March 28, 2011

"no clouds for the diva"

The weekend is over and I can proudly present, that we did make it. Some of you might think:"Of course you did, as you always do." But to me it never feels like we're going to finish in time and I can bet on at least one litte breakdown while building up. For this show in particular, there was only one week after the studio party, to change everything into a whole new concept. On the way up to the Opening, I had the impression, that it wasn't fair to the idea to give it such little time to grow. SeltSamen should get more attention, went through my head during the process of creating. In the end I simply decided to see it more as a workshow than a complete exhibition. At this moment I was able to let it go and though not everything did work out perfectly, we had a lot of interesting and very interested guests. Especially on Sunday the Fishbowl was crowed with people coming in, talking and asking questions. My head is filled up with inspiration and I can't wait to go further with the SeltSamen. Totally exhausted, but none the less pleased. Above this, there are some exciting news, I am going to share within the next days. For now, I wish you a wonderful week and that you'll find a moment to enjoy Spring knocking at the door.

March 24, 2011

"SeltSamen and other plants"

Still not quite sure what I am doing here, I was playing around all day with petals, roots and tiny eyes with delicate eyelashes. Cut out from paper. The little weekend show is coming dangerously close and it is not exactly clear, what there will be on the walls. After having finally withdrawn myself from yesterday's strange mood package, there is a certain attraction around this free fall creating. Not that there is another choice anyway, but it is exciting to experience what pops out of my head under such pressure. SeltSamen, literally. Wish me luck.

March 23, 2011

"out of the corner"

Pictures around the studio to convince myself about sunny days. This might sound weird, but actually things are a bit tricky at the moment. Fishbowl routine, so to say. A funding package got cancelled last minute, totally unexpected, plus some other, not pleasant obstacles appeared and there is a show waiting over the weekend. I don't know about you, but life as an artist can be absolutely great and tough at the same time. While typing this, it is of course clear to me: No big news. But sometimes this pressure needs to get out and the best way to do so, is to scream. I did exactly that an hour ago and topped it with very loud music. Sorry neighbors. Amazingly it actually helped and I started to feel less trapped between circumstances. Though nothing has changed outside, inside I am ready to tackle the next pile.

March 21, 2011

"everybody deserves music"

chansons deluxe
the piano man
We've made it and though I am still a bit tired from the weekend, I cannot say anything else but "Thank you, thank you!". Blossom, our studio party, went absolutely well. We had a fantastic night at the Fishbowl with a lot of lovely and inspiring people around, an amazing chanson program and great food. I couldn't have ask for more. It will bring me through this week with a big smile on my face. And to share a tiny secret; from now on I will be addicted to Salty Dogs and Rosmary Popcorn.

March 20, 2011


This week has been colored in so many shades, it feels almost impossible to figure out the prior mood or the most important moment about it. While the world was holding it's breath, watching Japan in shock, everybody in the Fishbowl was busy preparing for the big studio party. I found it a not at all easy balancing act between my fear and sympathy, and the obvious need to keep my own stuff running. I did spent a lot of time in front of the news, besides working late hours. There was a lot of painting involved, handwritten texts for the newly designed portfolios, there was the renovation of my childhood dollhouse, which I am planning to use as a show piece for my installations, plus, my sister came over to rehearse with a new piano player. As this hadn't been enough, Monday was my birthday as well and regardless of our busy schedule, we've managed to have coffee and cake with a bunch of friends. You can not imagine the beautiful flowers and presents I've recieved all over the day. The cosy afternoon was actually followed by a nice little dinner and a bottle of champagne. Nothing really spectacular but still, everything made me feel very special and loved. Maybe you could say, this is the essence of this week. Besides all the blue and scary moments, there is something very precious that we should share with each other as often as possible. It is, simply, Love.

March 08, 2011


At the end of a busy day, there is an old man sitting on the bench in front of my window. Inside the studio loud beats are filling up the room, while he is just there. Steady and silent for at least twenty minutes. I had a busy, but not overly successful day here in the Fishbowl. It just feels as my thoughts were actually not at peace with the plans I had made for this Tuesday. Suddenly a young woman shows up, carefully touching the old man's shoulder and helping him up. Arm in arm they are leaving my sight and I start crying. Some days are like that.

March 07, 2011

"what goes around"

While busy working for the upcoming show, there are a man and a dog running circles around the studio. Again and again and again... Within four rounds breathing problems for the three of us; they from a little lack of shape, me from laughing so hard. Cannot wait to see what the rest of the week has in store.

March 05, 2011

"signed green"

Though the light was almost intoxicating and I should have been taken by the sunny atmosphere, something felt weird in the wood yesterday. Weird and not at all comfortable. Branches and last year's leaves carried the color of bones; a bit fadish brown, some more limy white. Every step made tiny, sharp noises on the totally dried out ground and broken trees all around gave the area a desperate and extremely untidy look. Of course this was a long freezing winter and my mind perfectly knows about the fact, that nature is only waiting for spring to awake and to blossom like crazy. I am just not good with the "in betweens"; the moments when something has ended, but the new hasn't started yet. Drama or joy, I can handle this a lot easier than periods when nothing spectacular comes up. The point I am not sure about, is this a good or a bad thing? While walking deeper into the wood, still not with the usual effect of relief, I suddenly spottet a nice little sign. A secret note that reminded me of something more colorful, something more vivid. I have no idea what the inscription said, but within the second of discovering it right there in the bark, I started seeing green all around me. A bit of moss, strong ivy climbing up naked logs; it felt like the bare and unconcious shift of my focus, completely changed the energy around me. Have a great and inspiring weekend everybody!

March 03, 2011


I just love being boring. Sometimes there is nothing more delightful than stepping aside, staying in to the extreme and doing all the ordinary stuff, we take far too little time for in the Fishbowl. Over the last days, there was mainly sorting out papers and writing concepts for upcoming events. I did have scrambled eggs by early afternoon or got together a subtle invitation card, for the studio party we're having by the end of March. One of the highlights; homemade muffins. The first kind of cake, I did bake in at least three months. It is strange how we all seem to detach from routines our grandparents probably never thought about giving up. Of course, I do not want to become overly nostalgic here, but once in a while it feels great to just let it go. Accentuation on the while, as suddenly I've noticed, that I basically didn't leave the house in three days. Well, expect for a tiny birthday party, but this didn't count for real, as it took place in the bar only two doors ahead. I started to get nervous, not enjoying the silence anymore. From tomorrow on, I will be in the studio fulltime. Four days in a row. This perspective is what makes me happy now.