November 30, 2010

"dedication to the arctic circle"

Last week I was already making some hints about an EnvironmentInstallation I've been requested to make. The client booked my studio for the night to lecture about his journey to the icy places of Finnland and to the Nordic polar circle. I created some black and white interior with cut-out- birds, branches and a huge paper backdrop for the buffet. We were sitting by cosy candlelight, while the sound of birds, some wind and the sea gave it a dash of wilderness.

Everybody was welcomed with a tiny bag of popcorn, including a sign to write their names on it and to pin it to the chest.

The husband, as usual, created a marvelous buffet for it. This time the dishes were mainly white. We had white tomato soup, potatoe salad with dill and egg, freshly baked Focaccia, plus marvelous white chocolate- orange-cakes. Everybody loved it and the guests stayed until very late, which I believe is the biggest compliment you can give to a host. I have to say I've totally loved it and had a lot of fun already, while designing and putting everything together.

November 22, 2010

"delicate wings"

As an artist you only very seldom have regular Mondays. Working over the weekend most of the time, the week normaly start with some nice sleeping in, followed by some house cleaning action and a very lazy night. Today was different though. This was it, the real deal. Early in the morning I woke up, already soaked in a good dose of nervousness, later followed by some cups of drama, some heated up arguments, and the feeling I won't make it through this week if I cannot create an explosion or anything at least that spectacular. Ten hours later everything is quiet around the studio and on my desk sits a huge bowl, filled up with two hundred cutted out birds.

Their tiny paper feathers and the little faces look so delicate to me, I fear they've been blown away by tomorrow morning. Instead, let's hope for a good start into Tuesday.

November 21, 2010

"under the weather"

It is cold in Berlin today, kind of a wintery feeling. And myself, instead of working on next week's job, I am fighting a nasty infection. I can not recall how many litres of that special herbal tea I did brew since Friday, and how many of  those nasty tasting pills I've swallowed.

But not only was I fighting the actual virus, but also the one that is called "procastination". For three days in a row, I did basically nothing. Well, I took extensive dives into all different shapes of daydreams and strolled busy through my favourite blogs for hours: fantasizing about the redecoration of our living room, making plans for the next dinner and listening to the most wonderful music. One of the favourite picks must have been Jennie Stabis, by the way. And while Madame flew from the Fishowl, the husband was terribly busy and above, even looked good walking Emma.

November 18, 2010

"the memory jar"

Ten days ago one of my beloved one-night-installations took place in the studio. For one dark and rainy night people were invited to sneak in, have a look at our work and ask as many questions as they wanted to. I have never talked so much in my entire life. Everyone was nice and very interested and Thomas and I had a an amazing night. Thank you for all the inspiration and the support!

"the memory jar" was an EnvironmentInstallation talking about our memories and their culinary links.

November 12, 2010

Belated Scare

I've wanted to post this for almost two weeks, but "the memory jar" and last week's show kept me that busy, I could hardly take a breath. Now things are more quiet in the Fishbowl and the story came back to my mind. A day after Halloween an old neighbour stopped by, bringing Emma some dog treats, and she telling us about her personal scare highlight the night before.

The ladys is around 70 and she uses a very elegant wooden crutch to walk. Her hair is dyed into another shade of red every week and she wears truly impressive glasses from another time. On Halloween she'd decided to dress up herself and when the first kid from next door rang her bell, she stood there in a black robe, the face hidden behind a horrible plastic mask from the costume store. Scream like. And that was exactly what happened, she said. She opened the door and a little boy in a deadman's costume stood in front of her. He was so shocked by her appearance, he started to scream the hell out of his body. She, on her side, was shocked by the peak of his voice, she screamed as well. At the top of her lungs. They've ended up laughing together in the hall.