May 29, 2011

"seven at once"

Last week the "Queen of Pipis", Céline Schroeder, had tagged me in a little questionaire; telling seven specific things about herself and inviting me to do the same. I think it is fun and as some of you have been asking quite a few questions lately, I will use those seven things to answer one or the other; giving you some ideas about the person behind this blog. Easy Going Sunday Style, of course.

* Peppermint chocolate is never safe around me. Though many people hate this stuff, I have to confess a little addiction in this department. Even the famous, old fashioned British brand will always be in danger around me.

* Before becoming a full-time artist, I have worked intensively as a movie and tv-editor. It had been interesting and inspiring for many years, but at one point, it was clear there was a decision to be made. It was the right step, though some days the cutting room is missed.

* We have lived in New Zealand and though this was quite some years ago; I still talk about as it was yesterday. Like old people do, when diving into memories about their youth. I simply should shut up and go back one day.

* Besides working on art, I can be booked to create rooms for culturell events.

* I hate kitchen rolls. Totally ridiculous, but to me they are painly boring, ugly and of no proper need at all.

* Annton is not my birthname, but it was given to me many moons ago by a friend. There is this famous German children's book by Erich Kästner "Pünktchen und Anton" and when being confronted with "Pünktchen" as a my future nickname, I protested. Being a shorty, it felt not too tempting to be called "Little Dot" and so I got stuck with Annton. Where the second N came from, I can not recall.

* I totally love working on concepts with my man. Sometimes it is a nightmare for my little pighead.

To let the fun keep going I will pass this onto Thomas from 365 days with art.flavour and to Karin, with her wonderful illustrations at the Happy Wall. They are both absolutely worth a visit.

May 27, 2011

"how to make the boys laugh and a dog happy"

Still walking parallel paths in the Fishbowl; somewhere in between of getting back to work and the celebration of life lately. While sorting out one thousand and one picture, I have found the little scene above and as today is Emma's birthday, here she is. In the middle of some action, tail waving and laughing about us silly human beings. She always does this, especially during a show. The more guests, the better. Two years with that lovely beast, I wouldn't have missed a minute of it. Happy birthday, Emma! Okay, back to business. Open Studio in the afternoon and I am still sitting around, not properly dressed, neither showered. At least the studio is almost back to normal, ready to kick start a fresh round of painting and some serious concept work. Only four weeks ahead and Berlin Bites is going to be presented during 48-Stunden-Neukölln; one of Berlins most interesting art festivals. Actually, I am getting a little nervous thinking about this, as the Fishbowl has been nominated for a prize and we have to do this one really good. I mean, like extraordinary good! Cross your fingers for us, please. I will run, take a shower, get a meaty extra for Emma and some coffee and cake for us. Wishing you a wonderful Friday.

May 25, 2011

"opening bits"

It has been an experiment for the Fishbowl and it work out fine. Almost perfect. For the first time in two years, we had artistic guests, exhibiting and celebrating with us. This time we had the pleasure to welcome Peter Klint and his family, from the Island of Sylt, into the studio. Colorful paintings, an auction of One-Line-Drawings and good vibes to the max. We truly enjoyed everybody around and had lots of fun. I was in bed at seven a.m., together with the sun. What else could there be said.

May 23, 2011

"the other side of the moon"

Sometimes things change, only because we meet someone. The Fishbowl is empty again, after almost one week filled up with laughter, tons of energy and love. I know, this sounds cheesy, but there is no other way to put what has happened over the last five days. Friends from Uruguay came to visit us. On a tour through Europe, we had the pleasure to host them and it has been a remarkable clash. Absolutamente. Un caos delicioso. Short days and long nights, the sun getting up, when we went to bed. There was swimming while thunder and lightning appeared, two boys in the sky at the old airport. We enjoyed Maté, Turkish food and Sushi. And we have been far too noisy in the middle of the night. Of course. Sorry neighbors, but such a dose of life cannot be digested silently. We promise to make it up somehow. Above all, two girls have found out they're sisters from different mothers. Sometimes the sun is just a little bit brighter. Sometimes things truly change, only because we meet someone.

May 16, 2011

"on taking own spaces"

I myself shall continue living in my glass house where you can always see who comes to call where I sleep nights in a glass bed, under glass sheets, where who I am will sooner or later appear etched in a diamond.

André Breton

I found this quote today; somewhere in the wide world of words and images, fitting like a perfect shoe. So I've stolen it, instantly. A rainy day in the city and a very busy one in the Fishbowl. It is already dark outside and I am messing up the place with even more red paint; bright lights, dirty fingers, arms and knees. And though I am probably watched from the other side of the shop window, I forget about it every third minute. The world sending no more than blurry shades of nothing, this is the best time to concentrate on tiny steps. On the moment itself. It is almost like showing everthing wide open, increases intimacy. I am not sure, but while getting lost within brushstrokes, smoothe music in my back, I could stay in this bright neonlight forever.

May 15, 2011

"here and now... amnesia"

"savvy contemporary"
Running from one art event to another, attending every possible show opening, has never been my cup of tea. This city simply explodes with options; every day of the week, every possible hour, there is something going on somewhere. I absolutely adore that about Berlin, but jumping on every chance sitting there, never satisfied me. Too much of that stuff, seems to block my brain and stops me from being creative myself. Over the years I have developed a "I could, if I want" attitude. It is like a big bowl of colorfull lollies. The idea alone, to go out there and get inspired, very often is inspiration already. Friday night though, I did leave the Fishbowl very early, heading to the opening of "here and now... amnesia" . Savvy Contemporary is a small, but very interesting art space in Berlin-Neukölln. Though it is just around the corner, I' had not been there yet, and I have to say, the current show is remarkable. The diversity of nationalities and emotional postions, and the scientific approach towards memory and rememberance, especially took me for the show.

May 14, 2011

"tax mess"

earrings by silverdog
Preconception or prejudice can be a nasty, ugly thing. It is something I am in touch with for as long as I can remember. People, including myself, constantly have ideas and opinions about others. Being an artist for example, there is this very familiar question about how something we love can bring an income. "Can you live from that?" Well, nobody would ever dare to ask about that when talking to a dentist or a plumber. Or would they? I have told myself a million times, to simply smile and say "Yes" or to turn my back on such conversations. Still, we probably don't feel that strong in every second of the day and sometimes it only raises unnessecary insecurities. Emotional knots of no use. When it comes to kinky attitudes, prejudices are a complete different story. Living in Germany I just know what I am talking about. The world believes everybody around here is absolutely disciplined, straight forward and acting strictly bureaucratic. And, what can I say, it is true. Or what do you think about a tiny package, taking almost 8 weeks from the U.S. to Berlin, only because the Customer Service took hold of it. For a complete month. Today, those wonderful earrings arrrived at the Fishbowl's doorstep. Finally, let's say. After paying another five Euros for taxes, I was allowed to open up the big brown envelope and to call the beauties my own. Together with a form, explaining tons of what I did not understand at all. Ten pages strong. Irritated for a while, in the end I was laughing really hard about this. Sometimes it is just great, when you know what to expect.

May 10, 2011

"a few pieces on"

Seems like Berlin has skipped spring, jumping directly into summer; it is incredibly warm today, blue skies and tons of sunshine. I am still busy in the studio, working on those branch sculptures and planning a fresh, new EnvironmentInstallation. The whole place looks a bit like a butchery; dark red gloss splatters everywhere. I am highly convinced things do not appear overly inviting from the other side of the shop windows and actually I kind of like the idea of that; it makes me laugh loud while going on. Above that, we are looking forward to an exciting event by the end of next week. For the first time we're not only showing our work at the Fishbowl, but will have a guest artist. The painter Peter Klint, from the island of Sylt, is taking place in "Herr Klint und Frau Schmidt". It will be a small, but exquisite show over three days. We are abolute thrilled and honored by this cooperation.

Friday, the 20th of May 
20-23 Uhr

Saturday, the 21st of May
16-22 Uhr

Sunday, the 22nd of May,
on appointment
(tel 030 50968476)

So, if you happen to be in the area, it would be a pleasure to welcome you as our guest. I am going back to that paint tin now and maybe have some icecream later. Riding that horse!

May 08, 2011

"sun dayish"

Though I mostly try to keep one day of the week an off day, I just love working on Sundays. First of all, Sundays it is quiet in the Fishbowl, some old Jazz tunes in my head, and people outside are not that busy, running from one place to another. They take a stroll around the neighborhood or visit friends and family. There is no rush. The even more luxurios part, on Sundays you won't find mean mail in the letterbox. No business phonecalls are stopping the flow either. The studio appears like a little creative island with tons of time and much more possibilities. Today's creative heaven comes as the most wonderful spring day and it is all about sun, some Blueberries and blood. To make it not too cosy. Artificial blood from a paint tin for a huge branch sculpture. I hope you are enjoying today in an equally colorful way.

May 05, 2011


Back to growing things. Most of the unpleasant office work is done and I am busy setting up the studio for a lot of action. Many exciting things just around the corner, the upcoming weeks are going to be filled with work. Good stuff and a lot of fun. I have brought back some wood into the Fishbowl (Céline, you were absolutely right. We went for that long walk and it was great!). Actually, I brought as much as we could fit in the car and now it waits there, to be transformed into a new sculpture; veins, blood and heartbeats.
here and now... Amnesia
For the ones living in the Berlin area, I would love to invite you to an Opening by the end of next week. I did write some small texts for the catalogue. One of the artists showing there is a friend of mine; the incredibly talented Maryna Markova. Her work alone is absolutely worth to pay the place a visit. So, if you're the mood, it would be a pleasure to meet one or the other around.

May 04, 2011


pic of Emma by Frank Hensel
How to say things, you feel like having no words for. Especially with words. The pictures above do not exactly cover my current mood; but despite all the turmoil and strange stories I have been told lately, the weekend had joyful moments, a lot of sunshine, plus cake. On the other hand, there were stolen plants in front of the Fishowl, an unhealthy dose of people destroying other people's work out of pure jealousy and the political scene world wide, well, isn't for my taste either. Strange vibes, so to say and many more questions:
"People are more equal than they know. No matter how far the distance. Discovering own failings and dark sides in others, makes them hate the opponent - who does not want to suffer from one's mistakes, must hate."(Horst-Eberhard Richter)

Though the plants have been replaced easily, having arrived in the middle of Wednesday the cake has gone and I find myself still sitting in the studio, chewing intensively on all those impressions. I have always admired artists who are able to put their fears, doubts or even their spechlessness directly into a piece of work. Simply letting it out. I just can't. Within such moments you will find me staring at my desk, sometimes out of the window, doing nothing but being lost in thoughts. For me it takes a while, sometimes even years, to transform experiences into creativity. These processes require their time. Until then, I'll problably go on sitting here, thinking and eating one or the other apple tarte.