August 31, 2011

"imbedded movements"

A box of new paints sits on my studio desk. Well, actually it is not new stuff, but the generous present of the owner of a nearby located gallery. On the way to my art supply shop, I've met him on the sidway, having breakfast with his boyfriend. We chatted in the sun and within a couple of minutes, he offered me tons of stuff, explaining that he doesn't use oil paint anymore. Totally unexpected, I became the lucky one; coming home to the Fishbowl with a wonderful treasure. I definitely like the idea of using material with some kind of history. A very nice touch to my day, as beside this I have not much to tell actually. It has been a busy week so far. The good busy, with a lot of studio hours, short lunch breaks and productive planning for next year already. 

August 28, 2011

"in love"

We had Ceviche, Arabian lamb ragout and beans at the Fishbowl. We had a great night with wonderful people and the only way to describe this weekend, has to be: "Good. Incredibly good!" I am really lucky to be surrounded by so much inspiriation, a man being not only funny, but a magician in the kitchen (Currently I am addicted to his undescribable Goatcheese-Honey-Sorbet. And when I say addicted, I mean addicted!) and all the amazing that happened over the last days around the studio. Even though, we've spent the best part of this Sunday doing dishes and cleaning up, we did it dancing. To the good things, to a new week and to this life.

August 25, 2011

"on how others stand"

To watch somebody else breaking, feels like taking a very cold shower, without getting wet at all. Yesterday morning, an unkown woman got caught by her inner ghosts on the orange studio bench. Almost appearing from nowhere, her screamed out pain hit me at my workdesk. Way before she showed up in front of the studio. She was incredibly pretty, blonde and crying so hard, the man by her side could not do anything else but to move in slow motion. He was the sweetest, placing her on that bench and holding tight, to stop her from falling apart into a million pieces. Still, she did fall. I was holding my breath, only seperated by a windowpane and with fantasies of invisibility running through my helpless mind. There was nothing I could do, but wait. After at least another hour the sobbing went silent, followed by soft words and a few cigarettes. Some minutes later the couple got up and walked away. I stayed with myself and the brushes, wondering. That woman's suffering did not leave me sad alone. It reminded me of all the good things in my life; the gift of inner strength, all the love around me and that at least, we can trust the rain. It will come and leave eventually, just like that. The only thing for me to do, was to go back, painting. In the afternoon, when a neighbor suprised me with my favourite coffee and a giant chocolate cookie, there was sun.

August 22, 2011

"launch time"

The Fishbowl has something to celebrate and I am pretty excited about this. Recently, a growing number of requests arrived at the studio; people not based in Berlin, but interested in buying art from the Fishbowl. This is absolutely great and some pieces are already with lovely collectors in the U.S. and in Canada. To make things easier and smooth though, I now have decided to give things a new direction, creating the Takeaway-Art-Shop. After a couple of days, and even more late nights, with Photoshop and HTML a small, but exquisite first collection is set up. From now on you can purchase, from all over the world, small to middle sized paintings, order commissions or buy all the other things, that are designed at the Berlin Atelier Schmidt. It is safe and not complicated at all. You're a warmly invited to come on over and have a look. To a sunny start into this Monday and an inspiring week.

August 18, 2011

"summer wisdom"

The best words I have read about creating in a long time:

" I have no time for artistic inspiration. I just have to do it."

Still working like crazy, this note jumped at me, while searching for something completely different. I am very glad it found me, it just makes a lot of sense right now.

August 17, 2011

"on preparations and other interiors"

Back from all the heavy things; a deep dive into painting, pile shifting and setting up the next Speak Easy Dinner. I cannot wait to welcome new guests after our six week break. Nothing else to say than, the Fishbowl day has been busy and above, unexpected summerly. Blue skies, actually no rain at all, and short sleeves. Soon to launch will be the Takeaway-Art-Shop. And even more soon, a lovely late night meal with some French Rosé and fresh bread. Have a wonderful Wednesday night everybody

August 15, 2011

"neighborhood cure"

Besides a lot of rain, again, and being the final episode to a couple of some pretty tough days, the weekend did offer good light too. Once more I have understood, there is a time for everything and life is a matter of what we want to see and where we will go, searching for luck. Walking around the block, a little Emma action along the Landwehrkanal and a late night visit to our lovely neighbor Juwelia Soraya; exactly what was needed. Nothing could have been better than those splashes of yellow sunshine, followed by chansons and art within the warmth of candles and dark red light. Monday is here now and thought it is already clear, August will stay busy and tricky, I am prepared. With a smile.

August 12, 2011

"the idea of a pool becoming the sea"

Sometimes you think you've been swimming calmly in a pool until a wave hits you in the face. Be it a freshly popping up obstacle or something, jumping in from the past, one thing about being an artist I have always found difficult is to focus. Not that kind of focus, when you are in the middle of some creative process. That is easy and I love this flow. It is great to almost forget everything around myself and dive deeply into a painting or some writing piece. A totaly different story though are moments when I had, for example, a nasty argument with a loved one or when unpleasant duties, like bills and stuff, await me outside the studio. I am totally aware of being an artist and the professional parts that come with it. The fact that inspiration maily comes from practice, that routines and schedules are an absolute must, but some sort of emotions regularly kick me of track. It is so difficult for me to concentrate, when not knowing how to solve a problem or, when I know it will take some time until an important conversation is finally due. To fill the time in between with productive studio time would be the better alternative, but instead of doing so I often find myself staring at the problem and wasting tons of that precious time. The fact, that my studio is closely linked to our appartment;I actually don't  have to leave the house for work, doesn't seem to help here either. Most of the time the short-way-concept fits perfectly, when it comes to overcoming daily obtacles though, I am not there yet. Someone ones told me, this has to be a typical female problem, as guys think in drawers. When they're at work they are at work, when they come home it is private time. I am not sure about that one, but it is absolutely something I need to get better with. I understand this is not only something I owe to the chance I have been given to the life I live, it is also closely related to self-respect and liability. How would that sound: "She had been a good artist, but the power bill held her back from becoming great." Not exactly tempting. With this in my mind, I will brew a coffee, take a good look at the magic stone head and go back to the paints.

August 06, 2011

"saturday song"

If nothing else about this week, I have to say family gatherings are really something. Even more when you don't see each other very often and when there is a wedding involved. All in all, it can get pretty intense and overwhelming. I am still sorting out all the impressions and positive connotations that came with it, still tired but sunny. On another note; while we were busy juggling roses, icing and marzipan, our monthly Speak Easy Dinner was reviewed on the inspiring creme unterwegs in berlin Blog. What a nice surprise. Thank you, we feel very honored. Another pleasant surprise has to be the sun, finally coming up. I will use this present to take a few strolls down the road, before going back into the Fishbowl, to work towards the launch of the takeaway-art-shop and to quietly paint myself happy. Maybe there will be some nice gin & cucumber delights later on.