Fishbowl, finding its place in our green kitchen. The silvery wonder with 5 burners and an oven wide enough to host pizza for ten people at once, is already connected and there is water boiling for the premiere dish: Spaghetti al Pesto, with olives, bacon and fresh parsley. The man is a happy camper by now; sitting in front of his new mate, a glass of wine at hand and a big, happy smile on his face. Give a chef a new stove and he will call it heaven. That is for sure.What an incredible gift we've received, what incredible loved ones we have. Thank you life, thank you family.

September 18, 2011

"misplaced delight"

artwork on the wall by stevie hanley
Hiding away for a couple of days can be something quite exquisite, even when it is because of some kind of medical leave. The dog and I have caught a nasty angina, well, Emma started it and I took over eventually. After two days in bed; doing a lot of deliciously inappropriate stuff, like sleeping in 'til late afternoon, eating an entire box of chocolate at once, while watching four movies in a row, I am finally feeling better and recharged. The best part of this weekend though, must have been the fact, there was no talking or listening to people outside the Fishbowl. Obviously, that lately grumpy brain has joined forces with my body, screaming at me, to stop and take a well needed break. Once again; we should listen to those inner voices more often.

P.S. I am about to have a big bowl of rice pudding with cinnamon and apple sauce. Inner voices, you know.

September 15, 2011

"infective awareness"

I remember my grandmother ones telling me, that the change of season often brings turmoil and transformation on more than one level. Fall is one of my favourite times of the year, I love the light and the colors around. Still, the last three days definitely brought my grandmother's words back to my mind. It seems there is something in the water, at least around the Fishbowl. So far, be it a stranger passing by or a beloved one, a friend or a neighbor, everybody is talking about how tense they feel or that they seem to hit the roof within a minute. The city must have caught a nervous virus or some bad vibe series. And though I was actually feeling quite fine, looking forward to a gorgeous September with tons of studio hours and the Salon Schmidt taking place for the very first time, yesterday all that stirring caught me as well. All the effort of trying to keep calm and well balanced, kicked back and this woman went off about some nasty stickers glued to the big shop window. To be honest, the point that annoyed me the most, was actually myself. Such minor thing shouldn't affect a sunny day at all. On the other hand, to be predispositioned to other people's mood is probably nothing but human and I shouldn't be so judgmental towards myself, just get over it and enjoy the landscape. Have a smooth and easy Thursday everybody.

September 09, 2011

"familiar but running on new"

Only days after making a photo, I am sometimes completely lost for its reasons. On other occasions, tiniest moods and emotions stay close by my side, strongly attached to what the image shows. These days it seems, the camera catches what is missing on the outside. Time is a luxury in the Fishbowl right now, moments of silence rather unusual. I find myself constantly wanting to catch some breath or to hold on for a minute, a second maybe. The things going on are quite good, some even have already been brought to a bright finish, and while the season is clearly changing around here, there is simply not an awful lot to say. Thus I will keep quiet, go on working on the happiness side, and wish everybody a wonderful weekend. More next week.