July 26, 2011

"by courtesy of islands"

Artwork by Inga Carriére for "SzenenWechsel"
Last night, meaning early morning, I had this dream about missing a really important event. Though I was rushing and stressing throughout the complete dream, it felt like everything was in my way; the dress still wet from drying, searching for my keys far too long and when hitting the road, of course, I got stuck in heavy traffic. The more pressure I did put on myself, the slower I seemed to run, and when arriving at the location, everybody was really angry and dissapointed, as it was all over. Dreams like that are not exactly uncommon to me, but something was different this time. When waking up, I am usually stressed out and incredibly tired, but this morning it was more about relief. I got out of bed, totally refreshed and feeling free from something that obviously hadn't been important enough. Not important enough to me at least. Maybe it is the island that is still in my head. Maybe a weekend spent between reading, sleeping, surprising art in deserted places and silent moments in the rain. Or it is the simple understanding of personal priorities. Whatever it is, I will try to keep it.

July 22, 2011

"happy lemons"

There is this German saying: "Sour makes you jolly." I don't know if English has an equivalent, but I have to say it does work. Already a small paperbag, filled with these incredibly sour childhood memories, changed my mood in an instant. While Berlin is actually drowing in rain, fighting wind and even more, some not exactly inspiring grey skies, it seems my days are getting longer and longer. We are working like crazy in the Fishbowl; but once I am with the flow, it doesn't bother me at all. Maybe it is, because there is a lot of painting included or it is the knowledge of a little break, we're heading up to by tomorrow morning. Am I the only one, who gets cheered up by little secrets? The fact that nobody knows makes things even more precious to me. Silly, I guess, but I enjoy it. Be it secret, rainy or simply relaxing, I wish you a wonderful weekend.

July 16, 2011

"private lakes"

It is pretty obvious throughout the Fishbowl, that green is one of my all time favourite colors. They say green is the color of hope, but for me, shades of it feel rather vintagy and nostalgic, close to the past and my personal memories. Especially the scent of things being green, like cucumbers, avocados or limes, are strongly connected to the most important moments of my life. I can't help it, but smelling green makes me happy. Summer is back in Berlin; with the holidays still slowing city life down, the atmosphere is wonderful mellow and deliscious. As the man is working outside town over the weekend, I am looking forward to a lot of painting over the next days. I love my busy little family life, but with some huge things just around the corner, it is absolutely perfect to have the chance of diving deep down into work, celebrating intensive studio hours and sorting out my brain a bit. I hope you are going to have an inspirational and wonderful weekend too.

July 14, 2011


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In the middle of sorting out things in the studio. After some kind of frustrating moments between
the old "One step ahead, two steps back" it seems clear to me; we have to do it all over again. Every
move we make, needs some questioning, some adjusting and, at the end of the day, another
good push forward. No matter what. Meaning, I have sorted out my Flickr account, lost it again,
screamed a little and now voilá, here we go:
atelier schmidt berlin's photostream

July 04, 2011

"on how others love"

Relationships can always become a bit tricky and are of course, rarely an easy journey. Actually it doesn't matter what kind of relation we're talking about; be it friends, lovers or family, sometimes we will hit a bump. Totally unexpected. At least it might look so. It is raining here like crazy and things feel like some premature autumn has taken the city over. Bad weather and a break between projects, it made me thinking a lot lately. Especially about stuff that had been hidden in the back of my mind for long. Only after an extended coffee chat with a friend, they've suddenly reemerged up-front. I have never been a woman holding back her opinion. In fact, "A shut mouth catches no flies", is not exactly the story of my life. When struggling with something or someone, I just can not keep quiet. For the better or worse, I have to say what runs through my head. Most of the times I am at peace with this and believe, rather get into an argument, than practicing unhealthy wrenches. But, if someone who is kind of important to me, puts great meaning into something, I absolutely oppose to? If they love something, I find totally disgusting, what is there to do? As long as I remember I've always stumbled over situations like this; barely being able to decide weather to be silent or to speak out loud. Of course, the least I want is to hurt that person. On the other hand, when does hurting myself begin? Relationships are tricky, but the most precious thing we might have, and maybe it is not so bad to question how we handle them, once in a while.