June 28, 2011

"short term days"

Maybe this comes like a summery metaphor, but actually it is only a note. The adjusting around here isn't done yet, though it would be quite nice to write something else. Berlin is boiling hot, which I like and which is perfect for some Avocado ice cream. But I am still lacking a good dose of sleep and a clear head. Plus, we have to conquer a few nasty things in the Fishbowl. Nothing major, just normal, but uncomfortable business parts. So, I am flying by, off to bed. Have a wonderful night.

June 25, 2011

"no shade, no sleep, but some rain"

Waking up this morning has been actually midday and it still feels like I have slept far too little. Classical After-the-Show Phenomenon, so to say. For the first two days following a sucessful event, you'll probably find me rather euphoric, filled up with all new impressions and the delicious fact, that what had been in my head, worked out for real. I just adore this feeling. When turning to day three though, exhaustion hits and will follow me for some while. All the hours without sleep, last minute dramas, explanations and conversations during the show are just taking their toll. Don't get me wrong, I totally love all that, but it is hard work too and sometimes we tend to forget that, thinking about the creative process only as being our profession. With the exhaustion the doubts knock as well. All the ideas of what could have been better or more impressive and even harder to chew on, what could it be next. Over the years I have found out, however I might handle this process, it will not change the result. Sooner or later the ugly parts will kick in. I am best when working hard or being lazy to an extreme, those in between moods though, they are a killer for me. The more I will fight them, the meaner they'll fight back. So, I've decided to just let them come, hold my breath, and watch them disappear slowly. And have some chocolate and ice instead.

June 19, 2011

"first impressions of NEUKÖLLN BITES"

Two nights done and one day to go; we are absolutely overwhelmed by the reactions on Neukölln Bites. We have been excited already, when working on the concept, but none of us in the Fishbowl ever expected such positive feedback. Thank you everybody for coming around and taking part in the EnvironmentInstallation. Thank you for all the interesting conversations and the compliments. It was incredibly busy and we had to prepare new food, again and again, but we are smiling big time here. For today you can still visit us and all the other amazing artists at the festival of 48 Stunden Neukölln. We can't wait to meet you!

June 15, 2011

"Neukölln Bites"

Within the festival of 48 Stunden Neukölln
we'll show, fresh from the kitchen, a spanking new
All around taste and perceptions.

"Neukölln Bites"
Friday, the 17th of June from 7 – 12 p.m.
Saturday, the 18th of June from 4 – 11 p.m.
Sunday, the 19th of June, 2 – 7 p.m.

Sanderstrasse 20
12047 Berlin
tel 030 50968476

Even more exciting, for the first time
there is going to be a public prize and
Atelier Schmidt * (No. 28) has been nominated.

We are looking forward to seing you in the Fishbowl.

Annton & Thomas

*Voting can be done directly on spot, with the competition flyer, or from Friday on
(until Sunday 4 p.m.) via the internet page of the 

June 14, 2011

"nice enough"

I woke up this morning and basically couldn't wait. Usually no early bird, I jumped out of the bed, into the shower and took the way, down the hall to the Fishbowl, in high speed. This might sound a bit weird, but we are still intensively working on the upcoming show and it is a lot of fun. Between badges, potions and sketches, even some heavy showers didn't stop us from being silly. It is such a gift when things seem to fall into places and the concepts you are working on, are starting to take shape. As an artist I am perfectely familiar with all the other times. The ones, when everything feels like a big knot, impossible to untie. So this is inspiring and, let me express it in a proper way, utterly delightgful.

June 12, 2011

"on letting go and cherries"

Several pots of coffee, my favourite chocolate cookies and three hours, filled up with incredibly fruitful work; I am delighted. It always amazes me, how much we are able to conquer, when under pressure. Only one lovely sunday afternoon, a festival at the doorsteps and we have shifted a complete concept. Actually, we have said goodbye to one concept, opening the door for a sparkling new one. And the best part of it, I like that new one even more than the other. The man is in the kitchen now, working on Rhubarb Chips and I am busy, creating badges. Kapow. Come on guys, and dance with me.

June 09, 2011

"cucumber talk"

It looks like summer, but this seems to be some kind of ironic weather trick. We are back to soup and hot tea. Temperatures have dropped heavily over the last days and though it is sunny and blue skied, this is nothing in comparison to the tropical start of the week. For all the busy creating in the Fishbowl it is perfect. I have so much to concentrate on, real summer would just be too dangerous for all that focus stuff. With Berlin Bites starting in only ten days, the concept is not ready. Or rather, it needs a bunch of big changes and corrections. As this will be an EnvironmentInstallation based mainly on food, the EHEC virus and all that public discussion, somehow gets in the way of the original idea. I don't worry too much when it comes to my own diet habits, intensive washing of fruits and vegetables feels more than enough, but taking on responsibility for strangers is a whole different story. Plus, the aim of the installation had been a more positive approach. Using sprouts and cucumbers, which has been the concept in the beginning, would probably destroy that aim. It would make it a controversial piece; more than offering new ideas and impulses to our guest. So, it is back to recipies, cooking and tasting for now.

June 07, 2011

"self perspected"

The heat has gone; impressive thunder and lighting last night. The sky was pink, violet and bright, while tons of water came down. Including some impressive noise. I absolutely loved it. The air throughout the city feels fresh and clean now, and I am back, painting in the studio. There are several projects waiting to be worked on. Usually this makes me a bit nervous, but I am trying to stay focused on one at a time. The "Never look over the ocean you swim in, but concentrate on the next stroke."-method. When keeping the focus on tiny steps, things simply fall into places. Yesterday this brought me to a series of self-portraits, I was prepared to start for a certain while already. I am excited about going on with them and watching what will come out of it.

June 03, 2011

"most recent colors"

It always amazes me, how much the grass seems to be greener on the other side. Actually I believe it is and to me this is encouraging to go ahead. The city is home, head and heartbeat for me, but lately there was some craving for nature, a little bit of woodland solitute and open sky romance. It was about time to take an extensive walk. To outdoor people city adventures are, of course, no real challenge. They are short, safe and comfortable, but to me they absolutely do the trick. Nature light. Seems I am a sucker for the best of both worlds and I am glad about it.

June 01, 2011

"on reduction and wind from another side"

Honesty and an outspoken mind are some of the characteristics I adore most in people. When typing this, it is clear to me, that adoring and getting it, are in fact two different kind of shoes. After all the busy days in Fishbowl, the guests, the artwork and the extensive nights, my party cup is obviously more than full. Last night there was, once a again, a gallery visit, including a Martini Cocktail. Today this is it. A headache from hell; I am absolutely tired, feeling worn out and lacking any kind drive. Though I went back to painting yesterday, which has been great, I can not bring myself to even get close to it right now. While hiding in a bubble of silent whining  and complaining, the man is running around like crazy. For hours. He is finishing up bill stuff, getting the laundry out of the machine, fresh linnen on the bed, walking the dog; little queen Annton is sitting in the studio wondering and hoping that her laziness remains undiscovered. You might have guessed, it didn't work out. It was pointed out very clear to me, that something is not equal. "Did you notice, I am doing it all and you, well, you do nothing." Yes, of course. I had noticed, but was so not prepared to actually hear it. Feeling caught in the act makes me start an argument sometimes or throwing my misery back as a deadly weapon. I came close, but did manage to swallow the pill, admitting that he is right. Just that. I simply understood, honesty needs respect to work out. And that a crappy day is what is it. No less, no more.